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I am having trouble with the contact page. An image of the error I am getting can be found here: http://www.yellowlabimaging.com/test/images/screenshot.jpg

The contact form is here: http://www.yellowlabimaging.com/test/contact.html

I have confirmed that I have the correct information for my smtp server (I use this account also in gmail with no problems). I have tried this on two different webhosts with the same result. I am sure I am doing something wrong. Help!


If all the SMTP info are correct, it might be caused by the misconfiguration in the ”/php/contact.php” file. There might be specific/additional settings in some of the cases.

I would suggest to contact your web hosting and ask them what are the detailed configuration values needed when using with “PHPMailer” library. You can also google for more info about PHPMailer using the keywords as “phpmailer smtp configuration”.

I think this is beutifull template. Only one thing is mising from my point of view, and thats multilanguage option. You know, flags in upper corner. I mean its a hotel right


Thanks for your kind words and suggestion. :)

Im getting this error with the contact form, Error Sending : Language string failed to load:tls

Im using google smtp setting



I would suggest to use the SMTP info that you have got from your hosting. It would be easier to configure and you can always ask them to help you when configuring it with PHPMailer script of the template.

Anyway, in your case, please try google with the keywords like “google smtp phpmailer configuration”. There might be some specific variables to adjust in the configuration file.

Hi This is a wonderful template and i’m interested to by it. I was wondering, can i add more languages? Because as i can see there is no support.

Thanks for your answer!


Thanks for your interest. :)

By default, the template does not have the multilingual feature included. It would require custom works on that. Actually with the template, you can modify it as the ways you like. ;)

Hi, This template is on my shortlist for a client, I just have a couple of questions before I can decide :-) 1. Is it possible to have HTML content in the pop-up? 2. Can I make the main page area slightly transparent so that one can see the background image?

Thanks :-)

Hi there!

Thanks for your interest! :)

1. Unfortunately not out of the box. You would need to implement your custom code for that pop up.

2. Yes, you can edit the CSS of the template to adjust that.

Hello gr8 work!

Need some help with the google map. I cant show the business and i’ve tried different ways in lamoon.js file.

This is the hotel in google maps https://www.google.gr/maps/place/Hotel+Thetis/@40.774659,24.699776,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xcd2902ec8b8b89ff

and this is the page i’m trying to implement it http://hotel-thetis.gr/contact2.html

thank you in advance

Hi there!

Hmm. Does the hotel have more detailed address including its building number, street name, etc? For example: “57-091 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku, Oahu, HI”.

I see that currently you are using the address as “Hotel Thetis Limenas � Thassos 64004” in “lamoon.js” file. I think this might be too obscure for the Google Maps code to place the accurate marker. Please try putting some more details to the address (also try removing non-English characters out of the address string).

Hi, Just wondering if you know how to adjust the datepicker so that one can manually select the year, rather than having to click a million times. I’d like to use it for a “date of birth” option rather than a reservation date. Can you help?

Hi there!

The template uses jQuery UI for the datepicker element. You would need to use JS code via its API for that. You can download the latest jQuery UI and see the API doc here: http://api.jqueryui.com/datepicker/