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Good Morning.

Very interested in this theme. But I need to implement woocommerce plugin. Is it compatible?.




Thanks for your interest regarding Lawyers.

I didn’t test my theme with woocommerce. Theoretically it should work, but it may be necessary some style customizations. I’ll keep in mind your request for a future theme update.


Ok. Thanks :)

milagro Purchased

Hi, If i want to rename the “Testimonials” header on the home page to something else, where can i find i do this?

Here is the site I’m working on


Thanks in advance.



Thanks for using Lawyers.

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Homepage section > MT-Home: Testimonials and change the title field.

milagro Purchased

Thank you very much!

Hi, we’re having the same menus problem but we’re using xili-language. How can we solve it? Thank you!


Please send me a private message with the user that bought the theme. That’s the only way I can verify legitimate customers. Thanks for understanding. Also include a link to your website to check the issue.

kimlucas Purchased

How do you change the background image on a practice area page? i have already edited the practice area (e.g. product liability) and added the featured image but the background image does not display. it only shows the practice area title against the background color

Also how do you decrease the height of the colored title block (not the title)?


Thanks for using Lawyers.

You can’t have different background images for the practice area items. The practice area item pages use the background image from the main practice area page. For this make sure you go to Theme Options > General Settings > Practice Areas – Single Item – Parent Page Select and choose your practice area page.

For the second question please send me a private message with a link to your website to better understand what title is all about.

oppfinne Purchased


I really like working with your theme! But is it possibly to integrate captcha into the contact formula that appears in the footer + contact page?



Thanks for using Lawyers.

Yes, it is possible, but it needs some custom work. Please send me a private message via the contact form on my profile page to discuss further details.

Hi There, Wondering if it’s possible to have the social icons in the header, right justified? Is that an option within the theme?


No, it’s not possible right now. It can be done, but it needs some custom code. Send me a private message ( with the user that bought the theme ) via my profile page if you want to modify that for you.

Hi there! I really love how you made this template so clear and easy to use. Great job!

One question: I NEED to display only selected team members on TEAM page. How can I exclude specified team member from this site?

Just to make sure what I’m trying to do: I’ve got 3 items in TEAM section: Person A, person B, person A & B together (mutual photo & description).

Mutual item should be displayed in frontpage (One Team Member Widget). Seperate members show be displayed on TEAM page (thus I don’t need the mutual one here).

Thanks for your help! I’m looking forward to get more your awesome stuff. BR, Peter


Hi Peter,

Thanks for using Lawyers.

Please send me a private message via my profile page and I’ll help you. It needs some code editing. Also include a link to your website.



Hi there, nice simplistic theme by the way, really like it.

Just came across a minor spelling mistake and thought id let you know. Its on theme root > comments.php line 23 – should be ‘No Comments’

Best, Luke.


Hi Luke,

Thanks for using Lawyers. I’ve corrected that in the latest theme version. Make sure you’re using it.

ediponc Purchased


I wanna edit the prefills from the homepage footer contact form. Here: http://prntscr.com/62qe0b

How/Where can I edit them?




Hi Ed,

You’ll have to edit include/assets/section-footer1.php file starting from line 27.

Make sure you are only changing the placeholder attribute’s value.

If you have other questions. please send me a message via the contact form on my profile page.

If you like the Lawyers theme I’ll really appreciate to rate it (preferably with 5 stars ;) ) via the Downloads section of your Themeforest.net profile. Thanks!

nkdesign Purchased

Hi, since there is only a PageBuilder page templates, where I find the sortcodes to modify a standard page by inserting 2 or 3 columns?

thank you


I’ve responded to your email. Please check it out.

mirr Purchased

Hi I am working with your theme and it works out great, but I do have a few problems, hope you can help me!

1. The search bar doesn’t work. It says “Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms. Please try again with some different keywords.” on every search term. - Also, can I change the text inside the search box?

2. Is it possible keep the menu visible (sticky) while scrolling down the page?

3. Where can I change the link color of the footer menu?

Thanks for your information!


I’ve sent you an email with the answers. Please check it out.

Hey is there a CSS code to show 3 on 3 practice area boxes instead of 4 on 4? Like 3 columns instead of 4, in other words.


Edit the Practice Area page and choose from Templates -> Practice Areas 3 Col option.