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I am getting a crazy amount of spam through my contact form on the site. How can I stop this?


If you’re using contact form 7, then you can try installing one of the captcha plugins for contact form 7.

https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-captcha/ http://contactform7.com/captcha/

Thank you!

I just updated my Leviate and it completely fucked my site. Where did my content go?


Please also update all Youxi plugins, then everything should work again. The plugins on the previous versions are not compatible with the new theme version.

Delete them all first, then reinstall via the notification on top of your admin page.

I have just now activated your forum account.

Thank you!

It worked! You’re the best!

Glad to help :)

Hello. Quick question the header widget images you can add to each section, are these responsive on mobile devices as it seems you loose a lot of the image when the page shrinks?


Yes, I’ll take a look for you! Please send me your site login details via email.


Hello, dropped you an email yesterday

Also, do you know if it’s possible to have a sidebar on one of the pages?

Hi. I updated my theme to the latest version, but it totally broke my site. See http://bit.ly/1oNijCx and http://theplannery.com.au.

I deleted and reinstalled all the Youxi plugins but that did not solve the problem. I’ve had to revert to an older version of the theme.

Can you advise what I can do?

Many thanks Kerry


That looks like something else is breaking the site :( Please let me access your site, I’ll update the theme for you.

Please send me the login details via email.


Hi, I sent the login details through a few days ago. Can you let me know when you’ll have a chance to update the theme for me? Thanks!


Just replied to your mail :)


Hello, I still haven’t heard back from you regarding the image issue? I dropped you an email like you asked.

How can I, or what is the css to change the padding in the menu to be smaller. Right now I have too many menu items and they go outside of the screen area, but there is a lot of padding between items.


@media (min-width: 992px) {
    .main-header .main-nav ul ul li a {
        padding: 0;


Hello! I’ve deleted my Youxi plugins as it seems to have helped other people after the update, but for some reason there is no notification at the top of my admin panel. I also can’t find them manually through the plugin search bar! Could you help please!!

Hi Tim,

Great you solved it, and about the disappeared menu, that’s a bug I accidentally caused on the latest update. To fix that, just resave your theme options :)


Great, thanks! :)

Great you solved it :)

How do you have content floating on top of the parallax background? In the Live sample, the “quotes” and “latest posts” blocks I can’t seem to replicate.

Hello globalsocceracademy,

Those are WordPress widgets. You can modify them by going to Appearance > Widgets.


Quick question about “Leviate” before I buy – can the portfolio items have the same height and be arranged in a square grid?

Well, if the client uploads images with different ratios, and we force the thumbnails to be square then you’ll get ugly cropped thumbnails.

If that’s okay, some minor code modification will do the job. We just need to modify the media image size that’s used on the grids.


Got it, thanks! We’ll buy it soon :)


Sh0rty Purchased

hi there guys,

is there a compatibility check or update for wordpress 4.1 planned for the leviate theme, or is this acutally working with the latest version of Wordpress? This would be awesome!

Best regards

Hi Sh0rty,

The theme should actually work with WP 4.1 except for minor issues with the page builder. But don’t worry, it will be fixed on the next update.


Hello, I’m using the portfolio feature, and whenever I set a post thumbnail for a video-type item, I get: Warning: Division by zero in /home//public_html//wp-content/themes/leviate/plugins-config/config-youxi-portfolio.php on line 236

Removing the thumbnail displays the item just fine.

Please assist!

Oh I’m sorry, I’ve already replied to your mail, but from a direct reply! I’ll mail you to your correct email right now :)

Thank you!

Thanks :) I’m building a website for a client, so I don’t have access to his mailbox – which was used to open this account…

Sorry for the slight delay, fixing your site right now!

Hi there, can you tell me how I can change the font to helvetica in the footer. Thanks!

Hi Susan,

You can use the following CSS:
.footer { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; }

Thank you!

i’m trying to add a link for a file visitors can download from the site. i’ve tried two different download plugins and each one has rendered the page builder editor to be a blank transparent black page ie no editting capability.

which download plugin works with the theme ?

thanks in advance

i think i’ve found one now. i got so frustrated earlier, feeling so much better now.

Hi particlep,

I haven’t tested any download plugins with the theme, so I can’t give you an exact answer.

Glad you have already found the one that works:)

Thank you!

Hi, i have some questions: 1- i’m trying to upload portrait orientation photos (3:4 9:16) but the slider leave al lot of padding around those photos, it doesnt fit the same size of the photo. how to resolve? 2- is it possible to get

    tags in team text section? 3- how to update the theme? 4- how to add preview label on portfolio icons as you did in the demo Thanks


It won’t allow me to upload the theme?

It just keeps saying

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help?! I am not a developer.

Kind Regards, Zoe

Hi Zoe,

You must be uploading the downloaded zip file directly. It contains not only theme, but also documentation files.

Open the file first, then upload the file leviate.zip inside it.

Thank you!

Thank you it worked :)!


alexmen Purchased

Hi Leviate theme owner,

I am sending this message for the second time, I haven’t received a response for weeks. The page blocks in the admin is missing the ‘manage page block’ option, I am trying to login into your forum (http://support.youxithemes.com) to read some information about this issue. I registrer, but your forum doesn’t send me a confirmation email, without the confirmation, I can’t read anything. Please help to fix this issue.


ps. please read my private message.

Glad to hear that!


alexmen Purchased

Hi Nagaemas, I have everything nailed down using the leviate theme except the contact form. I followed the demo video, but it doesn’t tell how to make the contact form exactly like the demo version of leviate. Can you please guide?


You need to install the Contact Form 7 plugin first.

Then copy the following code to the form: http://themeforest.net/item/leviate-multipurpose-html5-wordpress-theme/5851166/faqs/18485

Thank you!

Good afternoon, I would like to change the text color, and increase supply. Where do I find this code in CSS

I’m having issues with the Manage Page Blocks not showing up. I’m not sure what you mean by the page edit screen. I went there and see no such option.

Hi Michael,

There’s no more Manage Page Blocks option since update 1.3.2. The documentation is outdated, sorry for that.

Page edit screen is the page when you do Page > Add New. Scrolldown and there should be a box where you can edit the page blocks.

Thank you!


Ozius Purchased

Hi, I have installed Leviate 2.3 and I see there is a new version available (2.4).

At theme options, I have “Envato Credentials” section filled but I don’t have any notifications in the wordpress admin.

How I can update the theme without lose actual settings?


Hello Ozius,

Sorry for the delayed reply. The Envato Credentials option is not reliable. It’s better to update manually. Just delete the theme, and install the new version. You won’t lose anything, unless you have modifications done to the theme files, which in that case you should make a backup.

Thank you :)


We’re trying to set up this new theme right now and have a few questions. With the new theme, the website is loading VERY slowly. What can we do about that? Our website wasn’t slow before using this theme. Also, for the blog section, I want to remove where it says “Blog” and “Let’s read together”, but when I delete it and try to just leave it blank, those same words come back and I can’t get rid of them. What do I do about that? And lastly, I want the blog posts in the blog feed to be smaller. By this I mean that the pictures should be smaller so that they don’t take up the entire page. Is it possible to have two blogs per row instead of just one very long feed with very big photos and descriptions?

Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks in advance for your help!! :)

Please disregard that^ I was able to figure everything out but now I have a real problem. I have my categories added into the menus section to make my menu. My menus are saved and are supposed to be published, but only two of my categoriess will actually publish as menu options on the website. When I go on “Customize” I choose the menu under “Navigation” and then save it and it shows up for about 1 second and then it goes back to only having the two menu options from before. How can I fix this? When I try to delete the menus and then add them back, they show up as “(Pending)” and then they never load and become what they are supposed to be. Help please!!!!

Hi there,

Please send me your login details via email, I’ll check it out on your site :)

Thank you!