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Hi where is the best way to install this theme so l can active the theme that it just looks the demo version? With all the zip files its hard to install where to start from

Any youtube video to watch?

Thanks, Kyle


pu2wxp Purchased

The contact form don’t work, it miss the file contact-form!!


This theme does not have the classic “onepage” editor view? I can’t find anywhere where I can change the order of the pages (or remove any of them). Also, the demo content is all made of codes? You don’t offer visual composer support or something similar? How easy is it to customize then?


How can I add more testimonial? :) Can you make a fix for it?

tnks! :)


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Quick question. The Landlr theme is pretty responsive, which is great. The only challenge someone pointed out to me, and which I’m struggling to fix myself, is when in Mobile view (320×480), the heading (H2) line ends up partially under the header/menu area.

I see this happening on the base files also. The line “Landlr is the all-in-one landing page” partially disappears under the header/menu, and you end up seeing the last part of that sentence “all-in-one-landing page”.

Is there any easy way to get the full H2 headline to appear in mobile view? Much thanks.

Hi there,

I bought the earlier version of this theme by mistake, I did not see v 2.0. May I kindly ask that I be refunded for the earlier version, bought with the same Envato account?

Also, I don’t know if this applies to the new version, but my developer is having serious difficulty with the image management of the theme (see He says the sizes come out all randomly and it does not crop them, even though he specifies a 200px size. He ran “Regenerate Thumbnails” twice, but it did not help :/

Help with these two issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,



i just upgraded my my wordpress site to the latest wordpress version and then the site broke. From investigation i found it was due to the theme not being compatible.. .... any news on an update? (LOVE THE THEME by the way but also really pleased i back up :-))

thanks graham

Hi, I want to make Sign up or Sign in on this theme, how would I need to do it?

I downloaded the theme, but its af folder, not a zip file that i can install in wordpress??

How do i install the theme????

I have 3 folders: Help, Landlr – html, Landlr – psd

But all files are html and not php to wordpress

Cannot see the live preview? Please help.