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mitjo Purchased


How can i change the the font style across the entire website. to one general font. please advice?

Best mitjo


In order to change the fonts on the website, you can set the same one on options from Appearance ยป Typography fields. Those are all the options that the theme includes for font changing.

Thanks, Radu


mackemac Purchased

Hi, just saw the discussion between wizli444 and constantinradu on page 59. Cropping your thumnails is possible with the “Post Thumbnail Editor” plugin. Maybe not tested, but I use it for this theme and it still works. Cheers!


alin-clamba Author Team

Hey there!

Thanks for sharing your suggestion! I did not test it indeed, but it might be helpful for other customers looking for something like this.


Does the Lens theme work with Wordpress 4.4.1?

Hey there,

So far, so good. There’s no problem with the latest version of WordPress and Lens theme. We checked them together a few times and nothing came up wrong :-)

Thanks, Radu

This template does not work correctly with the updated WooCommerce, any solution?


For the moment, we are not offering support for the latest version of WooCommerce (as you can see on the right side of this page). We are definitely work on this but, since the last update of the plugin made some big changes, for the moment, it’s better to keep using the previous version of it, in order to keep your shop working :-)

Thanks, Radu

LENS offers two places to add CSS code. How do I choose which editor I should use? (I have been using Appearance->Customize->CSS Editor.)

There are two entries in the Theme Options version. Should I copy those over to the “Appearance” menu?


It’s better to keep using the field from Customize area since we’re looking for removing the Theme Options area, step by step, and move everything on Customize section :-)

Thanks, Radu

Hello I’m interested in buying a Lens template but have a few questions:

- I see it comes with a translator. Does it mean that I can have FR or ENG buttons for clients to switch language on home page? The usual homepage would be in French, possibly swiched to English.

- I would like a homepage with a grid and your design is great on the computer screen. On ipad or I phone the grid homepage turns in 1 row of images. can it be changed easily in customisation tool then the images still appear on 2 /3 or 4 raws as a grid even on smaller devices.

- in a grid homepage site is there a limitation of the amount of images in the grid or can it support quite a large amount of photos? how many would it be if limited then?

Thanks a lot for your help and answers.

Hey there,

1. The theme (as all the other ones) is made to work with only one language. If you want to make your website in multiple languages, you may use a plugin, like WPML or Polylang.

2. The homepage can be set to be any page, gallery or project from the demo. About the number of rows on mobile devices, this is the only way the theme is made to work. Changing this behaviour would require some structure changes but you need to take care of this.

3. There’s no limit of items that can be displayed on the homepage. The only thing that you need to take care of is that mobile devices are not so powerful so, a large amount of elements might be a problem for them. I mean, a computer is able to load this big number of items but, for a mobile device, this can be too much.

Thanks, Radu

Thanks a lot for the reply. I will take a little time to think about it but like the presentation/ features of this theme. How is it delivered when purchased. Downloaded from your website?

Once you payed for the theme, you will be able to download it from here, on ThemeForest.

Hi, Left my question in the discussion forum, but unsure if that was the right place for it so i’ll ask it here as well: I’m interested in purchasing this theme, but I have a simple question that kind of makes or breaks it for me. When looking at the demo, the gallery images in the masonry gallery are pretty large for my usage. Is there a way to change the size of all the photos that appear on the gallery pages so that I could effectively fit more images on the screen before needing to scroll down, maybe scale them down half the size they are now? I hope that was explained well. Thanks!


The images that are displayed on Masonry Gallery are made to keep the aspect ration and fit all the 4 columns. For example, if you will use landscape images, they will have a small height and this will give the possibility of displaying a lot of image till you’ll need to scroll down. If you use a lot of portrait images, they will require some space to be displayed and the screen will be filled very quick :-)

I hope that this little explanation makes the things a little bit clear.

Thanks, Radu

Hi im looking to buy a theme with private galleries. does this theme allow me to have a private gallery for each of my clients?

If these private galleries can be password protected, can they all be consolidated into a single page? I would like my clients to enter a page named client area, then click on their gallery (defined by their cover photo and title), and then entering a password before having access to their gallery.

I am trying to understand how many levels you have for your theme pages. I will have clients for different event types and I would like to categorise password protected galleries in their own categories. Below are several examples of what I would like to achieve:

e.g-1 home page > clients page > weddings > dave and jodie wedding (password protected) > images displayed in chosen format

example page http://panama.bwdesk.com/client-area/

e.g-2 home page > clients page > commercial > movement evolution outdoor session photoshoot (password Protected) > images displayed in chosen format

I will also have open galleries, but these will be different to the protected ones e.g.

Home page > gallery> weddings > jamies wedding > images displayed in chosen format

Home page > gallery> travel & Culture > Africa > images displayed in chosen format

Home Page > portfolio > portraits > images displayed in chosen format

Home Page > portfolio > Creative > images displayed in chosen format

I Hope that makes it clear.

Also does this theme have a multi-level menu feature like the BORDER template has? I was wondering how many levels the menu had on LENS

And does this template have the animated gallery covers like BORDER?

Yes, you can create multi-level menus, on this theme and on Border too. About the animated covers, those are available only for Border.

Yes, you can create multi-level menus, on this theme and on Border too. About the animated covers, those are available only for Border.


Manlezl Purchased

Hello, perfect theme for my new project, just one presale cuestion:

Is it possible change the relation between width and height to the “MainSlideImage” without deform the image?

I would like get a format 2/3, more usual in photography.

Thanks Manuel

Hey there,

I guess that you want to do this change on the slider from the top of the projects, am I right? If yes, then this little modify is easy to be achieved (you’re not the first one to ask for this) :-)

Best, Radu

PixelGrade has been VERY supportive of my questions and I look forward to having my site ready soon.

This theme is flexible in the ways it helps clients see how we will help them.

I think it could be a good platform for BOTH a generalist (like me) that wants to get assignments from a wide range of client “types” AND a specialist that must show extreme depth of accomplishment on one focused subset of photography.

Thank you very much for your kind words, Jonathan :superbashfulcute:

In the Lens theme, the archive page for projects is pretty much similar to the one of the Galleries, with some extra info on hover (title, category and likes)...

Is it possible to have the hover title/link on one of those pictures link to another page which is also an archive page, rather than to a gallery?

I’m basically looking to use the archive pages to almost work like a menu. So the front page would have a bunch of picture tiles and when you hover you see “Weddings” on one tile, and “Children and Families” on another. Then if the user clicks on “Children and Families” it opens another Archive page, with pictures tiles, and when you hover over one of these you get one with “Children” and one with “Families”. The user clicks on “Families” and it opens a page with picture tiles that in this case are links to galleries. Is this possible or is this custom?

If it is custom, then is the logic change needed in one of these PHP files? portfolio-archive-loop.php galleries-archive-loop.php posts-lens_galleries-archive.php posts-lens_gallery_categories-archive.php posts-lens_portfolio_categories-archive.php posts-lens_portfolio-archive.php


By the way my client purchased the theme under another account name.

If possible I’d love an answer on this today as I wanted to work on the site this weekend :) Thanks!

Hey there,

I’ve read all you want to achieve using our theme and, as I understand, you want to have two levels of archives or something like this. Our theme is made only to have an archive of Projects or Galleries and you can play only with this. What you want to do, I’m afraid that cannot be done using Lens.

Thanks, Radu