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Please start a new thread at my support forum!

I’m going to answer all further questions there!


Thank you for your understanding!

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great job!


Thanks! Don’t forget to vote if you’re satisfied!

Great template ! Love the simplicity. I haven’t found the option where to add our logo. I wold like to replace the LEAF with our logo… is that possible ?

Keep up the good work !

If you’re using Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor you can do it with their editors. Otherwise you have to search the HTML for the image in the header section. It’s between these comments:
<!-- Top Label start -->
<!-- Top Label end -->

Hi there, For some reason when this email (unipromoter.html version 4) is displayed into Gmail, it loses all the text formatting and colors.

We’re sending it from our website directly to the user. We are not using Mailchimp, etc.

What is the solution so that it works correctly with Gmail?

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Hi there, will you include this in the WP Email plugin like the other email templates you are starting to move over to the email function for WP?


This templat causes some problems but I’m working on it

Do I need to use Photoshop to edit the images?


Photoshop or Fireworks. Gimp should work too but PS is recommended

Hi there, how do I get rid of the implanted camera graphic in every email?

Many thanks



You have to alter the HTML to achieve that. You can also use a third party application.

Hope that helps!

Hi I have just spent the last 4 HOURS working on this and IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! Please detail the steps for me, I really didn’t think this was GOING to be AN ALL NIGHT PROJECT???!!!

I have a Godaddy website

I’m trying to create a EMAIL NEWSLETTER??? not code for google….. I need some help here,

1. trying to create an email newsletter 2. getting the error that says I didn’t upload the files? 3. can’t find the ROOT DIRECTORY in godaddy 4. you have over 20 versions?? which one do i upload?

WE need a tutorial, spelled out SLOWLY

if you can do that it would be great, if not please give us an immediate refund. Your Tutorial Video LOOKS SIMPLE but THIS IS ANYTHING BUT!!


Hi Max!

Sorry for the troubles!

How do you send your newsletters? If you’re using a provider like Mailchimp or Campaignmonitor you can use the template builder to upload files from your server to them directly.

You have to upload all files to your server (like in this video) and keep it there cause MC and CM will grab the images from there.

You can also try My Template Builder if you don’t like to upload all these files

Please let me know at which specific point you have troubles!


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Are these responsive?


No, not this one, sorry

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oh my bad, just found out this template doesn’t support MyMail Plugin :-)

any workaround ?



Sorry, currently no

help.revaxarts.com is live!

As you may know I’m currently working with Ticksy to give support for my items. Recently support requests have increased tremendously and since Ticksy has stopped it’s development I had to find a better solutions for my customers.

From now on all support request for buyers go through this contact form and all most common questions should have been answered already at help.revaxarts.com

I’m going to add new articles in the future so you may want to add the feed to your favorite feed reader or sign up to my newsletter as well

I’ll answer open tickets at Ticksy soon but you should consider to send me a mail to speed thing up

Thanks for understanding

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I used Leaf in my latest newsletter. Looks great!


Hi Dave!

Nice, but link is 404 :(

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Now? Seems ok here


Still no luck :(