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I send, emails, comments, i got answer one in two days, i didnt fix any of my problems. And i m not happy with suport or theme. Is it possible that your team refound me ?

Dear, Sorry for my delay.
Please send mail to leotheme@gmail.com
we will support for you

Unfortunatly my partners dont want to cooperate with your team, since, we have provide you guys with our ftp cpanel and backoffice more than 2 times, on more than 1 of your email contacts. So is it possible to get refound ?

Dear sir! i’m so sorry, we accept refund, no question in 7 days, please contact with themeforest, we accept refund

Hi Guys, do you offer a template with product-Tabs, but which are not included? In your demo i can see product tabs (with data-sheet, etc). But in my bought Template i did not find the possibility to add tabs. So – whats wrong here?! I like the Template really much, but now I´m a bit “angry” – because i see tabs, but they are not included and no where any info that this is just for “demo” and not included..!?

Dear sir! 1. tab name you can translate in LOCALIZATION > TRANSLATIONS. > Type of translation: font office feature
2. you can open file themes/LEOTHEME/sub/product_info/tab.tpl to add new in this file.
3. sorry we can not support this module, please call module author

3) But at product detail view this hook is added! But not at Products Overview (e.g. porducts listing within category)

Dear sir! please tell me more clealry! i don’t understand

Hi, when I click on: Read rewiews, nothink happend. U can try it here:


How to fix it?

Thx, Jan

Dear sir! could you please send us email to leotheme@gmail.com and send me ftp + back-office

Hi I have a big problem with the “bootstrap megamenu leo” menu when I want to add a new item when I want to select the type (cms, category etc …) the central part disappears. so I can not choose the cms page or category. I tested with IE, Firefox, Chrome I have every time the same problem. So I can not build the website menu. Could you help me? thank you Eric

Dear sir! That is our error, could you please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com with ftp + back-office, we will upload new version of leo digital soon ..

Several days ago I sent several more message in Support, but have not received a response to the problems generated by this template …

Dear sir! i’m so sorry about our delay, could you please tell me your email, i will check it imediatly

Hi, your module bootstrap megamenu not working properly in Internet Explorer 8, is activated as soon as you enter with the mouse pointer in the drop down menu area. This is really irritating, because many of our customers are still using this old browser. We ask for help to solve the problem that afflicts us. Greetings




Dear sir! could you please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com, we will check it more clearly

Hello, is possible to deactivate the zoom effect of menú/submenú options? please tell me how, thanks!

Dear sir! yes, need remove some css code, please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com, my css developer will guide you

Hi guys, can you please check your support-emails? greetings from austria

Hi, could you send me your mail address?

Ill send you in PM

ok mate!

Can you tell me please HOW to update your theme? Just downloaded latest version, but dont know how to update? Just new install? remove and then install? thanks in advance

Dear sir! please wait us, we are updating template to currently it is only working with prestashop

anything new?

almost done! we will upload it tomorrow

Hi, I have problem with pagination/sorting a block layered product, some bug with .js.


Can u tell me pls, how to fix it?

Thx, Jan

Now done :) sry

Now works? Wtf? :D Thx :D

Hi, beautiful theme, is it compatible with ? I want to buy it but only if it compatible with prestashop,

thank you.

we are update this theme to
and we will notify on facebook
and will mark compatible in themeforest
wait about 2week pls.

Got update notification. Can you confirm, this update works on

And how to update theme correctly? Just “new install”?

Dear sir! please override module + theme folder. it will work fine with


i’ve two “big” problems with your template and i don’t know how i can resolve it.

I’ve open a ticket from your website. Ticket : PS-DIGITAL-737S4O1V16.

First problem : bug into all of my categories – http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=899589873.jpg

Second problem : I cannot open others pages into all of my categories – http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=690472781.jpg

Jesus, your support is very slow. If you dont want to fix my bugs, refund me…

Dear sir! The first, i’m support manage of leotheme. The first we are so sorry about our delay, we have just come back from vacation company in 4 days. we have just fix css problem in your site. for other problem, could you please replied in ticket sytem

for paging problem, could you please select that for all category or disable it. so paging will run fine

Theme working correctly with ? Can I update (from

Dear sir! could you please wait, we will inform when template update to

Is it compatible with Prestashop Cloud ?

yes, it is compatible with prestashop cloud.