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Changelog, please?

Here you go:

I pretty much just changed the recommended Taxonomy Sorting plugin, as the previously recommended plugin breaks in WP 4.4.

Hi, I have updated all plugins and the new 2.00 version of the LemonChili theme. Afterwards, I go to update Wordpress to the new 4.0 version and I receive the following error message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare update_termmeta_cache() (previously declared in /home/cradysre/public_html/wp-includes/taxonomy.php:1684) in /home/cradysre/public_html/wp-content/plugins/custom-taxonomy-sort/includes/simple-term-meta.php on line 95

Can you tell me why I’m getting this and how to solve? I’ve had to downgrade to the previous version of Wordpress to get the website back up and running.

Thank you!

Hey there! Please delete the “Custom Taxonomy Sort” plugin, which is causing the error. Use the “Intuitive Custom Post Order” plugin instead:

WARNING: The latest version does not support Child themes. The author renamed the theme, so if you have created a child theme with customizations, the child theme will need to be renamed as well. Updated versions of themes should not change the theme name because of this Child theme constraint. This is basic WordPress theme development that was missed by this author.

Hmm.. I’m not sure what you mean. The theme is called “lemonchili” and has always been called “lemonchili” No changes in the theme name.

I was wrong. I downloaded the full file instead of the installable WordPress file. This was my mistake.

Oh I see!

Hi I am having a fatal problem with: Custom Taxonomy Sort plugin after updating the last version of wordpress any help? I get this:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare update_termmeta_cache() (previously declared in /customers/8/4/2/pizzeria???.nu/httpd.www/wp-includes/taxonomy.php:1684) in /customers/8/4/2/pizzeria???.nu/httpd.www/wp-content/plugins/custom-taxonomy-sort/includes/simple-term-meta.php on line 95 . [???.nu] are added by me for privacy .

Hey there! Please use the Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin instead. More info here:

Hi, How do I update the theme within wordpress?

Thanks / Hau Huynh

Hey there!

You can use the Envato-WordPress Toolkit plugin for that:
See here for instructions:


Hi there, I would sections of one of my pages to have the white background like the way it is separated with the home page widgets and menu page, etc. Is that possible? Instead of the transparent page but matching the other pages.

Here is the page -

I want to make the different menu sections (lunch w/ listings, dinner w/listings, etc.) to have the blocks of white behind them. My client doesn’t want the menu pages that are built in so I’m using a basic ‘page’. She would prefer the whole dinner section to have the white background and then the lunch, etc. Hope i’m making sense.


Hey there!

Yeah that would be possible by adding a bit of HTML and CSS:

In the Text editor, before each section (like LUNCH), add the following code:

<div class="white-box">

and after each section, add


And in Theme Options > General > Custom CSS, add the following code:

.white-box {
    background: #fff;
    margin: 20px 0;
    padding: 20px;


Worked perfectly. Thank you!

Hi Red Sun. I am very interested in buying this theme for a clients website I am pitching for. This theme ticks all the boxes in terms of what I need. I have a question regarding the left menu column. Am I able to add my own widget to it? My client uses ‘Open Table’ and requires users to be able to book tables. Many thanks in advance.

Hey entimp, thanks for your interest in LemonChili and sorry for the delay!!

The left area is not widgetized. If you don’t mind making changes to the theme files I can provide you instructions on how to add a sidebar below the navigation menu.


Thank you. I will chat with my client then purchase the theme, I like the design of the theme so if I buy I will have a look at doing this (am able to do so) and if I run in to problems will sing out.



gyrafka Purchased

Hello. Something went wrong. I think I didn’t do anything – just had a problem with this taxonomy plugin – i changed something in css file – i searched help on wp forum. Now I uptaded theme with Envanto toolkit but still have the same problem : forbidden gallery – no idea why! before everything went ok!

Hey there! Yes, the taxonomy plugin breaks in the latest version of WorPress.

The latest version of LemonChili recommends a different plugin, the Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin.

As for the 403 forbidden error: Have you already tried to deactivate all your plugins at the same time to see if it solves the problem?


I purchased the theme Lemon Chili and I was wondering: How do I type ’ the heart’ as displayed in the fotoheader? In your Example: YOU WILL LOVE (this is the heart) OUR ETHIOPIAN COFFEE.

I work on a Apple. If you have more tips for these symbols, please let me know.

Hope to hear from you!

Greetings Jessica

Hey Jessica! Thanks for purchasing LemonChili.

Instructions on how to add icons to posts, pages, widget titles, slider captions etc. you can find in the documentation:


thanks, when I follow the link to Fontawesome I read this:

Paste the following code into the <head> section of your site’s HTML.

but where can I do this?

Cheers, Jessica

No need to add any code into the head. Fontawesome is already included in LemonChili.

Simply add the shortcode


or HTML code

 <i class="fa fa-heart"></i>

anywhere on the site and the icon will display.

Replace “heart” with any icon from this list:

Let me know if you need any more info.


I made some tabs on a path. How can I center the tabs, there are now standing at the left of the box and I like them in the center.


I replied to your email, Jessica.

Hi there,

I wanna swich off the themeĀ“s lightbox-function, cause I am using a different gallery plugin. When I click on a photo now, the themes lightbox pops up as well as the plugins lightbox. Do you have a coding hint for me maybe to switch it off?

Thanks Matthias

Hi Matthias!

Open the file functions.php and around line 270 and 280 look for the follwing code:


Either delete those two lines or comment them out (in case you want to re-add the code later):



Great thanks!


Kyzoe Purchased

Seems this theme is not compactible with to 4.4.1 actually one of the plugins is not. As soon as we activate Custom Taxonomy Sort. The site throws a error 500 as soon as the plugin is activated.

So any solutions in the works….

Hey there!

Please use the “Intuitive Custom Post Order” plugin instead.

I’ve changed the recommended plugin in LemonChili version 2.0. More info here:



organics Purchased

On my homepage the Twitter widget and the Mailing list widget get squashed and you can only see the top of the. I have tried moving them around with no success. Is there a way to force them to be fully visible like put them inside a div or table or something? Thanks

Hey there! Can you please get in touch via the contact form on the support tab and send me a link to your site? Thanks!


organics Purchased

will do now :)


zlewi510 Purchased

Hi. I recently updated my theme and got the white screen of death. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there!

Please deactivate the “Custom Taxonomy Sort” plugin. This plugin is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. (Since you probably can’t access your WP dashboard, you can deactivate it by simply renaming or deleting the “custom-taxonomy-sort” folder within the “plugin” folder via FTP)

You can use the “Intuitive Custom Post Order” plugin instead. I’ve changed the recommended plugin in LemonChili version 2.0. More info here:



BartVdc Purchased

Hi what is your policy about seo? Can I use Yoast?

Hey there! Yeah, I don’t see a reason why you can’t use Yoast…


Saschavi Purchased

Hi , is it possible on the Widget to post first Picture then the Date (f.e on Events)? And wich Plugin is the Best for Multilanguage sites?

Hey there!

1. This would require a modification of the theme files. The code for the events widget can be found in the file includes > widgets > widget-events.php.

2. I can recommend you the WPML plugin. The entire site can be translated using WPML (except for the slider caption).



angelito2 Purchased


I need a sticky header on mobile! How can I set this? You may also give me some coding instructions!

Thanks a lot!


Hi Matthias!

In order to make the dark top bar sticky on mobile devices, add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

#top-bar {
    position: fixed !important;
    z-index: 9999;

#wrapper {
    margin-top: 100px;




angelito2 Purchased

Hi and thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately it doesnt have any effect on the header menu on mobile?! Please help…

Right, this only works for the top bar. For the menu, you probably want something like this: Once you’ve included the plugin file, call sticky on the element ”.responsive-menu”.

BartVdc Purchased

Hi any chance in making a child theme?