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On pressiing ‘Live preview’ Comodo Antivirus is flashing up:

Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked! 0fees.net

This website has been blocked temporarily because of the following reason(s):

  • Phishing: Site may be criminally fraudulent attempting to collect your personal information by masquerading as a legitimate site

Go back to safety (Recommended)

This website has been reported as unsafe by various users and we do NOT recommend you to continue browsing. Disregard this warning and continue (Not Recommended)



Sorry for that soon i will buy premium one :) But now it works check it out )


Im sorry but it’s still not letting me view it :(

Screenshot of the warning here: http://img695.imageshack.us/i/picpk.png/


(Mods please remove my link if I am not allowed to post external links)

Just to see all you disable your system anti virus for a while :) have fun !

I like your landing page template quite a bit and would love to buy it but there seems to be a display issue in Safari that prevents the pricing tables to render properly… no shadows on the individual tables. I love how it looks in Firefox. Could you look into this and let me know once you get it working. I’ll hold off on buying this until then.

Let me know.


Ok i will make for you :) Just give me 5 min :)

Great template!!! +1 keep up the good work and good luck with sales :D


Thanks have fun you Graphitizer :)

Were you able to resolve the issue with the pricing tables on Safari displaying with no boarder, which makes it difficult to read?

I saw you posted a response in the comments,

“Ok i will make for you Just give me 5 min”

But I wasn’t sure if this was in response to my question as it wasn’t a direct reply on my post.

I’m seeing the demo still has this framing issue but if you resolved the download version then just let me know.


warbar Purchased


I am trying to link the images that are in the “Your work here” boxes in the Lander index 1-4.html file directly to a page on the site. When clicking on the link, I’m taken to a white box of some sort before being taken to the page linked to in the code.

I’ve looked at the CSS file as well as the custom.js file, but no matter what edits I make, I can’t seem to make the box go away.

How can I do this?

You can see this issue here:


Just below the “about IM Services Leader” text.


Hi warbar,

First of all thanks for buying lander 5 in 1 :) yea i just check your code and there i find some markup issue ..here’s your code

    <ul class="screenshot">

                    <a href="facebook.html"/a>
                        <img src="images/5.png" height="90" alt="Facebook Fans" width="120" />


Now here i have made some small changes have a look

<ul class="screenshot">
     <li><a href="facebook.html"><img src="images/5.png" alt="" widht="120" height"90" /></a>

Use these same method for all

  • And also open index-1-4.html and see on line no 13 and 8 respectively and remove this

    <script src="js/jquery.colorbox.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <link href="css/colorbox.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

    And open custom.js file and go to line no 9 and remove this block of code


    And if you have further issue regarding lander than please free to mail me or post here..good luck :)



  • warbar Purchased

    Thanks for the super quick reply Satish. Did as instructed and the issue is resolved.

    Sure is nice to do business with someone who is quick to help out AFTER the sale!

    Thanks again.



    Mention Not :) Help for you always

    Cheers !

    HI Satish, Good to see Nepali People Here. I’m from Nepal too. I belong to Videohive.

    Best wishes and have a great sales. :)


    Can it be used in Wordpress?


    Actually, this theme is html page, and it should be customize in order to work with wordpress, if you want this theme used in wordpress then i am available for custom work :)

    Best Regards, Satish

    Looks awesome!;