Lemonado - Multi-purpose Mobile Web Application


There are HTML and PHP versions included.
Current version – 1.3.0 (September 25, 2014)

This is the most complete mobile template I’ve seen here…WOW! – duvallb
Awesome theme, we are looking to use it for out restaurant local directory mobile application. Depth of details is really amasing! – panton439

Password for the admin page: admin

Lemonado – is a multi-purpose mobile web application. It includes an admin page with extendable optional panel so it will be easy to set up your site in minutes for you or your clients.

Admin Page Colours

Lemonado can connect to any WordPress-based website


Create your mobile web application from draft or edit more than 20 ready to use templates like home page, contact page, blog page, photo or video gallery and etc.

Counters Error Pages

Lemonado is based on jQuery Mobile framework that means it is fully compatible with more than 30 customizable widgets, icons and unlimited themes.

Note: Preview images used in demo are not included.



version 1.3.0
- Updated to the latest jQuery Mobile version. Now it is 1.4.3
- 'Add to Homescreen' pop up window finally adds Mobile Chrome support and a lots of new features. Works on Androids and iOS.
- Updated the OWL Carousel script to the latest 1.3.3.
- Updated the Retina script to the latest 1.3.0.
- Fixed the 'Gallery' and 'Video' pages in the HTML edition.
+ All the PNG images were compressed via SuperPNG script. More than 55% of the files size saved.
- Improved page load speed.

Breaking changes:

- The URL share plug-in tracker from SharedCount.com was updated to their new API. Now the endpoint domain is: free.sharedcount.com with 10,000 quota queries per day. The old api.sharedcount.com is a deprecated endpoint and will be permanently discontinued on January 15, 2015.
version 1.2.3
- Fixed jQuery Mobile CDN links issue in B-grade browsers.
- Updated the jQuery Mobile script to the latest 1.4.2.
version 1.2.2
- Updated the jQuery Mobile script to the latest 1.4.1.
- Updated the jQuery script to the 1.10.2.
- By default turned off panel open on swipe
- Updated the share counter script. Added required API key.
version 1.2.1
- Fixed Android 4.2.2+ browser issue. Header is stretching 100% of screen height.
version 1.2
- Updated to the latest jQuery Mobile version. Now it is 1.4.0
- Improved the WordPress integration mechanism. Now it support all features of a wp_query function, etc.
+ Added swipe events to open panels. Now you can open a panel just swiping right/left.
+ Added 'Add to the home screen' bubble on Apple's devices
- Changed 'admin' folder name to 'login'
- Updated the jStorage script to the latest.
- Slightly changed a slider/disqus comments markup
- Other improves and fixes.
version 1.1.2
+ Added form elements gallery page
- Fixed the 403.html page in the HTML version
version 1.1.1
- Changed the application version info
version 1.1
+ Added integration with remote WordPress-based blog
+ Added ability to group settings in Admin Panel
+ Added pagination demo on the Blog and Recipes pages
+ Added the error pages handler for a Microsoft IIS
- Updated the touch slider script with demo slides
- Improved the share counter script
- Removed custom Google Analytics code from the PHP version.


Here is a documentation online.

Get inspired: Built with Lemonado