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very very nice. wish someone would make something like this but for wordpress.

thank you

Yes genm, it’s very nice, and it will be better if they make it for WP or Joomla :)

yeah, I’m thinking to make it on full HTML or WP later with some changes since it’s a landing page

I really like this design. However each time I load the page in the browser (IE v8) the page loads, but the content then drops a few pixels downwards. It is a little hard to explain but it happens everytime. Do you know how to fix this?

Also I don’t need the twitter feed, how can I disable that? I deleted the javascript line but that creates an error.

Thank You.

Hi westfield

Thanks for purchase landiva template, please email me through contact form on my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio/profile you’ll get in touch soon

your problems have been solved :)

Thank You iWebStudio. The issue was my fault and the template works great.

You’re welcome! :)

What I dont understand is you put the the featured form on the top but its not working. I believe this is not a custom job because the design itself, features the form.

Landiva is a template likes another HTML landing page template on TF, it’s coming with working pop up contact form (on the very bottom) and featured form (big form template on the top). featured form not made as working form because each buyer maybe have their own form or any kind else, so I made the form space/template there… if you want to use your PHP , just add the form variables and set the form method, action

Hello, is it possible to translate all elements in another language (included the contact form)? Thanks, Luca

Hi Luca

yes it’s possible to translate to another languages including the contact form

Great template! but im having trouble extending the featured area, I want to add an image above the text and form so that pushes everything down but the form and text gets cut off. I tried extending the height for the feautred area and wrap but that just pushes everything below the featured area down and the white background for the featured area does not extend to fill that space. can you please help? Thanks again.

please go to http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio/profile and contact me about your problem via contact form

Thank you

hi.. Why if my html file called index.html, i cant add any other iframe like facebook like box or so…. Only show me everytime Googlemaps..I can find where is defined that function..

If i renamed html file to something.html (no index.html) than go correctly other iframe’s.

I checked every javascript function, files, php’s but i can find why dont…

If i deleted from index.html every meta, every link rel every html tag a whole code, and only let the facebook like box iframe, even show mi google maps….i cant believe this…wtf special function is there please???...

i cant find the solutions in documentation….


I did a test by replacing ‘google map iframe’ with something else and rename file to index.html then there’s no problem with that. have you clear your browser cache? please test again and clear your browser cache. Please show me the URL if you already upload it to your hosting

ok it go correctly…i uploaded the files on the server to show you online and it work online..Only in my localhost dont work correctly :D :D

sorry ;)

otherwise I am very satisfied with the template :)

Great template. Is it easy to just have the top container box that contains the details on the left and the sign up form on the right, and just extend that to fill the page and leave the rest of?

The Facebook preview doesn’t work. The tabs on that page display an error.

This application does not yet support secure browsing (HTTPS). Learn More

I tried removed the s from https and it just reverts to https. Maybe I have that enabled in my fb settings. Does that mean that I can’t use the LP (and all other fb users who have this enabled also can’t?)

There’s no facebook preview on my theme.. I think you talking about another theme :)

The documentation you provide appears to relate to a larger template or theme and is confusing because it refers to things that don’t exist and doesn’t talk enough about what does.

The pages look nice, but even so…

I want to increase the size of the images and slider box on the slider page. If I increase the image size I lose the frame around it. What do I need to adjust? There is nothing that says where I can find the relevant settings.

Thank you.

Hi brian7454

Sorry for late reply.. just back to work today :)

I’ll update Landiva with flexible box area.. so you can use whatever image size

Pls wait in next 2-3 days

Thank you

Second question: With the scrolling images near the footer, when I click on the small scrolling images, prettyphoto opens and displays a larger version. Can I control the size of this? It doesn’t like anything that’s not 450*600px. Also, I want to get rid of the little thumbnails than appear in a row under the enlarged versions – they block too much of the image. How do I stop them showing? Thanks

Hello? Anybody home?

Hi brian7454

Sorry for late reply.. just back to work today :)

I’ll update Landiva with flexible box area.. so you can use whatever image size

Pls wait in next 2-3 days

Thank you

Don’t worry about it. I found another solution.


Thanks for that good landing. I would like to use prettyphoto to launch an inside html for Conditions. How can i do it? Thanks so much.

Best regards.

Hi, how do you make the contact form send all the information in the body of the email instead of just the message?

Do you have the code for JUST THE FORM to use Aweber?

I would like to replace the form with an aweber sign up.

Please respond to me.

Replied via email

Form Checkbox CSS is buggy on IE7 – IE9 .