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hi Lemon chili, i have added a new page using the two column Event template , if i click the page , i see the events but i miss the Facebook like and twitter buttons, if i change the page layout to “ëvent 1 column”, i see the events on the page and then you can click details , and you get to the event page with the Facebook like and twitter button.

question if i use “event 2 column” attributes , is there a way to make them clickable that if you click on the event , you switch to the event page with the Facebook like and twitter button ??

Hey there! Thanks for purchasing LemonChili.

This is strange as both templates should link to the very same page with the vey same layout. Can you please get in touch via the support tab and send me your link and login info so I can take a better look at what’s going on? Thank you!

See here the difference :


In the last link i have no possibility to click on the event and move to the specific event page with the facebook and twitter icon

Oh, I see what you mean. As mentioned in the documentation under “Setting up the Events Page”, you can add a “View Details” button via the “more tag”:

Hi, is it possible to add a currency in the menu pricing lists? E.g. I want to display 50 Kc instead of 50,00. I haven´t purchased the theme yet, just need to know it prior the purchase.

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in LemonChili.

Yes this is possible, you can add the price like that.

Hi. I need to disable top bar in certain page. Is there any option ?

Hey there! I’m sorry but there is no option to disable the top bar on certain pages.

Thanks. Found a solution. Disable it on all pages…????????

Yeah, simply remove all information from Theme Options > Contact > Top bar and make sure Theme Options > Social > Social icons positions is set to “below navigation”. Then the top bar will disappear.


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Hi, how can I change fontcolor of telephone and link to google maps on mobile. Now it is not visible enough. Thx!

Hey there!

Add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS and change the color value to whatever you like

#topinfo a,
#topinfo a:link,
#topinfo a:visited {
    color: #FFFFFF;



After reading some other comments I noticed your theme does not support use of the built in slider on other pages besides the home. Is this correct with the newest release of v2.00?

Hey there! Yes that is true. You would have to install a slider plugin for that. Cheers!

There no way to hard code different slider into another page? Must be a way. . .

It is possible, but it is much easier with a plugin like the Meta Slider plugin. Do you have coding experience (PHP)? If you have coding experience and you need me to push you into the right direction, please verify your purchase first by logging into the account that has been used to purchase the theme. Thank you!

Hi, is this theme ready for WP 4.5 ? Thanks!

Hey there! Please wait with updating to WP 4.5. There is an error with uploading new gallery and slider images. I will upload an update with a fix for this problem tomorrow.

Hi.rtl support?

Hey there! I’m sorry but the theme does not include rtl support.

Hello Red_sun,

I do not manage to have pop up images when i click on them. When I click on the image it opens the image url so I have to go back to find my website. Do you where i can fix it ?

Best regards, Renan

Hey Renan! For theme support please log into the account that you’ve used to purchase the theme before posting a comment or sending a message so that I can verify you as a valid customer. Thanks!


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Can you follow up on when the theme issues with the media uploads will be ready for WP 4.5? Unfortunately I have no control over the version


northtron Purchased

Thank you for the direction on the slider.

I also didn’t realize I had the newest version of this theme. I just searched the support comments for failing pic uploads.

Even on the new the version, with WP 4.5, when we upload new files, it appears to take the file, but the thumbnail/preview image is missing, and it throws a HTTP Error red message. The refresh of the media list grid doesn’t happen until a full close out and re-load (So you think the full file upload failed). It’s almost like the thumbnail preview image fails, then the response ends, and you’re left hanging/wanting more. Using the media insert tool later, you see the picture you took by filename only, no thumbnail is available when working with the visual slider or media selection / re-arrange picture.

Could be a bug somewhere else in the upload process. IDK, just wanted to share my experience. we are working around no pic previews, but its a ‘nice feature once its gone withdrawal moment’ right now prepping a site

Hey there!

Below are two links with solutions to the HTTP Error message:

If none of the instructions help you, I would suggest getting in touch with your Host, they should be able to help you solve this problem.


northtron Purchased

Thank you. It looks like I needed to regenerate some thumbnails site-wide.

Your theme is great. I added a slider to my other pages as you suggested, but it appeared to be a default layout. For example, I could not see the Caption, click the pic to go to a link, or use the arrow navigational bars like on the Home Page Slider. I’ll keep looking around, but for a basic slider it works at a basic level.