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Awesome theme! So far I’m really pleased with it.

I do have a few questions.

1. Shortcodes are not showing up for me, is there some special activation that is needed?

2. The PrettyPhoto pop-up isn’t working. I’ve gone through every possible combination of ticking the radio buttons located under the Jigoshop general setting tab. If “Disable bundle Lightbox” is checked, the image opens in a new page. If both “Disable bundle Lightbox” and “Include extra theme styles with Jigoshop frontend.css”, I get the same outcome. If just “Include extra theme styles with Jigoshop frontend.css” is checked, the pop-up works but completely messes up the product page layout styles. I get the same outcome when just “Disable Jigoshop frontend.css” is checked. Any ideas or suggestions?

3. Is there a fast way to make the image links on the main products page link to the product details page, rather than opening it in a pop-up. I don’t know if the current solution provides an intuitive customer experience.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


(1) No, there are no special activations needed to make shortcodes work. It looks fine at my side, not really sure what happens at yours. Just click the corresponding SC button, fill up options and that should be it. Do you get any JS errors or whatsoever?

(2) PrettyPhoto should be a WP plugin, correct? Did you try with Colorbox or Shadowbox? As for Jigoshop options in relation to a 3rd party lightbox plugin, everything should be fine if you tick “Disable bundle Lightbox” checkbox. At least that’s what’s suggested by plugin developers.

(3) In order to re-link product featured image try the following:
a) open “administration/jigoshop_overrides.php” for edit and go to line #189. That very line should read:

echo '<div class="entry-media portfolio-item"><a href="'.wp_get_attachment_url($thumb_id).'" class="zoom" rel="thumbnails">';

b) replace line #189 with:

echo '<div class="entry-media portfolio-item"><a href="'. get_permalink( $post->ID ) .'" rel="thumbnails">';

c) save “jigoshop_overrides.php” and re-upload back to server (if edited on local machine).
Hopefully it helps!

Hi good afternoon a couple weeks ago I purchased the template Lathika Enter section does not work, I think the page and then try to publish does not work, could you please help me


I can’t find your name on the list of buyers so I don’t know where did you get your theme copy. And if you just write that something does not work without providing any further details or a website URL I can’t help you with, sorry!