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Great job man! Keep it coming :)


TIbi – FWD.

Thanks a lot :)

we don’t you turn it into a wordpress plugin, it will be better for a lot of people

That’s Great Idea. We’ll surely consider it. Thanks for your feedback :)

Great Parallax Page! :)

Thanks matchthemes. Your lawyers theme is also wonderful creation :)

clean and nice work

Thanks a lot.

Wow this video looks familier, What is the name of it? And also a very nice theme GLWS. :-)

Thanks a lot. This video is tomorrowland :)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks a lot :)

Nice template. There are some bugs though, on my server at least. Smooth transition from menu doesnt work. I had to delete a lot off ## that was used in comments or i would get an “an error occurred while processing this directive” error. And solidcolor doesnt work either.

Ok no problem you can send your site URL to our support for getting help.

how do i use this landing page

The Quick guide with this template has instructions about setting up its required parameters. Please have a look on it. Kind Regards

i read the quick guide, thats the problem its a quick guide, it doesnt tell you what files to upload or nothing

Please follow the steps sent you via support mail. Regards!

Hi, this theme looks pretty good. But strangely the demo feels laggy in my chrome browser. The smooth scrolling effect seems not work as good as in firefox or ie.

Hi! Yes you are right! but this is a default behaviour of chrome browser for parallax and scrolling effect. If you don’t need it then it can be disabled using some code tweaks.

Nice Theme, can you please help me with one thing

Tweets are not showing on my site , can you guide me what is the problem


I got an answer through Quick guide , thanks

Ok that’s great!

I have one more question. For subscription , i dont want mailchimp , i need that whenever someone type his/her email address and hit yes , then i suppose to get an email on my given email address.

I dont use mailchimp

can you suggest how to do that

Hi, please send us a mail from here for contacting our support. Kind Regards.

ok , i got 2 errors in contact and subscribe form both , very important, hope to get your help. emailing you now

Ok! Got your mail.. Will catch you soon there. Kind Regards


As per your instructions on the app.variables.js, I changed the video background from false to true and no video shows up.

Does the page have to be online to work? Can you offer some assistance with this, please?

Thank you

Hi! Got your mail, will contact you there now.

Kind Regards

Good Job. Best of luck for many sales..;

Hi Thanks a lot :)

Hello, I’m about to buy this template for I found it very interesting and attractive.

Just two quick Y/N questions: 1- will it be possible in the countdown change the names for days, hours and so on in “giorni”, “ore”, “minuti”? 2- in the “Meet our team section” will it be possible just to have one or max two members and be aligned in the center of the page?

Thanks a lot for your reply.


Hi Diego

Yes you can do both customizations with few code tweaks. :)

Kind Regards

Ok, gonna buy it then

ok great :)

Hello, Installation failed – how do i install? it says – ‘The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.’

Hi! Seems like you are trying to install it on WordPress whereas its an HTML template. Please unzip and upload the template to your hosting.

Kind Regards

How do I add dropdown menu?

Hi! You can use same twitter bootstrap code to add dropdown menu.

Kind Regards

Can you tell us a bit more detail?

Hi! Please send your request to our support here.

Kind Regards


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How do i take off the grid like layer which is there on the main image


You can disable the background CSS property of .bg-pattern1 class in attached skinX.min.css file.

Kind Regards


inowebz Purchased

Thanks for your prompt response