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Can you purpose an android version?


It is possible. Will update the file and add an Android phone. Will take a while because I have several engagements this weekend that takes me away from the computer. Hope that’s fine.


Heirey, there is a bit of a challenge. The dimensions of an Android phone is a little different than the iPhone which would mean that the display for the image rotator would be smaller, as well as it’s colour would conflict with the white version. In essence it wouldn’t fit the theme very well (I tried it) :(.

If you want, you can go ahead and purchase the theme. Then use the elements of Android PSD to modify the “phone.psd” that comes with the template file.


You could wait a week or so, as I finish up some projects after which I’ll see if I can design a template around the Android. Are there any specific features you would like, that I should consider?

I’m getting an error on the page looking for font.swf

I can’t find it included. Where do I find it or disable it?


kineticac I’m not sure why that throws an error. Cu3er has that reference by default though there is not font.swf in the folder. You can consider removing the line.

However, in the mean time I’m trying to get a direct answer to that question in the Cu3er support forum.


Seems the answer to the question can be found here: http://www.progressivered.com/cu3er/support/topic/fontswf-problem#post-28


The template files have been modified to include a font.swf as fix to the issue. All the best ;)

How about a Horizontal orientation?


iConstructive would be ideal if you are looking for a horizontal display. Adding any variable that wasn’t initially planned for will look like an after thought, which other would be evident and may affect sales and rating in a negative way.

I’d prefer to design another template with similar features that is horizontal and includes and Android phone.

If you want a custom design you can holla at ya boy ;)

Newoyo Purchased


thanks for this item.

There is a problem with Internet Explorer, the swf file can’t be seen in IE.

It’s weird because this problem don’t appear as a normal pb in the Cu3er’s forum. It seems that the js script can’t be read.

Can you propose a solution ?


Q: What version of IE are you having this issue?

I just tested the template in IE7 & IE8 and I saw the Cu3er player. You can take a look at the screenshot.

Q: Did you test the template out of the box (i.e. immediately as you unzipped it) or did you make changes to the template and then test it?

If it is the latter you may have left a element open or entered an incorrect value somewhere. Please double check and let me know.


Will see what I can do.

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Thank you for your quick response!

After reading it, i “double check” in 3 different computers.

And i can confirm that your template work really well in Internet Explorer.

Actually my problem persist on my first computer (in each version of IE 5 , 7, 8), why ? i don’t know, maybe i have to download the last version of flash player again… but it’s weird or maybe it’s because of windows 7. The problem also appear on your link

I will make many tests to find out but it confirms that the pb don’t come from your template!

Sorry for making you worried!


Thanks! Not a problem!

The preview file isn’t update, plus it’s also encrypted. I think how it was encrypted affects some of the features and causes a few errors in some browsers. Will update the preview file ASAP .

All the best…

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i downloaded this to use in wordpress. now it’s basically useless because i cant use its not a wordpress theme


Sorry to hear that! :(

How bad do you need a WordPress version? I have a few personal projects working on (trying to get the office in running order) but if I get the time I can try and address the issue.

irvingb Purchased

i need it pretty bad. thanks i would really appreciate it.

irvingb Purchased

i have a question how would i install it on my website? are there any applications like wordpress or Joomla that i can use?


Nope it’s just a basic html. What is your website running now?

Will try and sort out the WP and maybe a Joomla version…I have website I’m styling so as soon as I’m done…

If you you haven’t installed anything yet I may can do a PocketSite version you can use in the mean time.

irvingb Purchased

my website is running wordpress right now. i have a theme up on there right now. i just wanted to change everything. i want to upload a new theme but it will take a while to get everything the way i want so i was thinking in the meanwhile to have this template up. ill just wait for a wordpress version.


Irvingb sorry I took so long to get back to you!

The WordPress version of the template is done. I’m working on the Joomla version which is 40% complete and then the documentation. Will submit the updated files for review tomorrow. Hopefully it will be approved for the weekend.

irvingb Purchased

thanks. cant wait to see it


Submitted. Now waiting for approval…


Updates have been approved… Enjoy!

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Hi gabre,

Thanks for creating the Wordpress version. It’s pretty sweet!

I’m having a slight problem with the subscribe form not working. I enter in an address and receive nothing. I’ve tested the email address I’m using in the admin panel and it works fine.



I tested the form before submitting and it works but I’ll double check to see that is well.


Can you shoot me a screenshot of the config area please?

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How would I add this to my site so if I tick an site offline box this page will show instead of the actual website index.php page The same way joomla works when you select site offline.

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated


Simply install the template like you would any other template and make it the default template. I’d only do the offline page if I was doing a fully customize Joomla template…

Hope that helps!

ct1410 Purchased

Sorry for the confusion im not running Joomla Im using XHTML but I want to do a similar thing with the under construction or offline.

eg: if box checked then show under construction if not checked show default index.php page


If that’s the case you have to turn the index page into a php page (just change the file extension to .php)...

And at the very top of the page do something like this:

<?php $offline = 0; if($offline == 0) { // do something } else { // do something else } ?>
ct1410 Purchased

disregard this post but not the one above.

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I am using the theme with Wordpress, but just a little problem. I fill out the themes options, Company Info – Company Name, but the default shows, not my Company Name. Every thing else works great!

NOTE : There is a plugin named Theme Test Drive, it will allow you to use the LaunchIt theme for front end, but admin will see theme of chose. This way you can work on your theme.


Roway13 Purchased

I found the problem: idex.php line 34:

Find: <h3>&lt;?php launchit_info('li_company', CMPY); ?&gt;</h3> Replace With: <h3><?php launchit_info('li_company_name', CMPY); ?></h3>

Works now! Thanks! Roway


I’m not sure why that would be because I actually used <?php ..... ?> in the code… thanks though!

Roway13 Purchased
SORRY ! You did have the php as <?php… , for some reason that’s being stripped out of this post? Replace with:
<h3><?php launchit_info('li_company_name', CMPY); ?></h3> 
The correction being li_company_name not li_company Thanks, Ronnie

Thanks! Imma fix that and update the template files.

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I just purchased this but I can not unzip it. Is it possible to send me just the file without the _MACOSX files.



I don’t have access to the original files right now… but I will download the files for sale and make a zip file on a pc for you.


I downloaded the files recently and had no trouble unzipping. What Operating System are you using?

munchen Purchased

Hi, thank for this template, is really cool.

I have a problem, i need change the text of the words “month”, “day”... in spanish, whe i can found it for change?? Say me please the file and the line.

Another question, i want show my lastest tweets, but no run.. only i change my ID, but i can see nothing. Why? I was check it many times…

plis help me…


You can find information about the language for the countdown here: http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html ... look under localization.

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Love the design. I used it for something other than a temporary site: http://iphonify.net/



That’s so cool… Thanks for sharing

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Twitter updates on the Wordpress version are not working. What format should the username be:

Site: http://www.elementskitesurfing.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mayokitesurfing

“mayokitesurfing” or ”@mayokitesurfing”

Both won’t work anyway if you could take a quick look.

Thanks, Kevin


Seem the twitter account doesn’t exist. Also if your tweets are protected it won’t work.