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Hello, I love this template. Excellent design, congratulations. I’ve been having some problems with the template Landrl. For example

In IE: Excellently displayed but the background image is static, without the effect of motion.

In Firefox: Perfectly but is displayed menu links do not work.

In Chrome: Problems with the display of the menu bar. It’s not even like as shown in IE and Firefox.

Any suggestions to solve these issues, please.

Best regards,



Hello, i’ve update the template with bootstrap3 please download the new versione and let me know if you have same problems. Thanks you.

Hi, Purchased this, very cool functionality. Included slider are good too.

Hey, the template is exactly what we were looking for, but I have a couple issues I need some assistance with.

1) I have removed one of the options from the Pricing & Plans section and I need to have the 3 I have centered, but I can’t seem to do it.

2) The animations within Overview, with the changes I have made they are moving too fast to read the text I have put to be in that animation. Where are the controls for this held? I’ve changed multiple things but nothing seems to have made a difference so far.

Any help with this would be excellent. Thanks.

Hi there.

Just got the theme. Trying to figure out how to get another background image to fully rotate without showing edges while rotating. I’ve tried various larger sizes (even 3000px x 3000px ).

I’ve played with the positioning too, but can’t seem to get the background to properly fill the screen while rotating.


how to gate icon class ??? have any list of icon with the class ???


Hello the icons are from http://fontawesome.io


ok thanks

Hi, if you buy the bg image pleas give me the url i need to buy these galaxy BG. Thanks for your nice work.


you don’t buy it ? these image is crop


Sorry but i don’t remember where i bought the image.



Hi, i need a help with contact form, i can’t find the php file to customize the receiver’s email. Thanks

How do I install this on wordpress?

Dear playlab,

Thankyou very much for these awesome theme! I liked it very much. (My brother bought it as bday gift :D ). But I was also wondering: “What’s the name of the admin panel sample?” (The image in the background on the Macbook Air?)

Could you please give me the name of the bg or admin panel sample?

An suggestion: Is there an anti-spam(something like a verification) for the contact-form?

Thanks again!

Amazing work. Good luck with sales!;

steve0uac Purchased

Im trying to install this to my wordpress uploading with zip, but there is no zip file inside that i should upload ? I always get the error saying its missing the style.css Please help.