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Can i use this theme with word press 4.1? I want to use all of panels and qualities that there is in this theme.


Yes. You can.

Hey,some pre-sale question. If I install the WooCommerce plugin it will be serious problem and it’s not work with your theme or we just need some fixes to CSS? You do not plan to add compatibility with WooCommerce? Thanks


Hello mg321,

we don’t think to add WooCommerce compatibility.

You can add WooCommerce without a problem, you just have to make it look good, which is not really easy for a non Wordpress Developer.

If you have more questions, reply to us.

All the best.

Thanks for quick response. Make it look good. With .php hooks and etc? Or just CSS styles? With CSS I feel quite comfortable


You have to use .php hooks and CSS style together to achieve best results. Also, there are other functions you might make a use of.

If you are interested to start to implement it, you can find more information on their documentation page: http://docs.woothemes.com/documentation/plugins/woocommerce/

I hope it helps you.

in 7 years this is the first refund ive ever asked for ….

The theme is unfinished and just patched to work

2015 and it does show on a mobile phone.

documentation is terrible

support , im not going to bother after reading the requests and support answers

shame… cosmetically it looked a nice them


Can someone recommend a theme that is similar please..


Hi markrday,

Could you please let me know what are the problems that you are facing ?

As you might have seen in LA-BAND’s description – it has a fixed layout not a mobile one which means its not supposed to work on mobile devices.

Also you can have a look on our support articles at: http://holobest.com/support/section/la-band/ and you can also email me at johnny@holobest.com and I’ll try my best to provide you with support as best as I can.

Thank you,