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Could you please tell me how to change the color (#) of the background of the main menu?





To do that, please go to “Theme Options > Navigation Styles” and you could adjust the background color under the section of “Menu Background”. :)


Thanks :)

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Hi Paul,

i want to ask something.. how can i change the forms title or head text or anything else. i mean reservation form or contac form. please help soon as you can. thanks



You could find the texts for both contact and reservation forms in ”/includes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php” file. Open the file and look for the functions of “register_contactform_shortcode()” and “register_reservationform_shortcode()” respectively. :)

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Thank you..the theme is wonderful and i loved it. congrats for the great work of u. you can see our website here http://www.hotelazak.com/new . im working about it


Thanks for your kind comment. :)

I only have two rooms for this category and I want them centered on this page http://paradise.socialmediaambassador.com/room-category/outdoor-living/

How do I do that?


Hi, you would need to manually edit the code in “taxonomy-room-type.php” file. Put some if-else condition for that specific category to have its own HTML layout accordingly.


I decided to change the setting and went with two instead of three.

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Hi, today I bought Lamoon WP and I really like the theme. But I have big problems with installation. style.css <-i don’t understand

can i help me?


Hi, please extract the main package first and you will see the “Lamoon.zip” package. Just upload this file instead.

rozijeen Purchased

zzinzzoo hey man, you cannot install main zip file. you can extract and there are lamoon.zip i think. you can install that. and you have solved

hi! great theme. i have an question of the logo postion. its possible to remove the space between banner top and logo top? thx for info chris


Hi there,

Yes, it’s possible but you would need to use the custom CSS code to adjust that. Try putting the below CSS into Theme Options > More Styles > Custom CSS>

#logo {
top: 0 !important;

The code will remove the space above the logo.

When we add Social Sharing buttons, two types so far, they show up in the testimonials and look odd. http://paradise.socialmediaambassador.com/media-press/

I’ve looked at screen option and there there is no place to keep this from happening there.

How do I stop it?



That is the plugin function which automatically adds the social icons to the posts including custom post types of the theme. I would suggest to contact the plugin author on their support forum to get help on how to disable the icons on some specific post types.

Hi I’m working on a site with this theme (bought by a friend of mine – we work togheter) but I have some problems with the gallery. I have followed the instructions but nothing appears in the gallery page, even if, the page with the image is created as a subpage of the gallery. I have made a GALLERY page. Set it as the gallery default page in the theme oprions, and put it into the menu. After I have add a new gallery with one page, selected the category, upload one pic and saved. But nothing. Could you help me please?


Hi, please post with the account that made a purchase.

Hi, quick presale question if I may; Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce? I’m getting started with a new client site, but we won’t be incorporating an online store until a later phase of the project. I like the look of this theme but would like to be able to incorporate a commerce platform down the road without having to reconfigure the site with a new theme, or different platform altogether.

Thanks, Chris


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your interest but unfortunately the theme was not designed specifically for WooCommerce plugin in the first place. There might be some additional customization or development you would need to deal with.

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Hi Uxban

Please is there any documentation on how to create galleries in the Lamoon theme? I have been struggling to get a gallery containing categories to show the photos on the gallery page. Here is the way I proceeded. I created a page named Gallery. Then went to the Ux Gallery section and created an Image category called Beach. From the same section (Ux Gallery) I clicked on Add Images and called that “image page” Photos and assigned the Beach category to it. In that Add image page, in the body I included the shortcode of a Nextgen gallery called Beaches that I already created. In the Theme Option-Gallery, I selected the Gallery page , 3 columns and the Beach category. Opened the site and reloaded it, clicked the Gallery ( the Gallery page is included in the Menu) in navi bar and sub-menu Photos (from the Photos page that is also included in the Gallery menu as sub-menu). The page showed View all | Beaches but I do not see the photos. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you


Hi there,

Here are the summarized steps on how to create the gallery page:

1. Go to “Gallery > Image Categories” to create the categories for the images first.

2. Go to “Gallery > Add New Image” to add the images and assign their own categories. For each image item, you need to upload the “Featured Image” which will be displayed on the front end. You can also enter some plain text in the editor area and it will be used as a caption of the image (display on lightbox mode).

3. Go to “Pages > Add New” to create a page to be used as the gallery’s “container” page. Supposed you created a page named “Gallery”.

4. Go to “Theme Options > Gallery” and under the “Gallery Page” section, select the page named “Gallery” that you have created.

5. Go to “Appearance > Menu” to add that page to the main navigation menu.

6. Done. Now the images and category titles should be properly displayed on the front end.

Kindly note that you do not need to use “Nextgen” gallery plugin for the default built-in gallery.

Hope this helps! :)

Good afternoon!

How do I increase the transition time of “Testimonial”? Or make him stop the transition when you hover?

Thank you!



The transition time option was added in the latest version (v2.2). Please re-download the package and upload the theme files into your installed theme directory on your server replacing the existing ones.

The option is in “Theme Options > General”, under the “Testimonial Animation Speed” section. :)

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HI I’m RianScotti’s friend, I have bought the theme but still have the problem told above could you help us please?



Are you already using the latest version of the theme (v.2.2)?

If so and the problem persists, please send me the site URL and the admin account using the private ticket on this site: http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/

I would need to take a look on that first.

NOTE: I just see that you have already opened a ticket so let’s continue our discussion there. :)

hi! i’ve changed the content background to white. on room pages under my images the background of the gallery nav is still “grey melange”. how can i change it to white, too?

screenshot: http://wistundlaumann.de/mb-screenshot.jpg

thanx for info! greetz chris


Hi Chris,

Please open “header.php” file then go to the line 87 and you would see this code:

#wrapper {

Change it to:

#wrapper, .flex-control-nav, .flexslider .slides {

That should fix the problem. :)

Hi there! Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your theme. Can you tell me how to make the logo link back to the homepage? I can’t seem to figure it out. My site is www.islandmisttan.com.




Hi Julie, glad to hear that you love the theme. :)

For your question, you would need to edit “header.php” file a bit to include the HTML anchor tag manually. Open the file then go to the line 542 and you would see this code:

<img src="<?php echo $logo_url; ?>" alt="" />

Just wrap the code with the anchor tag like this:

<a href="http://www.yoursite.com"><img src="<?php echo $logo_url; ?>" alt="" /></a>

Then change “href” value to your site address. :)

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Couple of quick questions (enhancement requests if not possible!) in order of priority (most important first)....

- Is there any way to change the order that the rooms are displayed in? (i.e. a sort order setting)

- Is there supposed to be any indication on testimonials that there is more than one testimonial? (i.e. 1/9 or dots with one highlighted)

- Can you get the image name/description to display when you click on ‘view photo’ to expand? (i.e. within a room the different images come with a title which describes what they show) (Have seen this working on another site using theme. What do I need to set? Possibly related what should I select for Link URL and Alignment when I insert images in various places?)

- Can you upload a larger image (in the correct aspect ratio) and then the theme display a resized version at correct size when used in page, but when the user clicks on it use the full resolution image.) Which of the 4 size options (thumbnail, medium, large) should be used? Should the default image sizes be updated to specific values in media settings? Is there a summary of the recommended image sizes/aspect ratios for the various uses?

i.e. Homepage slider : Secondary page heading : 940×220 Room images : 410×273 Blog featured : ???

- The footer gallery widget is displaying smaller, rectangular images than the square, larger images shown on the showcase. Any ideas? I only have

- Is it possible to edit the fields on the booking form? I’d just like a simple booking form as site is for a single property. Our rooms are Bedroom, Kitchen etc.. so don’t want to book rooms. Also possible for a captcha to reduce spam?

- I’d like to use the facilities post type for ‘things to do’, is there any way to update the url path to be something other than …/page/facilities when you click through to a particular facility?



1. Try this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-types-order/

2. Unfortunately not.

3. Did you mean the caption on the lightbox once the image is clicked? If so, there are 2 main subjects as followings:

3.1 Room post: You can manage the caption for each room image under the section of “Room Images Settings”. The section will allow you to add the images and you can enter the caption into the “Description” field.

3.2 Image shortcode: Use it as “clickable” and enter the caption into the field of “Image Caption”. It only works for the clickable type of “Photo”.

Another question is related to the Image shortcode as well. “Link URL” is the target URL once the image is clicked. “Alignment” will work when you use smaller width of image than its containing column. For example; If you add “One-Third width” image shortcode within the “Full Width” column shortcode and select the alignment as “Center”, then image will be aligned at the center of the column.

4. The theme will crop your uploaded image automatically to make it fit with some specific areas like blog post, room and facility thumbnail, by default (except if you use Image shortcode which needs you to use the proper size in the first place). You can ignore those 4 size options.

To see the default image dimensions, please import the XML dummy file and follow the “Getting Started” section in the documentation. It provides you the image placeholders for each area. Or you may take a quick look in the folder of ”/images/placeholders”.

5. By default, the built-in gallery widget should display the thumbnails as square shape. What is your site URL? I will take a look at that.

6. There are no such options to change the fields. You need to manually edit the reservation form in ”/includes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php” file. Open the file and search for the function of “register_reservationform_shortcode()”.

Or you might use another form plugin like Contact Form 7 to create the fields as your need.

7. You can change the facility permalink slug in “functions.php” file. Open the file then go to the line 379 and you will see the following code:

'rewrite' => array('slug' => _x('facilities', 'Slug wording of Facility for permalink', 'uxbarn_lamoon'), 'with_front' => false));

Change “facilities” to be yours.

hi, quick question. on iPhone/ipad the logo is above my slider with grey background. here’s a screenshot: http://wistundlaumann.de/mb-screen.jpg can i fix it? thanx for help! chris



Actually, the grey background is the area to separately display the logo by default on mobile view (as you can see in the live preview).

In case you would like to change how the logo displayed, you would need to manually modify the CSS code of the theme.


Nice theme!

Question.. When I add a form with a submit-button, a very small button disappears. How can I use a button of this theme, for example the medium black button?

In the forms, I use this code: <input type=”submit” value=”Aanmelden” />

Thanks in advance!



Try adding “class” attribute directly to your code as following:

<input type="submit" value="Aanmelden" class="medium black button" />

You can also see more samples of other classes by adding various Button shortcodes into the page and view its HTML source. :)


Done! Thanks!

Hi there!!

Thank you so much for your quick replies! I have another question. This is my site: http://www.islandmisttan.com/ I want to add this image http://www.islandmisttan.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/20110506_like_us_on_facebook2.png to the top right of the site so that it is on top right of the image slider and stays static there but links to her facebook page.

Any help is so very much appreciated!

Thank you!


to the top right of



You would have to open “header.php” file and try putting the following code:

<a href="http://www.yoursite.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.islandmisttan.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/20110506_like_us_on_facebook2.png" style="position: absolute; right: 15px; top: 15px; z-index: 99999;" /></a>

Right after this code (at the line 549):

<div id="banner-slider" class="flexslider">

Thank you!

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Hello, hello!

We love your theme, quick question. Do you have a solution to create more pages for rooms to show up on?

Currently, we can only have one page stream all the rooms. If we used room category pages, we don’t have much control the pages SEO or Featured image from he WP dashboard.

What are your thoughts?




Unfortunately by default the theme has only one “holding” page for Rooms post type. You would need some custom development to the theme to achieve that. And the related files are “content-page.php” and “content-rooms.php”, you may be able to get some idea by tracking the code on these files. :)

hi again,

It seems that many of the native WordPress UI functionalities are crippled in the backend. I assume this is so that your custom backend works?

However I can for example not edit the “published” date of the page or visibility of the page. Is there anyway I can get these to work?

This only happens in this theme so I assume it is something you introduced purposefully?

Many thanks




Indeed, I was just going to post the “quick edit” as a workaround.

When I’m in full edit mode of any page or any post there are a few of the native WordPress buttons I cannot use: the “add media”, the “green options”, the published date, visibility, add category … these do not work. When I click on them simply nothing happens. Others like the “preview changes” or “add featured image” do work.

I only have this problem in Lamoon, so I figured you disabled them because they interfered with your setup.


*sorry I meant “screen options” of course…


Hmm. The theme does not disable or alter any of those native funtionalities as well. The condition here looks like some kind of script error.

Could you please open a private ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com and send me your site URL with the login account? I will take a closer look on that.