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I’ve installed the ‘Leisure’ theme in a new installation of Prestashop 1.5. I’ve been getting an incorrect location map showing on the ‘Contact Us’ page of the site. I’m using the same co-ordinates in Preferences>Store>Contacts and in Preferences>Store>Parameters. Correct map shows in ‘Our Store(s)!’ search but not on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Any suggestions as to the cause/fix for this problem? Thanks Steve J

please mail me on i will take a look your issue. and try to help you as soon as possible. sorry for the inconvenience .

Hello, I’ve bought your theme and I have a problem at the “Smart Leisure Prestashop Theme Admin Panel”. I can configure all the itens, but when I click “Save all changes” it does not apply the layout changes in the theme. I saw another comment of an user with the same problem, but I could not figure out the solution. I’ve tried in manteintance mode and whithout. The “Save all changes” button seems not work at all. Thank you in advance!

please mail to we will take a look on your issue.

Hello! I bought yout theme, I was able to traslate all the modules in my language, except the contact information of address in the footer; how can i do it? Thanks

will you please share your site url i will take a look, if that comes from admin may be that have no option for translation. i will take a look tomorrow, today is our weekend

Thanks for your prompt reply. My test-site is Let me know. thanks

hello, are you reffering the part SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA that is not possible to translate as that comes from admin panel.

I emailed a week ago about a footer problem and have not heard back.

please open a ticket. as i didn’t got any ticket. i will try to help as soon as possible.

i have search my mail and found September i have fixed your site is that

The footer is fixed (module out of position) but it’s not actually showing my categories in the blockcategory module.

There problem happen on your site which we fixed. although that is not part of our theme support. :)

Hello there, we have bought the template and we dont know why it has so many bugs. maybe we are doing something wrong but we have experience on this.

1º mistake. All the categories and subcategories appear on the footer on the left side

2º we can not change the free shipping banner you have on the template by default

3º We dont have the maxi menu for the categories only one level of clasification

please let us asap as this is very urgent!!

Thanks Juan

Did you update your theme by one click update? or when you buy. Send mail to support . we will give answer withing 48hours.


Are you planning to update theme for a latest prestashop version?

visogero, we have a plane to update the theme for 1.6 which will be on bootstrap based fremwork. We are working on update the html css to bootstrap. But that will release separately. That will build from scratch.We are waiting for 1.6 as it will release soon.

maybe some news on the topic ? :)

Hello, Visogero Right now we are working on old two theme to migrate.


I have a problem with the mega menu:

1 – I cannot to delete some categories, I click on the filed delete but the menu doesn’t answer

2 – I cannot to change position for some link.

3 – I added a link in the menu; How I can to put a different link for the language. Now I can put only one link for all the language.

LEt me know ASAP.


How i have to do

I opened a ticket for the point 2. Point 3: I would to add in the menu the list of all manufacturers but i have 2 languages how can do it to have the correct link for each language? Example: or Thanks

Right now it is not possible, On the current menu system to add two different menu on leisure. Our next version for 1.6 Prestashop version will have much flexible.

ok thanks, I will wait the new version.


There is a strange problem, when a user is logged in the head we see another name and not the login user correct.

Can you help me to solve this problem?

link is : Please try to login … you will see a different name in the header

Thanks Angela

Hello, Angela Thank was a bug on the theme top module. if you send your site ftp and back office. Our team will fix that for you.

Please open ticket on

Ok, I open the ticket. Thanks


I have a problem with the facebook like in the product page. It’s show always the same picture for all the products. Can you help me? this is the site:

Thanks angela

Hello, For that you need to edit the template.

Do you have any suggestion? thanks :)

Facebook share have some api. Which need to add in header. to add images.

Hi, I have a problem with “add to cart” button in category page and home page, i can’t display it. In html code I do not see the tag “pr_add” or “pr_price.” I do not know if it’s a common problem but I know how to give some guidance on how to solve the problem?


Are you trying to use leisure on But unfortunately leisure is not ready for new 1.6. Please open a ticket on our support. We will try to help you

Hello smartdatasoft,

I have some problems when user registration with certain old web browsers like Explorer. Some people told me that this issue is solved with new prestashop 1.6 version.

When are you expecting to launch the 1.6 versiones of Leisure?

Thanks in advance!

Leisure Last version was released last year. After that prestashop have change massive in there 1.6. For that leisure need to rebuild from scratch. If we manage time and costing we will try to release that in future.

So we can not expect a new release soon… or in the next few months.


I purchased your theme, when do you release the version for PS 1.6?

Let me know Thanks Angela

Hello, Angela,

Leisure is build prestashop in 17 December 12 , right now massive changes done on Prestashop with new technology due to that leisure need to build from scratch from zero , this is why we have not planet to update that in 1.6

The example shop is offline :(

You can view our other product. Right now Leisure is old design. This is why we remove the demo.

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