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I see in the demo there is a portfolio use as a real estate theme. Could I get a link to that to look at that more closely pls? and is there anything special I should know if I intend to use Legenda for this purpose or as a directory? thanks.

Hi, kaneguy,

Thanks for your interest. Please, specify what portfolio do you mean?


The corner banner of what looks to be the portfolio graphic says “Immovibles” which I take to be “real estate” as the photos are of houses and buildings. Is there a template for real estate or for a directory with Legenda, or even your other themes, that I am missing? thanks..

That is only the visual layout example how your store may look. Only the images differ, but the theme is the same.


Why in theme option General i could not install Demo Data ?

Yes, you can add the Category item into navigation menu that will brings you to the category products page.


How about i want to put categories in main menu ?

That was what i mean, you can add category link in the menu.


Is it possible to display a list of all available products at the main/index shop view instead of a category list?

Hi, mleihs,

You can choose whether you want to have categories or products or both at the same time on the Shop page. It can be implemented via WooComemrce settings.


I did a custom post type and for some reason the custom taxonomy pages show no post results.


Hi, jonahrbrown,

Please, specify if you have purchased our theme?Unfortunately, we cannot review the link, the site is not active.


Hi Any resolution on Youtube video issue on firefox. I have been waiting quite a while for this to be resolved. I am anxious to get this working. If it cant be resolved i will seek an alternative solution

Hi, fgrace,

We would like to help you and solve this problem as soon as possible, but problem caused by flexslider that we used for our theme and plugin authors have not solved this problem yet. Please, upload video in 3 formats (MP4, OGG and WEBM) and use this feature till problem with Youtube video won’t be resolved.


Where is the update to fix woocommerce issues? We have been waiting a week!

Have you updated Revolution slider to version 5.2 too? Please, submit a ticket and provide admin panel access (support.8theme.com)


The slider is updated. Same problem. I disables the slider. Even now checkout is not working. Major Problems with this theme.

Please, submit a ticket and provide admin panel access http://support.8theme.com


Updated to 1.9 and i have a blank page on Chrome & Firefox… IExplorer says: http 500 error.

Dear romthis,

As we have checked in your admin panel:
1) you are using version 1.8 of our theme! You did not update theme.
2) Your site does not work even if the default theme is activated. So your blank page is not related with our theme and especially with our update.


I have a banner ad that I would like to link to all sale items upon click.

I’m having trouble figuring out what the URL would be to link to sale items.

http://www.8theme.com/demo/docs/legenda/assets/images/image_21.jpg – you can edit your row, and on Design Options area, you may change the margin and padding. Concerning the page with the products, very likely you created it with the shortcode, and the set 4 products per row. But the wide sidebar causes the issue. For more details you may contact us at support.8theme.com with your site accesses.


Thanks. I found the Design Options area helpful.

As for the Sale Products page, this is the shortcode I’m using:

[sale_products per_page=”12” columns=”3”]

It looks really messed up. You can even see that products are overflowing outside of the div.


Please, contact us at http://support.8theme.com so we may help you. Provide also the details.


Hi, I cant remove the sidebar from portfolio page.. no matter what i choose from “sidebar position” it is always on the left.. how can i remove it?

Hi, Moeitani,

There is no sidebar on Portfolio page in our theme ( http://8theme.com/demo/legenda/portfolio-page/ ) if you selected Portfolio template as it mentioned in documentation http://8theme.com/demo/docs/legenda/index.html#!/portfolio Are you sure you are talking about portfolio?



My client’s product images are landscape rather than the square that the theme uses as default. I’ve modified the woocommerce catalog images, product images and thumbnail image dimensions but having problems with the images not showing up correctly in the shop. Product images look fine however category images, and related product images are more portrait than landscape, cutting the images off. Are those image sizes hardcoded somewhere?

This isn’t a cache issue either, I uploaded these images after I made the dimension changes in Woocommerce and it’s still incorrect.

Please ignore this, I found it in theme options.

Hi, swiftmed,

Ok :)


After uploading legenda_1.9.zip and extracting it in the theme folder. I get a error 500 server error. I have also tried the “add theme” tool within the admin panel and that just seems to fail.


email me for user/pass

Ticket ID #YJS-717-18179 just submitted

Hi, lauramackie,

We’ll contatc with you in tiket.


Ticket ID: FFW-454-84134 Ticket ID: CVH-307-10102

I have sent my FTP info more than once. Please read ALL updated ticket replies before responding to your customers in a rude manner!

BTW, the filename has been changed. The gallery slider still does not work. Please fix.

Your ticket is in proccess now, please, wait for the response. Thanks


Hi, I downloaded the license for this purchase and entered the Item Purchase Code into the chat console,general settings ,Item Purchase Key space and it still shows LICENSE IS NOT VALID when I saved changes. Am I using the wrong code,and if so where can I find it? Does anything need to be entered there at all? Thank You Mike

Hi, Greybar58,

Please, contact us on http://support.8theme.com


What a beautiful theme. I just purchased and have a question. This is in reference to the live demo you have with the full width slider image on the home page (not boxed)

What is the ideal full dimensions of the slider image that is used in the live demo. I want to make sure the images I use have a high enough resolution and are the right dimensions.

Thanks very much

Hi, underdogentertainment,

Thank you very much. We have used image 1600×500px.


Hi 8theme, nice update! I have a strong recomendation. It would be really nice to have recent blog post page like hypebeast.com. They have been doing a very good job combining Shop + Blog + Forum, maybe you guys could take a look at them. Thanks for the good template.

Hi, ricardods,

Thanks for your recommendation :)


By the way, could you provide pt_BR PO file?

Hi, ricardods,

Yes, contact us in http://support.8theme.com and we will provide that file.



I have noticed one bug.

Please check your add to cart button. When a product is added to the cart, the cart will show 2 quantity instead of 1 even though the user has only clicked once.

Hi, yandao,

Please, specify what browser do you use? As we cannot replicate such an issue.


“fancy-product-designer-woocommerce-plugin” doesn’t work properly. Can you tell me please how it’ll work. My client purchase this which Item ID: 5888906

http://stallbd.com/wp1750/product/nice-demo-jacket-2/ And also doesn’t show images too.

Please help me as soon as possible.

Thank you

Hi, juli17,

Sorry, but we cannot guarantee the stable work of our template with third-party plugins.



I’ve an issue with visual composer. i can create a static block with it, but when I want to modify it, i’ve got “Loading, please wait…” nothing happens, nothing appears, I can’t do anything. Thanks

Please, leave your site link in the ticket so we may check. Thanks


ticket #LWX-873-51633

Thanks, the ticket was created today. Will review that ASAP.


Guys, great theme, awesome theme. I love it!

But, I see a lot of questions that I have that are being asked but have no responses only requests that they be asked by making a support ticket.

The Knowledgebase in the Support System is lacking. Please, please, please update the Knowledgebase with the support ticket responses. It will help our situations easily.


Hi, notionmotion,

Thanks :)
We are working on the redesign of our web-site and fill in the knowledgebase also. Follow us.