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Hi Pani, I had just bought this wonderful template for my wife who does photography. She was wondering if the images within the portfolio container keep their own aspect ratio? I am using home-style3.html with layoutarray:[2]. She wants one side a wider image and on the other side a vertical image and vice versa going down. Is that possible? If it is , how can I make the thumbs be in their correct aspect ratio. I understand that when clicked it will be displayed fully in their size but I would like it to be displayed correctly while in the thumbnail layout. Please let me know. Thanks!


Sorry, that impossible. Image thumbnails aspect ratio depending on grid dimension except layoutarray 14,15,16,17 (different height grids).

In layoutarray 14,15,16,17, you need to set “data-width” and “data-height” in HTML code to the same as image dimension.

Example: If the image size 600×400, the HTML code should be,

<!--Thumbnail 1 Start-->
<div class="mega-entry cat-all cat-one cat-four" id="entry-1" data-src="images/upload/image2.jpg" data-width="600" data-height="400">
<!--Thumbnail End-->



Thank you so much! this did the trick!!

One last and FINAL question: I have changed the load/add more location of images here: ’” data-src=”images/portfolio/image’imgsrc’.jpg” data-width=”577” data-height=”500”>’+

I understand that i need to put all additional images in this folder for it to take from. But how can it be filtered when i choose the categories since it’s not put in the html liek this:

Where do i add in additional images with the category filter so that when you click in the Load more projects button it will show the additional images with the filtering tag on it? Also, sometimes when i click on the “load more projects” button , there are empty images ?


I have already replied you via email.



hi,i have 2 questions :) how can i edit ken_burns slide’s widht/height?


how can i edit ken_burns slide’s time as 3 seconds?,..it should slide once in 3seconds..

thank you so much.


You can use “data-startPosition” and “data-endPosition” below to define ken_burns transition.

‘tl’,’tc’,’tr’,’ml’,’mc’,’mr’,’bl’,’bc’,’br’ (top left, top center, top right, middle left, middle center, middle right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right).

Also you can set data-duration=”3000” in category <div> to setting slide’s time to 3 seconds.

You can read more information in a document file menu “Fullscreen Gallery Sliders”, click “go to Documentation” and then click on “Layout” menu.



you are amazing.. thank you so much.. :)


aekseed Purchased

Can I use your template to applied in my single PHP web application system? Can I use your template to use in my website which created by use the CMS (Joomla Drupal or Wordpress) in single site?

Yes, you can use the template in your single end product, please read more information on Themeforest License details page.

and you need to integrate more with PHP if you need to use the template as CMS theme.



Hi there,

I just want to change the background image from the city skyline that came loaded in the download. I’ve reviewed several comments/questions and still don’t understand how to change it. I am also a novice to programming.


I don’t understand, could you please explain more which part of the element that you need to change.



Hi I bought your Template and I like it alot. The only problem i have is that when my slider on my homepage reaches the third picture the slider hangs an does not load further. can you help me ? shooters.pics


Could you please send your site url to me through my profile page, I will look at it for you.



How can i get working the gallery filters? if i give a click on category 1,2,3, or 4 the photos can be shown by category, i´m working with gallery-fullwidth.html, i want to place about 15 pics for each category and need to add more categories. Thanks and great template!


Could you please send your comment above to me through my profile page, I will guide you to use the gallery filters and send the example file to you via email.



Hi Pophonic!

Fantastic theme..! Thanks for making it available.

I have a quick question though.

I want a Youtube Video in Fancybox pop-up. But not like the slider as you already have done.

What I want is, when someone clicks on a thumbnail image, it should pop-up Youtube video in Fancybox pop-up.

Yes, it’s easy but some how I cannot figure it out.

I’ve e-mailed you regarding this yesterday.

Thank you.

Hi ParthMehta

I have already replied you via email, Thank you for purchased my template :)



Hi Pophonic! You are so fast and helpful in reply..!

I followed the steps you mentioned in e-mail and it’s done!

Rated you 5 Star for the wonderful customer support and nice design.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your rating, glad you’re happy with Lenze :).


rondc Purchased

Not sure what I may be doing wrong or have overlooked but my audio files are not playing back. Mine are about 2m (i see your on the download are under that), is size the factor or could it be something else? Thanks.


No maximum audio file size to use in the audio section. Could you please send your link url to me through my profile page, I will look at it for you.



Hi again Pophonic, Any idea why on the tablet/mobile all the links on the page (including clients in the footer) are NOT working? Hope it’s a simple thing … Thanx

Thanx, but that wasn’t what I meant. On the site I made ALL the links weren’t working on tablet and mobile (except for menu and back to top).

I figgered out what caused the problem. In order to create a fixed menu you’ve recommended to change the flex-menu.css .header-section position: relative to fixed (which did the trick for the fixed menu)

Any idea why this causes the links to go wrong on tablet/mobile? And what can I do about it?

for reference: http://www.ecoschilderwerk.nl (with fixed menu)

Thanx for your help

in your flexy-menu.css, just remove bottom: 0; from the code line number 330.

@media only screen and (max-width: 984px) {
.header-section {
    height: auto;
    overflow: hidden;
    background-color: transparent;
    border-bottom: none;
    top: 0;
    /*bottom: 0;*/




(to bad can’t give you a 5 star rating AGAIN)


Dear Pophonic!

Your customer support is very very outstanding.

I did as per your two e-mail replies and things worked like a charm! Your replies saved my hours of time.

Thanks a lot for your timely help. Best thing of yours is, you respond very fast to customers so that they can do modifications on/before time.

And of course, you Theme is working smoothly in any latest browsers and devices.

Good Luck With Massive Sale!

All the best, Man!


Thank you for your kind words, glad you happy with Lenze template :).