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Hi, nice theme. I am having an issue though. I’m sure it’s a user error as I am not that well versed in WP. I have installed the theme successfully but when I try to live preview nothing happens. I applied it to my site and it was blank. So I reapplied the old theme for now. Any idea? Also, I have run all updates. Thanks!

Hey there! I replied to your email.


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how to custom google vietnamese font in theme option


amida79 Purchased

thank you

in next update, i think you input vietnamese to it

I’m sorry, but as this would negatively impact the page load speed (see here: ), I am not gonna add this to an upcoming version of Redfolio…


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Why post page display article very long, it not display as summary?

Hi! You can manually insert the “read more” button with the help of the insert more tag:


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Hello Red Sun, I really like the theme but I’m experiencing a problem. When I set a featured image on a page, it doesn’t show up. Could you point me out how to fix this? Thanks! Renaat

Hello, is it possible to give me an answer?

Hey Renaat, sorry for the late reply!

Pages do not display a featured image. Only posts display featured images. If you would like to add an image to a page, you can simply do that via the “Add Media” button above the Editor.


Hi there, I recently updated the theme and for some reason the home page doesn’t show my widgets instead it has the pages on there. Can you help me or let me know what I did wrong? Please email me on


Hey there!

If you go to Settings > Reading, what page did you select as “Front Page”? Make sure you’ve selected the page that is using the “home template”.


Hello. Is there the way to show the slug and the price on screen option for food menu create page?

There are only the title and date for now.

Hey there!

This can be easily done with the “Admin Columns Settings” plugin:

Let me know if you need any help with setting up the plugin.


Thanks a lot. ^^

960px of content width is small on normal monitors today (usually monitors have 1920px of horizontal resolution). Do you have any plans to update the theme with a responsive layout for larger screens? I think users would like another breakpoint at about 1200px.

Hey there!

I’m sorry but currently I don’t have any plans on adding styles for a larger content width.


is it possible for the templet to have online cart for the food ?

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in LemonChili.

In order to add a shop to your site, you would have to add a plugin. For example a plugin that I tested is WP EasyCart and it seemed to display/work fine:



Very beautiful theme.

Is it possible to have the footer fixed at the bottom of the screen and the header fixed at the top?


Dave M

Hey there, Dave…

Thank you for your interest in LemonChili!

I’m sorry but the theme does not include an option to display a fixed header or footer.

For theme customizations I can recommend you Envato Studio (Hand-picked experts to modify your ThemeForest template)


Hi there, really liking this theme (given my limited knowledge of code). I’ve noticed that the homepage slider image resolution is quite low for newer screens. How can I increase the resolution the homepage slider?

Hey there! I’m glad to hear you like the theme :)

In order to make the slider images retina ready, you would have to make the following change to the theme files:

In the file functions.php, line 132, change

 add_image_size('slider', 700, 340, true); 


 add_image_size('slider', 1400, 680, true); 

Please know that the new slider thumbnail size will only be used for newly uploaded images. For existing images you would have to use a thumbnail resizing plugin (like the AJAX thumbnail rebuild plugin )



I was recently contacted by my client because they’re having issues with the Home page only displaying half the content.

Click Here to View

As you can see, the homepage loads and displays for a split second, then half of it disappears and you’re only able to see the slider and navigation menu. My client has informed me that they were recently updating event dates. Can you help me figure out a solution to this problem?

Hey there!

The theme version installed on this site is 1.03. This issue has been fixed in an update (v. 1.06). If you update LemonChili to the latest version, the problem will go away.


Hi, I’m having a little trouble with my Google Analytics code. I took the same code from my previous website and inserted under the theme options where it’s specified. I haven’t had any hits the last two months. People have came to our website and commented and left user reviews. Customers also ordered food. Is this common, or am I supposed to do something else? The website is

Hey there!

I inspected the code on your site and there seems to be some sort of Google Analytics code loading on your site (the same code loads twice actually?!). I’m not sure if it’s the proper code though.

Can you check if you are using the right code? More info here:

Make sure to add your code without <script> at the beginning or </script> at the end of the code.

Or you can also try using a Google Analytics plugin instead:


Hello- I am currently using your Lemon Chilli theme. So far it has been an awesome theme. I am a little confused on how you get two rows of widgets on the home page. Mine are all going in one row. Can you please help me?

Hey there!

I just checked out your site and the widgets actually displayed in two rows as they are supposted to…

For any further questions please log into the account that you’ve used to purchase the theme before posting a comment or sending a message so that I can verify you as a valid customer.

Thank you!

Pre-purchase question here. Can I do more customization to the top bar than what is on the demo? Like left justify things or have text on both left and right?

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in LemonChili.

Placing the address and phone number on the left side would just require one line of CSS code. Having text on both sides would require a modification of the theme files. I can assist you with that if you wish.


Hi There! I got this theme and I like to know where I can find a detailed documentation, which includes examples, screenshots and all the main instructions that I need to customize my site.

Hey there, thanks for purchasing LemonChili!

You can find the documentation in the “readme” folder of the download files.

Here is also a link to the online version of the documentation:


Thanks for your fast reply! I will start to work on that. Do you have any booking table tool on that theme or any one that you suggest?

The theme does not inlcude a booking table tool. Also there isn’t one I particularly recommend, but here is a list of plugins that you can try:

Hi Redsun.

I am struggeling with the events area with no success :
  • created a new page
  • set the 2 columns event layout
  • edited a new event, that i could correctly display in front office
  • edited a 2nd new event … and it all diseapered

I’ve reset it all and proceeded thought the previous actions again with no result apart of an empty page.

Any clue ?

to take a look at the front end :


Hey there! Can you please send me the login info to your site via the contact form on the support tab so I can take a better look at your problem? Thank you!


angelito2 Purchased

Hi! Is there any way to add more content to the sidebar below the search section? I would like to add an image widget under the search section on the ledt sidebar! Could you help me please?

Regards Matthias

Hi Matthias!

I’m sorry but the left area is not widgetized. It would require a customization of the theme files in order to add widgets below the search bar.


Hi! About a year ago a user called “micropsecurity” asked you the same question and you replied:”Hey there! The theme does not include a left sidebar. If you have some coding experience I can give you instructions on how to this to the theme.”

So I would be happy to get some coding instruction ;)

Thanks Matthias