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I need just a simple fade in and out for the pictures in Leo Slider Layer… Is it possible ?

I tried all the presets… and it seems there is no simple fade by default.

Thankx for the help ! Barbara.

Sorry for my delay reply
we have just summer holidays
i don’t see you buy this theme
please tell me where you bought our template
and tell me order ID
i will support for you

Hello ! I purchased Gentshop on Theme Forest… I don’t understand why it is not mentioned on my message… I can transfert my purchase email to prove it !

Tell me what to do, please !

Thankx, Barbara.

This is Fashion store theme, not gentshop. Please comment on Gentshop that you bought.

Hello, PLEASE HELP, I´ve send you emails, filled in the form on this support page and on your website.

I´ve bought the theme this week, I´ve installed and I´ve reinstalled (complete and reinstall from some modules) but I have 3 mayor issues as the install it´s not the same as the demo and I can find the solution in your documentation: 1 – The site is not full width as in demo even though all is set to full width. 2 – The drop down menu is not showing like on the demo sight 3 – Why does the word/module “categorie” show twice on the header and one “shop by category” below the slider, could you please remove / deactivate this?


By the way its the leo fashion store theme, and the content-producttabs (seperator lines) are also no showing correctly :(

Sorry for my delay reply
we have just summer holidays
Please send me ftp + backend account to leotheme@gmail.com
we will support for you by mail


n3utr0n Purchased

By any chance do you provide the AI or PSD files for the other styles? Im looking for Leo Underwear it will help a lot so I can preview the changes I’ll make on your fantastic theme

Please send me your mail
i will send for you psd file


n3utr0n Purchased

Done, thank you.

ok, please wait

Hi. This template is great!

I want delete all shops that include and desactivate multishop, because I need only one shop. I want keep first shop (clothes), and delete shops of flowers, jewelry and underwear. Is possible?

Furthermore, I don’t need products of demo. How can I delete all, please?


Don’t worry, you can active module again if you need.

Ok, thanks.

No problem

Hi. Where can I put my custom css code?

Dear sir! in back-office > modules > leotempcp config

Ok, but there are two posibilities? Reading I have seen that is possible write my custom css code in “Enable css code personalized” or create new css file and put it in “LEO_YOURTHEME/css/local”

yes, you can write custom css in Enable css code, and css in /local/ folder


great theme. how can i change the float header ?

thank you

Dear sir! you can change it in back-office > module > leotempcp config

Hi, has this theme a blog module? because in home demo1 , there is a block with latest posts bu t i dont see the blog section

Dear sir! yes, you can get blog module in demo 2, 3 or you can contact us via email: leotheme@gmail.com we will send you blog file


Vianet Purchased


How I can actívate the block search in Flower version?

Dear sir. Please install blocksearch module


sebcam Purchased

Hello, I had a serious problem with my store, install the store over a year ago and everything worked fine, however the update Prestashop collapsed. Reinstall the template but nevertheless do not want to lose everything done before. I have a backup but I upload the error. Please can you help me solve this inconvenience. Thank You.

Dear sir! could you please send us email to leotheme@gmail.com with ftp + back-office, we will install for you latest version

hello , how i can module size by product ( comment je je peux ajouter SIZE sur le produit merci )

Dear sir! could you please tell me more clearly with image description

I can not change the logo or the title site , the settings of “live theme ” does not change. bug?

Dear sir. I don’t see you bought my template, could you please tell me order id


When buying how to choose the size of clothing or footwear ?



Dear sir, could you please tell me more clearly, you want to select size of image or size of product?

Hi. I am changing information in footer with “Leo Theme Configuration” option. In copyright author I write a text with link, but when I update page, text appears but without link. Why? I thought that when I save prestashop removes link, but I don’t understand it.

Dear sir! please contact us via email: leotheme@gmail.com

Hi! I tried installing the theme and following all your instructions in http://www.leotheme.com/support/forum/install-theme-of-prestashop-1-6-manual.html but it doesn’t show up in my Preferences>Theme page. Can you help me with this? Thanks

Dear sir, could you please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com we will install it for you

I’ve talked with you guys through e-mail and you still don’t give me support i can’t put links in the footer or slider on my web http://www.todosduermen.com and i bought your theme please help me.

Dear sir, we will support you, i saw you bought pro version of ap office, please wait

Is the theme supporting RTL?

Yes, of course


saikomat Purchased

Hi! Where can we find the latest version? I downloaded half year ago and I need an actualitzation. thnks!

Dear sir, the latest version is for prestashop we uploaded it in themeforest

Good afternoon , I found an error in the leobootstrap MegaMenu prestashop . I created an access to the subcategories and not working. Can you help , please?

Dear sir, please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com with ftp + back-office


I don’t success to show left sidebar in product page and category pages even if it’s configured in back office. Can you help me, please?

Thank you!

Dear sir, please contact us via email leotheme@gmail.com and tell me order id