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Hi, awesome template! Like elbombe, I get an error on the contact form. Server is up-to-date, other PHP contact forms work… any idea?


Ok. I tried it on another server and get the same ERROR message. Other PHP contact forms works fine. Two users posted the same error on this template so I’m trying to get at the problem. The design is wonderful, however, worth the purchase. I know some PHP so will try to re-configure. Please let buyers be aware that the form may not be as simple as changing the email address in the .PHP file. Thanks, great work!


Just FYI, I figured out the contact form problem. The mail function in contact.js has the path as ”/contact.php” but the unpacked folder has that page in the same home directory as index.html. Just deleted the slash. Works!! Thanks for the great template.


I’m glad you got it done :)

Doni Purchased

Hey Art Row, quick question…can I add a redirect on submit function. Like for example soon as the form is submitted after few seconds to redirect them someplace else.



Hi, I’m not the creator of this function. maybe it can be done.

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Grazie mille geogal10 per aver risolto il problema in CONTACT ! :) sapevo che non dipendeva dal mio server


The template as it comes has a navigation-bar with the buttons: About / Resume / Portfolio / Contacts

I wanted to know: how can I put in the content of the different pages my own links that will go to other pages at the same way like the user clicked on a button of a different page from the navigation bar?

Thank you very much.




You can add regular links.

<a href="#portfolio">...</a>


hi! if I put those kinds of links: ...

when I click on them, will it do the “close and open” sliding effect when going to the page I mentioned? or just go there?

(I really want it to have the “sliding effect” like what happens when I click on the buttons from the navigation bar..)



Yes. Animation (sliding effect) will play.

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Hi! Great Template!

Is it somehow possible to send the user to another web page when s/he clicks on one of the menu buttons?

I tried to replace:

<a href="#resume" class="gradient-blue"></a>


<a href="http://www.google.com/" target="_blank" class="gradient-blue"></a>

But it did not work…



Template is not configured for this. maybe it can be done. Script not works with outside links. I had not considered this question. may need to be rewritten some styles (to do the exact same button outside of the list)

ranikrw Purchased

I used onclick="window.open('http://www.google.com') in the gradient-blue class. It is a suitable solution to me. Thanks again!


I’m glad you got it done

Can’t find the google+ social icon class…

Some help, plz?

<div class="icon-google" />

Hi ArtRow,my contact form gives the error.My e-mail adress which will be on file?I contact.php file is not available.I create myself.please help me.

Please Help Me.Emergency please.

hi dears I need to train my settings Contact us and file contact.php. :((


When I upload the theme I get the following error message.

__MACOSX Stylesheet is missing. themeforest-4466347-leta-responsive-vcard-template Stylesheet is missing.

How do you fix this ??



where are you upload theme?

Hi! Great Template! I bought this template! But for what topics to use? thank you

I am having issues with the contact page. I am not receiving emails from the contact form provided. I had the same error message that geogal10 had and corrected the issue however, I am not receiving any emails. Any suggestions???


If you get an error in the contact form. If your site is not in the root directory, then you need to open the file “contact.js” and remove the slash from here (44 string. ‘url’: ”/contact.php”)

If mails are sent – please check your spam

can you please help! when adding theme to wp i get this error:

Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description 01 Light Theme Stylesheet is missing.


Hi, this is html-template. Not WP.




*Need the vcard for emails, This for that, yes? *Any special program needed to customize?

Ready to buy,, but need to know ASAP.

Please be nice to newbies. Yep, I am one of THOSE. :bigwink:

Await your kind and prompt reply!

Scarlett Newbie

There is a small glitch in the code.

If you click on:


You will notice that the name in the top left doesn’t show up. It only becomes visible when you navigate away from the tab and back to the tab. Any way to get this resolved?

Thank so much!