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vasbot Purchased

Any solution for Internet Explorer 9? Thank you


Hi vasbot

I answered to you by email

Bought the template and it is in use at http://www.chicagocichlid.com.

Having a problem where styling in the backend (e.g. using JCE to select a bullet) is not showing up in the front end. Any idea what could be causing this?

Another question . . . will the template need an update for Joomla 1.7? What about the T3 Framework?


I want to check your website admin panel. Plz send pm.

Nice theme, I just buy it and it’s getting really great.

However I am not getting how to show the blog with the layout on the demo page, there is a trick?


Hi Mario

Thank you for having purchased my theme

Can you give me your link? Plz send pm.

Hi leventusta

I am interested on buying your nice template. I am in the process of building a website for school and this theme is close to what I am looking for except I might need to change the design a bit. What I like about your theme is the fact that it has 6 colors and clean look. My questions are as follows: 1. I would like to use the 6 colors and add one more and use it for each main category pages (total of 6 main categories) which will represent by the color. 2. I am not familiar with the T3 Frameworks, but am very familiar with Joomla, will I need to install that first before installing your template. 3. I am currently using Joomla 1.6, will I be able to use the same theme on Ver 1.7 or I have to upgrade, and will you have that template on that version soon?

Thank you, and I hope I am not asking too much, and lastly I wanted to compliment you with your very nice templates.



thank you for taking interest in my template. My answers to your questions are as follows:

1. you can make every page of a different colour and i will give you some assistance with that, if necessary.

2. yes, you will have to install T3 framework first, after that you can install this template. If you make quickstart package installation, you don’t need to install T3, because after installation you will see complete site like a demo site.

3. I plan to upgrade l-ardi template to joomla 1.7 in the near future, although i don’t know exactly when, but I will design it in a new version which will not use T3 framework. So if you will want to upgrade it to 1.7 after that, you will have too change so many things. So as far as the upgrading is concerned, i really don’t know what to suggest to you, as it will be quite some work to do from your part at the time of doing it :-)


Hi again, Nicetazmenia,

As I said yesterday, I had in mind to update it without T3 framework, and that would have implied some significant work on your side upon updating it. But now, reconsidering the matter from the customers’ point of vue, I decided to update it maintaining the T3 framework, so it will not be difficult for you either to update it at the time of my upgrading it to 1.7. I hope I gave you good news :)

And thank you for your kind words of appreciation.

Levent Usta

ARC-Web Purchased

Hi dude, nice theme!!! How can I put a cufon with accents on my website? can u send me a link to download this script cufon with accents please? thnks a lot man!

Hi Levenusta, first… a wonderful template. and now my questions:

1. I have Joomla 1.7 on my site. I know you said you will have to update the template for 1.7, but being a noob, I wanted to ask if there are too many difference in 1.6 and 1.7? What features of your template would not work (at all or properly) on 1.7? I ask this because, I need to know if those features make a huge difference to my site and its visitors.

2. Since I have not already hosted my site, I can choose to still uninstall 1.7 and install 1.5 instead. If the features you mention in #1 are important, would they work on 1.5?

Please revert soon. I need this site to go live on Thursday and I have my developers on standby, waiting for me to just buy and hand them this template. Oh, and one more question – does this problem of full functionality apply to all your templates or just this?

Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

Ravi. www.raviwarrier.com


Hi acutance,

The template as it is now doesn’t work in Joomla 1.7, but if you install Joomla 1.6 or 1.5, it will work. I will also upgrade it to 1.7 and i decided to maintain the T3 framework, so at that time you will not have any difficulties updating it to 1.7.

Now I will answer your last question. This problem of functionality applies to L-MAXIMUS as well, but as for L-CARMEN, it is already designed for Joomla 1.7, so L-CARMEN works. As far as L-EPOS concerned – my other template – right now it does not function in Joomla 1.7, but it will function very soon, because I am working on it and I’ve almost finished it.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask them.

Hi Leventusta, thank you for responding. I have no clue what T3 is, but I am guessing it is important for a Joomla template to work. :)

I really like your template, and it’s the closest I have got to what my design for my site looks like, so, I actually don’t mind downgrading my Joomla from 1.7 to 1.5, especially since you confirm that it will work.

My only concern is that if and when you do come out with a 1.7 version of this template, would I need to repurchase it, or are upgrades a part of the first purchase price. I know this a more a question for Themeforest guys, but thought I’d ask you the question since you must have had many people asking you the same.

Also, I was wondering if you have any contacts who are freelance Joomla developers in my side of the world (i.e., India)? I just fired my developer for not showing up on time. :(

Thanks again. Take care.

Ravi. www.raviwarrier.com


Hello again,

After purchasing it one time, you are automatically entitled to all the upgrades that I will make, so you will not have to purchase it again.

Unfortunatelly I don’t have any contacts in India. If I’ll hear about someone who is Joomla freelance and is living there, I’ll let you know.

keep in touch. Levent

Hi, when is your template 1.7 ready?


Now I am so busy. But same time i am working on L-epos 1.7 Theme. After that i will update L-ardi 1.7


Is there a release schedule by any chance? We are eager to get away from Joomla 1.6 as it is no longer supported properly.



it’s been such a busy month for me, this is why i had to delay my plans to update my templates. By the end of October L-ardi should be ready. If I can succeed sooner than that, then so much the better. But given my busy schedule, I’d say that the end of October is the most realistic deadline for it.


Will it not work in 1.7 even with the T3 Upgrade Patch?


i also answered your other question, but instead of clicking on the reply button, i clicked by mistake on the Report button :-) Sorry for that. So, my answer is that it will not work even with The T3 upgrading patch. Next week i will start working for the upgrading of L-Ardi to the 1.7 version, but it might take two-three full weeks until the release of it. I will do my best to urge it as much as possible.

best regards.

Is there any help for the IE9 Module display issues?

We figured out the cufon-yui.js upgrade portion to show slider headlines and module tites but there are module class issues here that we are unable to fix. Mainly the clearfix and blue style.

Any help?



Can i see your website? Plz send me pm

Sorry for the double post…Removing through edit. Thank you in advance.

kt919 Purchased

Hello! Thank you vor the best template in the world!

I have two questions-problems.

1. I dont have PSD files of first and second Lardi laptop.png and portfolio.png. I very need it – how can I get it.

2. I have a problem with template in IE8 – dgsi.pl – please look at this…



Thank you so much for interesting and liking my theme :)

After unzip Lardi.zip file you will see in there PSD folder. You should open icon.psd in this folder.

Or if you cannot find them. I will send those files to you. Also can i see your site? Plz send me pm

bsakkers Purchased

hello there,

bought your beautifull template lardi.

However.. I cannot find the way to not show the modify date , author etc…

canyou give me a clue?

Kind regards,



Hi Barry

Thank you for having purchased my theme

plz send your website link and admin panel info. I will check it.

plz send pm

Template is nice.

I have set it up in Joomla 1.6. But I want to know how can I setup the template just like your provided screenshot include all items in the menu.

As I can only see HOME in the menu without others just like your screenshot.

I am now setting it up in my local environment and hope to publish it once the setup is completed.

Once again, really nice template


Hi wisdom

Thank you for having purchased my theme

You should install Quickstart Package. And dont forget install also “sample data” while you instal it

If you cannot it plz send me pm and FTP info


Is there complete template (whole page)? or just separate elements?

best regards


Are you asking about the PSD ?


Yes, full Psd


There are separate elements.

:), no no I need a full PSD – the main page.


I understand :) But this is how it is, in separate elements…

tajned Purchased

Urgent, I’ve tried many times to install your beautiful template (Lardi_Quickstart) without success: I just get the joomla template by default.

What shall I do? This is the first time I have pb with joomla installation.

Thanks in advance for your help

hi, leventusta

can you tell me why does your site doesn´t work well on IE, all of them? Any solutions?



Hi barbosa

Why you don’t ask my support normally? Every template can have compatibilly problem. This is why we give support. I have checked again L-Ardi theme with IE9 . I didn’t see any problem.. http://themeforest.net/item/lardi-minimal-corporate-joomla-16-theme/178476

If you have problem. Send me pm your website link.

Hi leventusta,

I already sent you my website link. I hope you can tell what goes wrong.