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Look good!! Good luck with sales. ;)


I’ve never used Unbounce before but would love to have this as just a standard HTML landing page. Is it possible to convert the unbounce file to normal HTML (or is it basically already that)?

Hey yes it is – send me an email here and we can talk about it:

Good luck with sales!

thank you! :)

Very Creative , Good Luck ;)


Great, glws ;)

thanks! :)

This item has a wrong description. It could not be compatibles with major browsers (as stated in the description), in fact the archive does not contain an html file mentioned in the demo, only psd and *.unbounce

At the other hand seller is not available, the message sent via web form left unresponded(((

Hi I didn’t get your email – ? Please send to jcegordon at gmail

it can’t disappear)) – check your spam folder in gmail

not in my spam – you can reach me on skype “jen_gordon”

I recommend everyone this template as a landing page for your business needs, the perfect design, sharp and clear. No doubt you and your potential customers will love it!

Jen provided very helpful and proactive support, all issues are resolved extremely quickly.

Absolutely top quality, 100% must have for every business start-up!

Thanks Matimex happy to help! :)

hey same to you! :)

Incredible work! One of the most gorgeous landing pages on ThemeForest. Bravo!

Thanks Joey!! :)

Great theme! Very impressive!

thank you!! :)

Love the theme and precision!

thanks so much! please leave a star review if you don’t mind? :))

Hi I received an error when attempting to upload to Unbounce: There was something wrong with the .unbounce file that you recently uploaded and it could not be added to your account. If you did not create the page yourself, please check with the original author or contact our support team at Any ideas?

Nevermind, Unbounce responded to me and let me know they were having their own issues with the uploader today. All is well. Thanks!

yes i was going to suggest that – tks!


Stigan Purchased

Hi Jen

Is there an email addy I can have to got some support? The Slider doesn’t seem to be working on my page? I’d rather keep this private if possible

BTW love the theme and it converts really well

hi sure you can reach me at jengordonwork at gmail dot com – tks!

I was expecting a HTML template :-( What am I supposed to do with this. I’m not going to sign up to a monthly service!

Hi I just replied via email :)

Hi Jen!

This is absolutely a brilliant layout design and color choice! PLEASE tell me that you have this available in a WordPress theme option!? I will buy it right now if you do!

if you bought via Themeforest, they sell only the Unbounce version of my template. if you purchased the HTML version from my Convert Themes, it’s in the folder called “html-css”

I bought the HTML version from your Convert Themes website yesterday :-) I just left you a voice mail.

Actually are you able to use this plugin to convert it over to a wordpress theme?

Is there a library of icons we can use in addition to the (Cloud, Computer, Gift Box…etc.) ?

Great unbounce page by the way!

Hi yes I usually use :)

Is there a library of icons we can use in addition to the (Cloud, Computer, Gift Box…etc.) ?

Great unbounce page by the way!

Great service by Jen, she exceeded my expectations when responding to one of my queries and going the extra mile by recording video and everything.

Thanks George! :)


Simoney Purchased

How can I get the HTML version? Not into using unbounce service.

hey Simon yes i do:

you can get a refund for the Unbounce version here:


Hello, you have wordpress version of Saas template ?

Hi I don’t sorry about that—