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Great looking theme. Good luck with sales!


Thanks! :D

Oh ya, I remember seeing an HTML version of this, thought it looked pretty nice. The WP version should make a killing, good luck with sales!


Thank you so much for your wishes! :D

And yeah, finally I’ve made it for WP version. Hope everyone likes it too. ;)

Looks smooth and serene! Good luck!


Thank you! :D

zeromoon Purchased

good!! good Luck!


Thank you for the purchase! Hope you enjoy using the theme. ;)

Congrats , wish you the very best with sales :)


Thanks a lot Bedros! :D

Very nice graphic theme!


Thank you! ;)

Nice theme! We’re thinking to purchase it and tweak it here and there for a hotel website. For our purposes it would be very nice to know if the theme is localized, or it is localizable in italian language by using wpml plugin or similar.

Really appreciate your answer


Thank you so much for your interests. :)

But unfortunately, the theme supports only built-in English language.

the photos seem to be loading very slowly on my browser, is there a reason for that?


It might be about web hosting. I’ve made some changes, hope it’s faster now. :)

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Can you tell me how to set the header on all pages, facilities pages? Currently only on the home page the header picture comes up, the rest is just blank?

Thanks Rob


Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for the purchase. ;)

Basically, you could set the header image by setting the Featured Image of that page.

For the custom post types like Facilities or Rooms, the individual post will use the Featured Image of the parent page that defined as their placeholder in theme options.

Kind Regards

Hello I really love this theme! However my client is needing buddypress plugin ..do you think it would be difficult to add buddypress since you already have blog page layout?


Hi, thank you for your interest! ;)

Personally, I’ve never tried using buddypress with the themes. I think it’s possible to integrate it but you might need to modify some html and css styles to perfectly match with buddypress templates. But for the difficulty, I’m not so sure about it.

Great theme,

How can i add categories to rooms?

yenvious Purchased

Two questions:

1. Is there a way to have the standard post box Content show up on custom pages like Rooms. Or to have html allowed in the page’s Intro Body Text?

2. Is there a way to have a slider on other pages? (Its a lot to code, I know, but it would be worth it.)



1.) You could insert html tags to the page intro’s body directly. Maybe you created the html tags from the content box and copy them to the intro’s body. It’s already allowed for html. ;)

2.) I’ve designed the default slider specifically for homepage. For other pages, you would have to use plugins which provide the slider features. It should be more flexible in this case. :)

Thank you for your purchase, Paul

i edit the functions.php to change rooms to hotel and add a plugin to add locations (taxnomy) to hotels, how can i create a page template that will show all hotel in a location like the “rooms” page?


Hi, thanks for the purchase. ;)

This is a bit deeper in technical. Would you mind open the ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com? So, it would be easier for our conversation and codes.

Some help if you can please, neither the googlemap shortcode nor the testimonials on the side bar are showing.


thanks Jason


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your purchase. :)

For your site, I could see only the under construction page which shows “WEBSITE WILL BE BACK IN : ” title and date counter.

Have you already installed and activated the theme?



Sorry try now please



I figured out what is wrong with the testimonials widget, if you dont check any testimonials they dont show up, even though it says if you leave them blank they all should show.

I still cant get the map to work correctly however on the contact page http://www.bistrocassis.com/contact/

Hmm, that’s weird. Could you create and send me the temporary wp account for your site so I would look for the problem?

You may send it using the form on my profile page.


Thanks for the info. I think I found the problem. Google Map of the contact page might conflict with another Google Map at the footer.

To temporary work around on this, you would have to put only one Google Map on a page.

I’ll see for the solution as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please open a ticket of this problem for me at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com? This could help us organize the issues and the conversation with you easier.

Ok thank you for the follow ups


Hi Jason, I’ve updated the theme to version 1.1. This fixed displaying multiple Google Maps on a page and Testimonials widget issues.

You can download the theme for the latest version.

Thank you for your feedback! ;)

orrarah Purchased

I get this for all pages except the homepage which works fine:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_the_post_thumbnail() in /home/myfolder/public_html/asta/wp-content/themes/Lamoon/header.php on line 667


Hi, thank you for the purchase. ;)

For your problem, could you please send me these info:

1.) Your website URL

2.) WordPress admin account

3.) Your web hosting FTP account

Please send them using the form in my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/UXbarn

Hi, the messages i receive from my website do not send the users email address, please help I can not respond to people without their email address!!


The update has been approved now, you could download the latest version (v1.2) from your download link. All contact form’s info already included in this version.



thanks again for the quick response! great service!


You’re very welcome. Thank you. :)

Does the theme work with WPML for translation?


Thanks for your interest, Daniel. ;) But unfortunately the theme supports only built-in English language.

Hi! Great theme! One of my favorites :) Two questions for you: 1. is there a place to add Google Analytics id? 2. any thought on adding toggles and accordions to the shortcodes?

Thanks again!


Thank you for the purchase! I’m really happy you like it. :)

For Google Analytics, I would recommend you to use the plugin named “Google Analytics for WordPress”. It covers most important features of the site analytics.

For the additional shortcodes of toggles and accordions, they are already in my list. Let me see what I can do about them on this weekend. ;)