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Very beautiful theme… In the menu, “Contact” item isn’t aligned. My resolution is 1366.


thanks, we have fixed the contact page issue on chrome… please check again… thanks

Looks great, straigh to the point ; congrats, wish you the best with sales.

I think you should add a more traditional layout for the menu page. Many restaurants will not have photos of all their dishes. Otherwise very nice.

Very beautiful work!

Looks nice, good luck with sales

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How do I change the black color on the header? Also too, how can I have a facebook page on the right site of the page. Please help!

Hello, your template rocks, just wanted to let you know a but in IE8 When you load galleries you first see the “round view mask” and if you hover with mouse you see the image.

Hello! the contact form is not allowing me to submit is there something i need to add besides the correct email?

Unfortunatly no Menucard. But great design!

Congratulations on a beautiful theme.

Two questions:

1. The navigation bar still overflows/breaks on ipad and iphone. Can you fix this, please? 2. If I want to have just four items in the navbar (instead of 6), the nav bar shifts off center. How can I fix this? (See www.restaurantseo.org)


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Hi, NIce template!! How can I update the adress for google maps API in contact? Thanks

Sunny_day Purchased

Any ideas for this issue???

Any tabs or toggles on this theme?


Apart from index.html all the other pages keep the original dimension of the main image when i choose a mobile version. Can we fix that?

thank you

hi, Is there any update on menu tab, icons ?? as this theme is based upon Restaurant i couldn’t find any useful icons with it?? Tabs or Toggles? little more bugs to fix!! Other thaan that this is a good theme, Congo!! :)


How can I disable responsive layout? I want to see layout same as but smaller on the smaller devices.

Thanks in advance, Goodluck with sales!


Can you help me with the contact form? When people put te subject i dont get on email the subject

Skillboy, I am having the same issue here

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Hello, thank you for the nice template. Can you check the alignment of the slider image please. How to make the slider image justified center when it is mobile version. Because it shows the left part in mobile version. Check here please http://tinyurl.com/nnocsln . It is the same in the template’s original version too. Thank you


In the mobile view header image (id=”bg-image”) seems same with the desktop view. I mean right side of the image’s width remains the same, and this disables mobile view of that page.

How can i make that place mobile-ready?

Thanks in advance.