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I have purchase the theme and there are few issues with it:

1) The sign that indicates in which page you are on the menu doesn’t work for some pages/categories.

2) The title of the paper note widget is messed up when you’re not on the homepage

3) The thumbnail for recent posts widget doesn’t show up

Hi, how difficult is to move the sidebar to the left?

is the theme responsive?

Hi, I’m having troubles to import the theme on my wordpress. The error is: “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. “

How can I correct this, please? The ZIP with this theme is only 5MB.


@chrisbaroncini: I had the same issue and managed to upload it via FileZilla. Hope I’m not too late and this still helps you!


Hello, It is possible to move the menu top on the page? Thank you.

Do you offer the theme in the language Danish?

I’m having trouble with the main menu, as the last item aren’t showed correctly. I’ve uploaded a screenshot here (http://oi58.tinypic.com/2e1absj.jpg). The closing of the menu is wrong, but I’ve just used the standard red theme and standard menu. Should I somehow indicate that it is the last item, for the theme for work correctly?