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babeh Purchased

Hi UXbarn, One short question, does the theme (latest v3.2.1) compatible with WP v4.1.1? Thanks.

Hi there!

Yes, it is compatible. :)


babeh Purchased

Great! And thanks for the quick reply.

You’re welcome!

I would like to know if there is any function, or a picture gallery function, that are available in the smaller thumbnails, which will show on the bigger image frame upon mouse over?

What I really need is for my website to be able to do something similar like this below: http://projects.uob.info/function1.jpg

Hi there!

Unfortunately the theme itself does not have such feature. But I believe there should be some WordPress plugins out there could provide that functionality. Please try google with keywords like “gallery plugin wordpress”.

Hi Uxbarn…

I want to know if it’s possible to change the “Sender” email address on the contact form…

When i receive the message the sender is “mysite@mysiteemail.com” and the message with the client info.

is it possible to change that email to “client@clientemail.com” instead of “mysite@mysiteemail.com”? You know, so i can reply the email without send a new email to the client? Thx in advance! excuse my english.

Pd: Im using gmail as the website email

Thank you for the info! :)

No problem… By the way, what hosting service do you recomend for wordpress sites and other sfutff?

I myself have been using MediaTemple hosting (VPS plan) for my domain. It is good. Never found any issue so far. I also have heard that some other authors recommended A Small Orange hosting. You can check them out.

Hi, Great theme!

How can i make the header images 940×450?


Hi there!

Please see this article: https://uxbarn.ticksy.com/article/2293/

Hi, do we know if this theme is compatible with Wordpress 4.2.2 ?

Hi there!

Yes, it works with WP 4.2.2. I have updated the compatibility list now. :)

Your preview seems to be broken, thanks.

Hi there!

Hmm, what part of the theme did you found broken? Could you please elaborate?

Apologies for the brief sescription. The preview didn’t load at all with some db error but it’s fine now. Thanks for your prompt reply.

Looks like it might be some random short downtime … Thank you for letting me know about the issue!

Is there a particular requirement for the server?

Does the admin have drag and drop system for diferents elements or content? Or should I generate content just with shortcodes? Have you any demo of how it works the admin?

Unfortunately there is no drag and drop system. The theme uses shortcodes to create layouts/elements on the page.


perkiekat Purchased

Can this theme use PayPal for bookings? I see on the booking form it can take credit cards and money transfer. I need PayPal with this one. Will purchase soon as you confirm. Thank you!


Unfortunately not. The default booking form of the theme is actually a basic form that will send the submitted info to the specified email.

Okay thanks. I went ahead and bought it. Working great. Would you happen to have the psd file for logo? Or can you tell me what font you used for Lamoon letters in the logo? Thanks