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simple and efficient! nice!

Thanks danhenriquesc

Hi If i where to buy this template could the form be replaced with a mailchimp form? I still want it to look the same. Would the mailchimp form also be responsive?

you can just replace the form field name, action with mailchimp form attributes so the form will still look same

Two pre-sale questions:

1. Does this contact-form has a working contact.php already included or do i have to buy some contact form script somewhere?

2. I need do add some form fields and one textarea field to the form. Can this be done?

Best regards!

1. The top featured form doesn’t has a working contact .php file, you don’t need to buy it. I’ve simple php contact script from other template of mine that can be used if you want. 2. Sure you can add more fields

Simple and great template :) I’ll test for my site http://hostingweb.es

Glad you like it :)

Can someone give me some advice on installing this theme, Im totally lost.

Hello, Landconvert is HTML template so you just need to upload all files directly to your site directory with FTP. Please read documentation file

Hi, I would love to buy this theme. However I need to know if I can install this in wordpress…

Pleaseee :)

it’s HTML template, you need to convert as WP theme if you need to use it for wordpress

where is the contact php ? the form is not working now…can have a link to the form php? tnks!

Landconvert landing page doesn’t has working contact form


Does this page come with other social icons beside the ones that are there?


No, available social icons only as seen on footer. But there are so many free social icons that can be used, quite easy to add more or change current icons

Hi, I really like your Land Convert theme, but i have a question before i purchase it. I want the form to be able to allow the end user to upload photo/s along with their contact details. would this be easy to implement Thanks