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Hi, My name is Marie, I have just bought your Theme but when I try to download it on my Wordpress I’ve got a message who told me that the the doesn’t have file style.css. so, it doesn’t be installed ! Would you like to help me please ?

I have found… thank you…

Hello, I’m back with an other question. How can I add a “subscribe form” to my blog ? I have try with “Email subscriber” but it seems not to be ok ! I have had it with my widgets to my sidebar… the text appear but without box or way to click or to fill it ! Please help me !!! Thank you, Marie

Marrie, unfortunately we can’t guarantee the full compatibility with 3-rd party plugin. But If you send me the URL and wp-admin credentials to info@webcodebuilder.com I will try to help you


ich habe dieses wunderschöne Theme jetzt bereits mehrmals auf unterschiedlichen Webumgebungen installiert. Leider fehlen jedesmal die Animationen im Portfolio, so das damit auch alle Verlinkungen fehlen. Außerdem fehlt der Shortcode Button im Editor. Könnt Ihr mir weiterhelfen?

Liebe Grüße Sascha

Hallo, my portfolio works. Unfortunately, the plugin “VERSION” will not work, even though I have installed it. Please help me. best regards Sascha

Hey, it all worked fine! Thanks. Just a question: At the free field of the copyright: Can I write there that the copyright is by the webmaster. Because i purchased it? So just that the webmaster is responsible for the content? Or mst the copyright still called webcodebulder. Dont want to make a mistake there.



Feel free to put your own copyright there. This is ok.

Thanks, Steve

Hi, My name is Adryan, I just bought your Theme but when I try to upload it on my Wordpres s I’ve got a message who told me that the the doesn’t have file style.css and im using 4.4.2 Wp version. Please i need a fast responde im working with a client.

please support can i change the menu icons?

You can change them via style.css – find the #nav styles and apply new icons there

Hello my friend! I would like to make the VCARD like 80% smaller. i.e. zoom out images, fonts, everything to 80% of its current size. Is there any way to do this? Thanks a lot :-)

Hello, please check your email :)

On the “blog” page, can you tell me how to remove the “0 comments” bit of text? I took it out of the individual post php and it’s completely gone in those now, but I took the same bit out of the blog template, archives, search results, etc., and the same “0 comments” bit still remains. Thanks!

You need to remove this counter on Vision plugin – > vision-shortcodes.php And the comments counter appears on: archive.php, search.php, template-blog.php



The theme does not install because it says it is missing a styles.css file. I see this has occurred before in the comments and I cannot figure out how to install this theme.

Please let me know If there is something I am not doing properly to install this theme properly.


Hello. Very nice template. I was wondering what’s the best way to perform the following configurations, e.g. does it need css alterations? 1) In the about section, some of my information (like email address) are too long. Instead of shrinking the font I would like to change the layout from two columns to one. 2) How can I have bullet points in the resume section, i.e. in the description text of a one positions?

Hi, you can email me with URL and admin credentials to info@webcodebuilder.com and I will help you.


cha0525 Purchased

I think the vision is not working for my site.


cha0525 Purchased

Is someone still supporting this theme?

Hi, sorry for the delay. Do you use the latest version of the theme?


cha0525 Purchased

Yes, I just bought it yesterday.. so I downloaded the theme yesterday. I emailed you on info@webcodebuilder.com


cha0525 Purchased

Also can I add upload body background and upload content background on theme options?


Fischpi Purchased


since 5 days can’t login in my admin pane. i get this error:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …Wordpress/wp-content/themes/leta/library/metaboxes/meta-box-portfolio.php:1) in …Wordpress/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1228

What means the error? May you can help me.

Thanks a lot Dirk


argun Purchased

for those who have problem with vision doesn’t show

edit vision/tinymce.class.php


function __construct() { add_action(‘admin_init’, array( &$this, ‘tt_head’ )); add_action(‘init’, array( &$this, ‘tt_tinymce_rich_buttons’ )); }


function __construct() { add_action(‘admin_init’, array( $this, ‘tt_head’ )); add_action(‘init’, array( $this, ‘tt_tinymce_rich_buttons’ )); }

it work for me