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Hi there, I want to buy the template but its not for prestashop. I am using Yii framework. How hard will it be to integrate .I am a developer if I get template in folder css,html,js then it would be easier for me to integrate.

Dear sir, sorry but we only sell prestashop template, we don’t have html version

No problem, thanks mate

Hello, I have this theme installed and am having trouble with the “Leo Manage Widgets”. I can make modifications to the widgets from the demo and save the changes but in Live view the changes aren’t taking effect. Is there any help you can give on this matter? Thank you for your time.

One more thing I just noticed. I happened to update the logo and the changes I made to the Leo Manage Widgets appeared. Now for any changes to take effect in Leo Manage Widgets to take effect, after I save them I have to update the logo file to see the updates in place. Can this be fixed? Thanks

Other issue with the template. 1. I updated Prestashop to and it Totally messed up the theme. So I had to restore the previous prestashop version So my question is, will I never be able to keep up with the PrestaShop updates as they come along. This issue will never be acceptable for my client. 2. I now cannot upload image to my manufacturers. It keeps giving an error: An error occurred while uploading the image.

As a customer that has designed numerous Prestashop websites, at this point I really feel like this theme may not be suitable for my use. I feel it suitable to ask for a refund on this theme.

Dear sir, i’m so sorry about my delay could you please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com. we will fix for you

Installation is simple or we must change something?

Dear sir, simple install mate, don’t need edit any thing

Module takes into blog?

Dear sir, please tell me more clearly, my template is only for prestashop


Bought this theme for prestashop 1.6, is it possible to change it back to prestashop 1.5.6?

Thanks in advance.

Are there any differences between the 1.6 and 1.5.6 version?

Dear sir, about design is no differences. But in framework, in version 1.6 we use framework 3.0 with many more function…

Hello, How can i change the web Title from Leo mobile To my my store name ? Which file must edit ? my store link : http://www.mobily2000.com Thanks,

You can do this from:

Backoffice > Preferences > Store Contacts > Contact details > Shop name

If you need to update CMS page:

Backoffice > Preferences > CMS > Click Edit on page you want to change -> Meta title

How can add button (Add to Wishlist) & (Add to Compare) To Products views in Home Page, as like as ( Products views in Categories Page ) ?

Show this photo: http://www.mobily2000.com/img/leo.jpg

Dear sir! Please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com we will send send you suggest

email has been sent.

Dear sir! i got your email, my developer is checking and will send you solution soon

Hi, i have installed your theme on a prestashop and it Totally messed up the theme too.

Could you help me please ? I send you an email now.

Thank you for your understanding.

hi, we will support for you by mail. :)

ok, thanks i send you again a mail with the same message than below

ok, please wait we will reply soon

cool..but not compatible in IE8 browser…(check) :-(

Don’t work with prestashop .. your support sent me this link http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-1835 but i am a bit upset… tought your script will work without pain in the ass… i am not a coder raison why i bought it…

You fixed some troubles but there is no prices on product list/page or cart.. just a 0.

All my products are normal products, there is no price combinations.

Dear sir! Please wait, we will find solution for you

Thanks for your return, i will re-install everything and see if the troubles comes from my multisite. Thank you for your reactivity.

Dear sir! yes, please install prestashop then confirm all thing run fine before install my template


PatxiB Purchased


I have a problem with the widget twitter. i configure Height value and Show Scrollbar , but i donĀ“t get it. The show bar doesn’t appear and also ignore height value.

if i change any other value, works fine


oh! could you please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com. Monday my developer will fix it for you

hello, I have a problem with the menu when I cli on a menu tab (products) , I do not ais time to read the various sub- menu ? it goes directly to the first sub – menu ? What should I do to correct this? Here is the website to get an idea ; ) http://www.lartisanbijoutier.fr awaiting for your answer, best regards, N.

Dear sir! your site is leo jewelry, not leo mobile, please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com with order id, we will support

Hello, I have this theme installed and am having trouble with the “Leo Manage Widgets”. I can make modifications to the widgets from the demo and save the changes but in Live view the changes aren’t taking effect. Is there any help you can give on this matter? I did the last update … just thinking it might correcting this detail previously reviewed here … but no effective solution in my situation, exchanging images and text does not undergo changes, there is some temporary folder that needs to be deleted or other details. .. Thank you for your time.

Dear sir! same you send me email to leotheme@gmail.com, we will replied in email for you

Hello, I have this theme installed and am having trouble with the “Leo Manage Widgets”. I can make modifications to the widgets from the demo and save the changes but in Live view the changes aren’t taking effect. Is there any help you can give on this matter? Thank you for your time. ( same as one of ur client is acing the problem can u please snd those files to me as well so i can update it ).....

Also when i adding products its not showing me on front page under special or new category section …


ok no problem :D

I get following error when ever i try to access Leo Mange Widget…..

[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase: Uncaught -> Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template ”/home/wcsdedes/public_html/horrus/modules/leomanagewidgets/views/templates/admin/_configure//helpers/form/form.tpl” on line 151 “{include file=”$leo_tpl_group” type=”0” hook_name=$input.name item_group=$leo_group_list$input.name[“0”]}” variable template file names not allow within {block} tags <- thrown

Dear sir! please follow my guide: www.leotheme.com/support/forum/fix-error-when-update-shop-to-prestashop-1-6-0-9.html

Hello, I bought your theme on your website. bought the developer version, U$ 100.00 But I have a problem, the title of the product is too short need to increase them. this title has only one line needs to be increased to at least their lines.

sent TICKET (PS-MOBILE-2W8300ZZM6 Code), not received support

can you help me?

Dear sir! i’m so sorry about our delay support, we fixed for you

was corrected the problem. Recommend the company Leo theme

Thank Man!!!

Hi, I install your template but I can’t see my categories under the menu voice I set the category widget but it appears blank…

Dear sir! could you please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com we will check and fix

Hello, how can i create a custom skin color for this theme?

I tried to follow this article http://www.leotheme.com/support/forum/how-to-create-new-skin-color-for-your-theme.html but the folder structure in this theme seems to be different than the one in the tutorial!


Dear sir! 1.when you create right folder, my module will auto show it in back-office
2. please turn off smarty cache
3. you can use cms default of prestashop to create FAQ page

about the first issue… i’ve duplicated the pink skin folder and renamed to my custom skin name… same file/folder permission but it doesn’t work, can you give me a light on that?

Dear sir! Best way is send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com, my developer will help you

hello good morning, buy the template and I have a problem. QuickStart version installs correctly, but when I want to enter the Front-End I get a blank page. If I can access the backend but not to the Front-End. Stay tuned to their novelty. Best Regards Ricardo

Dear sir! maybe have error in font-end, could you please turn on error report.
to turn on error
please access config/defined.ini.php
then turn on error
define(‘PS_MODE_DEV’, false);
define(‘PS_DEBUG_PROFILING’, false);

define(‘PS_MODE_DEV’, true);
define(‘PS_DEBUG_PROFILING’, true);

hello, i see this theme doesent have Vertical Mega menu . Can it be done ? Thank you

Dear sir! no, we dont use vertical menu for this template. if you buy this template, we can send you vertical menu and you can use in this template

Hi, We purchased this theme and are having issues clicking the category menus in the mobile responsive pages. Can you tell us how to fix this? I have also emailed you with this question.


Dear sir! please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com with ftp + back-office, let us check and fix


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Hi. I’m trying to show the left column with category block on the frontpage. I have tried to foloow the tutorial: {if $hide_left_column||in_array($page_name,array(index))}{$HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN=null}{/if} {if $hide_right_column|| in_array($page_name,array(index))}{$HOOK_RIGHT_COLUMN=null}{/if}

But I can’t find this code in the header.tpl of the theme. I’m using PS

Cheers Endre

Dear sir! could you please check this guide for prestashop 1.6: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/prestashop-16/display-category-on-left-column


Endre Purchased

Thanks. Once again, great service from leo-theme :-)

Dear sir! no problem, i hope can get good rating from you