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Hey :) Thanks

What font is used in the “Landerous” logo? Thanks.

Thanks for purchasing! We used “Bello” font for the “Landerous” logo. You can find the font here: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/underware/bello/

cool mhan. very neat! Good Luck with the Sales!


Thanks Buddy :) Good luck with the sales as well.

Looking good. Very nice template!

Kosiii Purchased

Hi there, Any idea why the count down stopped working when I changed the date? Im still using yyyy/mm/dd ?


Hey! Looking good :) Like the logo. Wish you all the best with the site.

Kosiii Purchased

Thanks a lot :) Which font are you using for the landing page (not logo) ?


We used “Bello” font for the “Landerous” logo. You can find the font here:


Yeah! Awesome! Love it! If the tweet feed was actually functional it would be way more awesome, but it rocks as is, and I can integrate tweet feed on my own, but not all people can. You should consider integrating that.

Very nice work, easy to customize. I’m following you now, and am looking forward to more of your work!


Hey vinvalentino. thanks for purchasing and for the 5 star rate :) I like your work on the graphicriver. Really great templates. Good luck with the sales! Yup :) twitter messages, subscription, contact form and countdown timer works only on the server live.

Sorry, I just realized that it only works when on the server live. 5 Stars!!!

makwanza Purchased

Loved the theme. Thank you!!!

However, none of the dynamic features are available in the index.html. Is there a PHP file that calls the countdown and twitter functions that I am missing?


Thanks for purchasing the template makwanza :) Yes, there are (in the root of the template) CONFIG .php file that calls countdown, twitter, contact and subscription functions. And all features works only when the template is live on the server.

Pytch Purchased

Hi Drythemes, Very nice theme. However, I can’t get the countdown work. I’ve changed the date in CONFIG .php, uploaded to my server, but still nothing happen.

Could you pleae help. Thanks.

Hi, Countdown also not working for me. I’ve changed data in CONFIG .php, uploaded to my server, but still not working.

@dvanhove @renato100 All working good for the most users guys. So, only issue what I can think of right now can be on the server side. There’s one option in PHP which can cause this (‘open_basedir’). Anyway guys, let’s try this first:

  • open mainHandler.php file in the txt editor (I use “Notepad++” so I can actually see the code line No.)
  • go to line 21 and change:
    include_once ('../CONFIG.php');
  • to:
    include_once (dirname(dirname(__FILE__)).'/CONFIG.php');
  • Now, that line should look like this: http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/6558/changem.gif
  • save and uploadmainHandler.php to your server live (replace the mainHandler.php file on the server with the new one)
  • check again Landerous tempalte and let me know please :)
  • Pytch Purchased

    Hi DryThemes, no luck here unfortunately.

    makwanza Purchased

    Sprry, but having the same issue as the other guys. Tried changing the mainhandler.php but having the same issue.

    @dvanhove @renato100

    We will solve this problem one way or another :) Don’t worry. I still think that the issue is on the server side. Both of you, please send me your “mainhandler.php” files to:


    so I can check them and test to my server. This template must work perfectly. Hopefully, we will solve this today :)

    Pytch Purchased

    Just send. Thanks in advance!

    Very professional man:) Great work.

    Pytch Purchased

    The issue with the countdown ticker has been solved by DryThemes in no time!

    Great support and great theme! Definitely a 5 star!


    @okanakdeniz @dvanhove

    Thank you guys! :)

    makwanza Purchased

    I have to echo @dvanhove. This is great. My issues were fixed in 15 minutes. You ROCK !