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Nice theme! Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you so much!

Does this theme replace any core files?

There’s NO modifications in core files.

Can we see a demo of the admin control module?

Not available for now. I will add a screenshoot from admin control module. Thanks

Very good theme. Too bad you hurry and you cut the most important function Cloud Zoom (Product Image Zoom). No more rushing to release unfinished theme. I wait you to finish the theme to buy.

Thank you so much for your kindly comment. Yes, i will add Product Image Zoom function in next relase.


Cloud Zoom is available. Thank you so much.

Congrats , good luck with sales :)

Thank you so much! :)

Congrats, Huseyin
very nice theme, wish you best sales.

Thank you for your kindly wishes Ahmed! :)

Hi Huseyin, Great work ;)

Hi Rohith, thank you so much! ;)

I plan on purchasing when Cloud Zoom is available. Thank you.

Cloud Zoom is available. Thank you so much.

Great Theme!

Thank you so much!


When do you think you will be able to include the zoom image setting in the theme? I am planning to order it and just thinking when this option will be available?

Thank You!


Thank you for interested in my theme. I will upload new version in 1-2 days, and i will include “product image zoom” function.


Cloud Zoom is available. Thank you so much.

Hi again,

Is it multi-language as well?


Yes, this theme supports multi-languages. But the theme font is support all Latin and Cyrillic Alphabets.


Great theme, will also buy after cloud zoom integration.

Thank you so much, i will update you. Keep in touch.

Cloud Zoom is available. Thank you so much.

Nice theme, very nice.

When you integrate the Cloud Zoom, is there any way that you can include an additional images mini-slider? That way folks with say more than 3-5+ additional images for a product will be able to slide it instead of it taking up product page space.

I think that functionality comes with Cloud Zoom, so it should be easily implemented into the product page without a problem. It’s much more professional and aesthetically pleasing to see. :)

For first relase i dont plan to add mini slider for additional images. Maybe for next relase. Thank you for interested in my theme. Regards

Cloud Zoom is available. Thank you so much.

Can I see a an admin demo? Also, that would be great if you could make the product slider touch friendly… then I will buy it for sure. thanks for the great job

any chance to have more info on what we can do with design customization… may be some screenshots or an admin demo access

You can change main color, add custom background image, custom footer informations, social links.

just found some display errors on Ipad in vertical mode… Product page: product picture overlap description text

This bug Fixed. Thank you so much!

actually there is many error display on many page… I will invite you to look at your demo on an Ipad in vertical mode… let me know when fixed and I will buy it then… thanks

Fixed much bugs, can you check it now? Thank you so much.

FYI : Also resizing on mac and safari give a display error. content is overlapping again!

I will check and fix all bugs. Thank you so much!

Fixed. Thank you.

Hi Hsynorg, I see you fixed it thats great. 2 more things and I will buy it: 1/ Access to admin demo or screenshots 2/ Touch responsive to slide products.

One more time thanks for the great work, Marco

Hi mgio,

You can see admin module from here: http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/3014002-leisure-responsive-html5-opencart-theme

For touch responsive to slide products i must work on it.

Regards Huseyin

Hi. There’s a small problem with the theme when using firefox. “sort by” and “show” dropdowns are stretch and too big on this browser. It looks ok on chrome. Please fix that. When fix is done, what file to replace in order to get rid of this issue on my site?

Hi, Bugs Fixed, Please re-download the theme file and just replace base.css file with your existing file.