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Hi, I love your template and I am interested in buying your theme. You have solved the error of JS ? (“Exception: TypeError: Can not read property ‘innerHTML…...)


I just wanted an answer to my question. :)

I would like to see an example of a web page (with your theme) That Works With the extension “One Page Checkout” ... as I read it does not work well with your theme.

It works. Sometime people do it wrong way. So ofcourse issue occurs. Thanks!!

Sorry, your answer does not convince me at all. I can not understand how to load an extension the wrong way.

Hi there,   This is my last post to not disturb more. Le Santana is a beautiful theme but is not compatible with the extensions:
  • “OneCheckout – Checkout in One Step on One Page”
  • “0 Step Checkout”
  • “One Page Checkout”
  • “One Step Checkout”
  • ..
.. We spent two weeks trying to communicate with the developer but the support is pathetic. I’m sorry but we will change the template for the theme with better support.


The mobile theme doesn’t work if you set up width (in my case 1100px). It only works if I leave the width settings empty. How can I fix it?

Thank you

Hi, It must work we have checked. Please email us your site admin details. So we can check. Thanks!!

How can I send you the log-in? I can’t publish it here.

Is there any chance the theme will be updated for magento 1.9?

It works with magento 1.9. Email us if you face any problems. THanks!!


In your demo there are images showing blurred? i am sending you please check is it possible to set.


Hi, It works through magento resize function. It cannot be changed. THanks!!


do you have noticed that Superfish submenu doesn’t works in Google Chrome?

HI, Please email us with site details. So we can look into your issue. Thanks!!

Thanks and sorry for late answer, but now we have choice to use Megamenu! Regards

Hello, every time we load a page we get this error in log file:

2014-12-17T19:30:51+00:00 ERR (3): Notice: Undefined index: body_bg in /var/www/sites/FOLDER/html/app/design/frontend/le-santana/default/template/page/html/head.phtml on line 77

How can we solve this issue? Thanks

Hi, Please email us with site admin & ftp details. So we can check. Thanks!!

Our webmaster solved the issue modifying the core code, thanks!

What file do I upload to WordPress in order to install it? I tried to upload the zip file downloaded from Theme Forest but when WordPress tries to install it I get the error message:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

How do I fix this so that the theme installs correctly?

You can simply enable & disable options you want to keep or remove. This way this can be done. Magento does not provide demo thing. So it has to be done manually. As it provide convenience to choose on your own. Thanks!!

How do I remove or turn off the “Custom Menu” category in the top navigation menu? It is not showing up in my category tree in Magento.

Hi, you can disable from CMS > Static blocks > customMenu


sometimes we get an error loading the subcategory, this is the error log of the issue:

2015-01-12T17:59:25+00:00 ERR (3): Notice: Undefined variable: _link in /var/www/clients/client1/web2/web/app/design/frontend/le-santana/default/template/reports/product_viewed.phtml on line 43

This may cause a strange load of the page, please look at the screenshot:

http://giuseppelanzetta.com/screenshot/Screenshot.jpg http://giuseppelanzetta.com/screenshot/Screenshot2.png


Hi, This might be misconfiguration try reinstall if possible. If still face issues email us with site admin & ftp. Also upload fresh files if you have made any customization. Thanks!!

was the nicest magento template that I found …

friend if I pay a fee, you can install it for me !! thank you. await response

Sure, please buy & email us with site server details. We love to do it for you. Thanks!!


We bought your theme and we like it, but it seems to be displaying prices in Euro’s when the default (and only) currency selected is British Pound Sterling.

Is this just a display error or is there a setting I’m missing?


Nevermind, it was a font issue.

Thanks anyway

Okey, Cheers!!


I’d like to add a field to your contact form, I’ve changed the form.phtml file and the field is appearing on the site, but the result appeared in the email that gets sent. I’ve set up a transactional email using the contact form template as per Magento instructions but it didn’t change the email.

Any ideas?

Kind Regards

And again I figured it out as soon as I posted the comment, sorry. I hadn’t changed the contact form option in System->Configuration->Contacts


We bought your theme and like it, apart from when we go into a product and click “Add to Cart” we get the following error:

Cannont read property ‘innerHTML’ of undefined

It still adds it to the cart but after closing the error it leaves the loading box on the screen until you click off it.

Kind Regards

Hi Please can we have an update

Hi Please can we have an update today!

If you could get back to us about this it would be very much appreciated.

HI thr, i am not able to transfer on payment gateway page. after pressing “Place order” , it remains on the same page. please check. -kunal

Hi, Please check you have configured properly. As its magento default. It has to work as it was. Thanks!!


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Hi koolthememaster,

where can i change all settings for the ajax-cart and the fancycheckbox (specially .phtml files and xml files.)?

I already tried some settings, but no success.


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Look, the upload in your Lookbook-Extension is not working. This has nothing to do with “HTML-Editors”.

Please let me know how to fix the upload (Permissions?) Issue.

Please email us your site admin details. So we can check & let you know. THanks!!


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Hi Kooltheme, mail is send to you via your profile page.

Is it compatible with latest version of magento ??

HI, Please email for detail information. Thanks!!

i am planning to buy this theme so i need to know if it is compatible with latest version of magento ??? please reply fast

Hi Sure, you can buy theme fore now. We soon coming with upgrade. Thanks!!

Hi, I left an earlier mail too, but you never get back. I want to know how to set featured items, these are coming all by themself. I want to set them by choice. There is a featured checkbox on products page, even if its not checked still that item is shown in featured.

Hi, You can set them y entering category ID of your choice via admin mdl options. Thanks!!

Hai, how are you? Anyway I just found new problem, that I can’t give review a product on this theme.. Please check.. Thx

Hi, Please email us with website URL so we can check. Thanks!!

Hey Its a great theme. I bought Santana theme previously and now I have just bought this theme. I just have one problem as I am not able to set the Background as Santana theme. can you please help me out? Rest is done.

Hi, Sure we help you out. Please email us website details so we help you out. Thanks!!


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I have mailed you the required things. Kindly look into it. I will appreciate your help. Thank you.


sagarshah Purchased

Its been 2 days and so many email from my side but not able to get the problem solved! By any chance you can support after the purchase? Kindly reply and solve the issues!