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Hello, great theme!

Can you add a function in Theme Options -> WooCommerce, which define the shown products per page at the shop-page in the next theme update?

The code
add_filter( 'loop_shop_per_page', create_function( '$productCount', 'return 15;' ), 20 );
in functions.php works fine, but to set it in options page is more compfotable.

Hello, Compliments, a really nice theme. I’m thinking to buy it but first I wanted to know if it is possible to change the size of images that are in your demo on the home page. That is, if it is possible to obtain images of different sizes, similar to the gallery Masonri but without a frame.

thanks a lot

I like the full width slider a lot for pictures. However, it only works well with landscape format images. A picture in portrait format is blown up on the short side to fit the full width, so you loose the upper and lower parts of the picture. My current workaround is to add black space in Photoshop to make the image landscape format, but it would be nice if the theme recognizes it’s a portrait format image. It could then try to use “full height” behavior instead of full width behavior. Could you add this to the theme?

See http://www.charlesfourtree.com/gallery/japan/ for some images that are in portrait mode.

And one more question. I think you are using Royal Slider for the full width slide shows, correct? Could you please include deep linking functionality? http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/royal-slider/documentation/?s=dp. It would be extremely useful so I can link to a specific image, instead of the whole gallery and then tell people to scroll to slide number X.


I tried to add it myself, and found out it’s easy to get the deeplinking to work. Just add these lines to the royalSliderParams defenition:

deeplinking: { enabled: true, change: true, prefix: ’’ },

Only problem is the number that’s displayed in the bottom right corner shows 01 instead of the real number of the image in the slide when you follow the deeplink. Any ideas how I could fix that?

And of course, it would still be great if you include deeplinking in the theme, and make it configurable through the admin panel.

See for example http://www.charlesfourtree.com/gallery/papua-new-guinea/#9. It shows it’s number 01/10, while it’s actually number 9.