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Good luck with sales.

Thanks man!

Like the look of this couple of things

1. In an update can you add the ability to remove the portfolio slider from the home page

2. needs a footer menu bottom right via the menus section

3. Sub Menus do not seem to be showing even though they are set up in the menu any thoughts?

4. Images for the content slider do not show even when at 375px wide also any thoughts?

Thanks for purchasing!

1. Yes we can definitely make that an option.

2. We will add this in the next update.

3. Can you paste URL so I can see this?

4. Make sure you are not using the Featured image option for uploading the image.

If you want us to take a closer look, email us through our profile with your wordpress login and we will jump on these asap.


Can you embed a video on the slider instead of an image?

Currently the slider does not support video. If you want to put a video in there, we would have to get rid of the image slider and insert your video instead.

I have the same concerns about the LANDED theme…

- The Sub Menus aren’t working. It has been set already at the Menu section of the dashboard but still, it doesn’t work.

- The Content slider is not working also.. I’ve uploaded an image through the Custom Slide Settings..it pops up the image for a millisecond then displays ‘loading..’ and nothing happens next..

I hope you can help me with this.. Great thanks!

Hello, so sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Can you provide a link so I can see the problem?


I sent you an email for the link.. thanks!

Thanks, I will take a look!

I’m having issues with plugins shutting off the dropdowns & rollovers on the theme. I dunno if the is a js problem, but it’s preventing a lot of functionality being built into the site. Can you help with this-am happy to supply any pertinent login info…

Feel free to send me FTP info and a link to the site and I will take care of this.

Thanks! Luke

Is the file provided in the .zip for the theme sample content? Want to use as a guide.

Yes, an .xml file is included in the theme folder.

I’m now having problems with the Recent Projects Thumbnails not showing up. Let me be more clear -

I uploaded the .xml file to use the sample content as a guide more or less. On the Recent Projects thumbnails, all of of the images addresses are there, but the images inside the box is not.

Also, the divwrap support forum will not let me create a new account, saying that my purchase code could not be found. Would rather use that than cluttering up the comments page with questions.

Hello jsullivandesign41!

Feel free to send us an email through our profile and we will help you with these issues.

Thanks! Luke

Is there a way to slow down or speed up the image slider transitions? Also, all the slides flash through very quickly when the site opens and I’d like to avoid that.


I’m unable to add any plugins to this site without the Recent Jobs blanking out on me. Is there anything that can be done? Is this theme still being supported. I asked my last question 3 months ago and got no response.

Hello, I bought your theme Landed last year, it has been great, although today I had my hosting network hacked. Hostgator traced the hack to: /wp-content/themes/landed/scripts/cache/site.php' They also said the file attacked was tinthumb, a plugin that I was not using… Is TinThumb apart of the theme?

The Sub Menus aren’t working. It has been set already at the Menu section of the dashboard but still, it doesn’t work.

I have the same problem, how you can helpme?

I am a first time buyer, and first time creator of a wordpress website and I am complete deceived as to how I thought it would look.

When I purchased this, I thought I would at least receive the default of all the things I witnessed in the live preview or screenshots.

I personally am very new to this, and I don’t know how to add or create all the cool things I saw in the live preview for this wordpress theme..

If I cannot receive a full replica version like the one in the live preview or screenshots, can you please help me on how to create some of things I witnessed.

Such as the homepage slide images, where there is an image on the left and text on the right and a “buy now” etc. Here is an image of what im talking about: http://i.imgur.com/FHwr0Zk.png

That is not provided, and I’m sure I should be able to add that, but I just don’t know how at the moment. I would highly appreciate it if you would be able to tell me or show a video, or just type brief notes on what to do and i`ll understand.

Thank you in advance.

I got a notice that the “Landed” theme was updated, but when I download it I get your “Ingredients” theme.