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Hello, is French language available as a standard with your theme? Thank you


sorry for delay,
we not translate French language for this theme,
but it is available with prestashop, you can update this language and translate it from back-end.
Thank you for your interested :)


Thank you so much for interested in LeoTheme

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With the new version PS v1.6 can the menu still be sticky? I mean when you scroll down, the menu stays always at the top of the screen…

Thank you


Dear mate! yes can we will install new demo + file to themeforest


I’m trying to update the template on my shop with the latest version but I encounter this error: “Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘SmartyCompilerException’ with message ‘Syntax Error in template “C:\wamp\www\themabizv4\themes\leo_clothes\global.tpl” on line 26 “{addJsDef baseDir=$content_dir}” unknown tag “addJsDef”’ in C:\wamp\www\themabizv4\tools\smarty\sysplugins\smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 667

I cleared the cache, forced the compilation, etc. but nothing changes.

Thank you in advance for your help


Dear sir! When you want to update template to 1.6, 1. you have to remove all template + module in 1.5. Then you install again.
2.About error you see, i think you are using default prestashop module, i need more detail to check and fix, Could you please follow my guide in step (1) if still have error, Please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com


Thank you for your return. It’s ok, we updated to presta 1.6 version

Really nice template ;)


Thank you, we look forward to serving you!

please do you have the pink version of the this template


Dear mate, we don’t have pink version, we only support 6 skins: you can check in my site http://demo4leotheme.com/prestashop/leo_cosmetics/en/

Funny how they took off my previous comment, yet they didn’t respond to my email to provide support.. This company suck.


Dear sir. could you please tell me your email, so i can check it again sorry


I have question about this theme. 1) Is this theme working on Presta 1.5.3 ? 2) On your demo add to cart not working – I must refresh site to see new product in cart. Its demo bug or theme bug ?


Dear mate! yes, this template is avail for both prestashop 1.5 and 1.6. my demo is prestashop 1.6, you can check my demo in real link: http://demo4leotheme.com/prestashop/leo_clothes/en/


I want to include the quicksearch into megamenu like in Leo Digital Prestashop Theme:


How can i do it please?


Dear sir, in prestashop 1.6, you can use module leomanagewidget to load search to hook navigator, then you can use css make search box display on menu…

Hi I am considering to purchase this theme. the big slider on the home page, can be made fully clickable?


dear mate, i have just put link to slideshow.. you can check it again

Do you speak Portuguese? I noticed that its themes have option to PT-BR. Like to know if I buy the theme it comes with the modules?


Dear sir, yes of course, same 100% demo


Ok just one more question. Has this theme for version


Dear sir! My template can run both 1.5 and 1.6

Hi there. I would like to create three products in one row in the category. How to do it? Thanks.

Hello, i’ve got an issue with creating category link in Leo Bootstrap Megamenu module which comes with your template. After selecting “category” from dropdown list of “Menu Type” i just got blank page (module area).

Please response quickly, thanks in advance.


PS. PHP interpreter is setup as 5.3v


Dear sir! could you please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com we will check and fix for you


Does your theme propose a quickview of the products ? I don’t see it. Thank you.


Dear sir! all template of us support quickview button. please buy it, we will turn it on for you

Hi, I’m interested in your theme

Just some questions before to make sure

1. How about 4lv depth category? How the category will be shown? Care to give live preview example since in the live preview it’s only 3 lv depth

2. How about the sub category positioning if we have a lot of subcategories? Will it be like this picture


(The layout is fixed and looking good)

or like this


Jumbled like default prestashop theme

Nice theme btw, Thanks


Dear sir! We replied in leo fashion module of us. You can select category parent, we will auto get sub category or you can input html code

Hi, I’m interested in your theme The Big Slider can be modified for small or boxed slider? Thanks!

any new updating


Dear sir! Please tell me more clearly, we update this template to prestashop 1.6

Hello , is it possible to lower the main menu to accommodate a higher logo within a box, remaining above the menu a bit of slider? Something like in your template : http://leotheme.com/demo/prestashop14x/?template=leo_dress_store Thanks


Dear sir! that is custom template request but we can help you to do it! Please buy this template and we will do it for you

good morning; I’m having trouble on the main page of the web www.mezclalugo.com on the part of new products, I select for the last 20 products appear on 4/5 and only appear in May. Besides this problem in (best seller) select 4, but the right are only three.

Thank you very much for the help.


Dear sir! Please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com with ftp + back-office

Hi, is possible to insert a gallery in a CMS page of this theme? In which way? thank you


Dear sir! you can add gallery in hook top or footer with select cms page.