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eyeargan Purchased


I just bought this theme and I am using the WORDPRESS version. Now I need to add a LOGO in the area above the content.

How can I do this?

Thanks, Erik


Sent you an e-mail… Hope that helps

Hello -

Thank you for the great theme. Two major concerns:

1: I am using the Wordpress version. Like many others, my tweets are not appearing. I have tried to enter my twitter name with and without ”@’ and our tweets are not protected. This is very important for us to have appear on the page – has any headway been made in correcting this issue? Our website is www.styleyourcell.com and twitter name is @StyleYourCell. Please Help!

2: Is it possible to move the page up for the Wordpress version? I can’t find the #container to alter the % in the Wordpress CSS file.

Thanks again for a great theme – hope to hear from you soon.


Will look into it… please send me an e-mail so I can get you the modified files once changes have been made.

Hello – any headway on the concerns above? Its preventing me from actively promoting the site. Also, I noticed the Google Analytics does not appear to be tracking – has this also been an issue in the past?


Will try and have it fixed by weekend

First off, Launchit is awesome! A few questions…

1. Can I change the phone image to an iPhone4.
2. How do I setup the image rotator?


The next version will have the iPhone 4 and their is a link to the Rotator documentation in the documents folder.


Sorry it’s taking so long!

sabatier Purchased

This is a sweet template. In the WORDPRESS version, how can I add my logo to the top of the template above the content?

Please let me know.

Thanks Grant


Hit me up via – email and I’ll send the you the latest WP version.

Love this theme since the first time I saw it! You can see my custom design adaptation of this template at www.daflicks.com, where I’m planning to host my next mobile application site.



Really like what I see… love the use of the BB ;) Will see if I can include a BB in the next version

Just purchased this but the wordpress version doesnt seem to work – I update the options in wordpress but doesnt show on my site, can help me, how can I reach you? Thanks


Send me an email and I’ll shoot you the latest WP version

No wordpress Question but a stupid question too,,,Can i put a logo in the Middle instead of the phone? Can I adjust the CSS ?


Yes you can adjust the css and the index file. The easiest way to replace the iphone is to comment out the Cu3er Javascript in the home page and then edit the css

If you need more help e-mail me ;). I’ll send you the latest wordpress verison which may be a little easier to customize and has a few more phone options.

Hi, I love this template but how do I get it to work in Joomla 1.7?!? I really need this up and running ASAP . Please help.


Will try and have a 1.7 version for you by weekend… if that’s okay. If any sooner I’ll let you know.


Had a few set backs this weekend. But will try have the new version completed by the end of this week. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hit me up via e-mail and I’ll be able to send you the updated template when it’s don.

I just purchased this item and the slider doesn’t seen to work in wordpress ??

Also my tweets do not come through either

Please help



Sent you an e-mail with the latest WP version… ;)

vancoa Purchased

This still doesn’t work on Joomla 1.7. What gives?


Haven’t had the time to work on it yet. But there is a new WP version. Just hit me up via e-mail.

Nicster Purchased


Just purchased this, everything is fine but the Twitter feed. My tweets aren’t private or protected.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Hit me up via e-mail and I’ll send the latest WP version to you. With updated Twitter script.

Nicster Purchased

Thanks Gabre,

I’ve emailed you my details. :)


Sorry if my question is already commented, but I didn’t find it.

We purchased one week ago and it work fine (www.giratcrm.com) but not in: iPhone, iPod and BB. In these devices the web is displayed well but not the rotator. So, my question is:

Can you tell me the way to upgrade it, or maybe upgrade the scripts to work in mobile devices?

thank you gor your help. :)

Vitamine Purchased

I’ bought this item and It seems installed in Joomla (I see the image) but once when I want to edit it…...It doesn’t appear.

Am I missing something?

how do you release a theme like this and not have it appear on iphones ha! its mobile smart phone app launch website for crying outloud. disappointing.

tuerker Purchased

Very nice theme, but I fulfilled my ambitions. Is it possible to return? reason for return is strictly related to me. works all the features. I used wordpress theme .. thanks

I’m using your theme for wordpress and I am just working on setting up my site. Is their a way to see my published posts? The theme blocks them from showing when you actually view the published link.

Or is there a way to privately view them?

Thanks Brian

ziamen Purchased

Sorry man i bought this coming soon template for joomla but is not working at all. :(

Some help?

I also boutght it for Joomla 2.5 and it doesn’t work, even worse I can’t delete it after insatallation in root, it is acting like virus. Please help. Thank you


still didn’t get reply for this :(