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gghigi Purchased


I read it cannot be used for WordPress, but can’t I just add the code and make it work? Otherwise I just wasted my money, even though your work is really good.

Thanks Gabe

Hi just wondering if you can integrate the countdown timer on a background of your choosing?

Hi Guys

You have definitely been asked this before, but I cannot find enough information here to help. Social media icons are not working for me, are they not assigned or linked by default? I am not used to setting this up so please advise. Thank you

Hey, your domain name has expired and now I can’t see the live preview.

I Buy this item, but cant install.

do you heave a manual instalation?



D79312 Purchased

Hi Sushipast, I appreciate your work and support. I have gone through all 6 pages of the last 2 years of comments on this thread about the landing page and have not gotten an answer to customize the SUBJECT in the email.

The email that gets sent has “(no subject)” in the subject. How do you change the landing page to send a Specific Subject in the email? In what file and where can I adjust the subject line so I can tell where the email address is coming from. Thanks.

demo doesn’t work!


wdub28 Purchased

Hi there! Purchased this and it’s such a great landing page layout! I have a quick question regarding the form. We notice we are getting blank email submissions, which we think are from bots/spam. Is there any way to put a required field or a varification php file for the form?

I do not properly scroll the html , it gets stuck in Google Chrome. Is there any solution ?