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Our page builder based on lot’s of user experience which has 30+ Shortcode based elements. Every page builder item can be easily configurable and stunning powerful options.

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Purchased plugins

Demo images were bought from Photodune.net and Graphicriver.net it has not included to use it for our theme purchased users.

= V2.1- 10.21.2014 =
    UPDATED : Layer Slider Version
    UPDATED : FontAwesome New Icons
    UPDATED : Chart JS Updated
    FIXED: Pagebuilder bug
    FIXED: Breadcrumbs on Woocomerce
    FIXED: Pagebuilder admin CSS
    REMOVED: Checking Option

= V2.0- 09.02.2014 =
    UPDATED : Layerslider Version

= V1.9 - 08.01.2014 =
    FIXED : Skype bug
    FIXED : Pagebuilder admin area fixed
    UPDATED : Layerslider version
= V1.8 - 05.08.2014 =
    FIXED : Tiny Mce bug
    FIXED : Textarea Script bug on Column
    FIXED : Trebuchet MS font
    FIXED : Portfolio Single Gallery bullet
    FIXED : WMPL 3.1 bug

= V1.7 - 04.18.2014 =
    UPDATED : WP 3.9 Compatible
    UPDATED : Tiny Mce Updated
    FIXED : One page Bug

= V1.6 - 03.31.2014 =
    FIXED: One Page header slider bug
    FIXED: Template Save
    FIXED: Password Protect Bug
    UPDATED: TGM class
    UPDATED: Fluid Video 2.2
    UPDATED: Layerslider Version

= V1.5 - 03.04.2014 =
    FIXED: Image Edit bug
    FIXED: qTranslate plugin
    FIXED: Footer and Service align
    FIXED: Admin Body overflow bug
    FIXED: Related Portfolio
    FIXED: Related Portfolio Tag link
    FIXED: Milestone bug
    UPDATED: Fluid Video version

= V1.4 - 02.10.2014 =
    FIXED: Twitter Bug
    FIXED: WP SEO plugin conflict
    FIXED: Choosing font color on Column
    UPDATED: Fluid Video version

= V1.3 - 01.27.2014 =
    FIXED: Text align, Image Upload on Column Element
    UPDATED: Fitvideo New version

= V1.2 - 01.22.2014 =
    FIXED: Single and Double Quote BUG
    FIXED: Mozilla, Safari One Page Header
    FIXED: Modal One Page Multi Level
    FIXED: indefined index size Bug

= V1.1 - 01.14.2014 =
    ADDED: XML Dummy Data
    FIXED: Gallery Bug
    FIXED: Major CSS improvements
    FIXED: Responsive Class Improved
    UPDATED: Fontawesome container field

= V1.0 - 1.11.2014 =
    Initial Release.

Thank you guys for growing with us. We really appreciate and Enjoy our theme  :)