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Dear sir! your hosting is abit slow when access from VietNam!

Hi. Great template. Can you convert it to abantecart?

Dear sir! i will thinking about it later


lpdw Purchased

Hi Leo,

I bought leo tea theme and I have a question : In the CMS pages and BLOG pages, css style don’t appear correctly.

for example, lists (ul li) are not visibles when the page is displayed on the front site.

How can I solve it ?

Thanks PS : My website is not online yet.

Dear sir! could you please send me error capture to leotheme@gmail.com or send me error link http://demo4leotheme.com/prestashop/leo_tea/index.php?id_cms=1&controller=cms&id_lang=1

lpdw Purchased

Its’ work, Thanks for your help

no problem!

Hello, After updating, I have a problem “Leo Products Carousel Block” . site : http://www.planetdoll.com please, solve this problem .

Dear sir! please tell me more clearly and send me email to leotheme@gmail.com with ftp + back-office, let us fix it for you

Hello, I have the same problem as LPDW. The lists (ul li) are not visible in the CMS pages. No error, only a text without bullets.

Another question : do you think it’s possible to insert a widget (customer HTML carrousel) into a CMS page ?


As the live editor doesn’t work, I have to change all the colors into the CSS.

Dear sir! could you please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com

I have send an email but no answer :(. I think it’s the first but last time I buy a theme for Prestashop. With Wodpress, I never had problems. With the free one of Prestashop, no problems but with this one, I’m very disappointed.

Dear sir! could you please wait us a bit. we are process your problem

And another question: I want to add the button “share on Facebook and other social media” on the right column or on the top bar ? I try with position but It’s not possible to add the module on this hook.

It’s OK, I have found the solution

That’s Good :)

Hi, i translated your theme in Turkish but i have one problem :( I can’t translate top menu; Hello xxx, My account, Wish list.. How can i translate it?

Dear, Could you send me your site?

Hello, can I add a html content like soundcloud player into the short description on main page? I see it in each product, to be more specific, instead of text: Integer malesuada bibendum dui, at egestas lorem commodo id. Which is in the first product.

Anyway, very nice theme!

Thank you