Leviate - Multipurpose HTML5 WordPress Theme

Leviate - Multipurpose HTML5 WordPress Theme

Leviate is a responsive HTML5 WordPress theme featuring a clean and retina ready design suitable for any studio, creative or personal use.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the theme comes packed with the most useful elements, all hand coded using the latest Web Standards. Using only a very minimum number of external images for the layout, this theme assures an optimal user experience on any platform.


Special Thanks


  • Bootstrap 3 / Link
  • WordPress 3.6.1 / Link
WordPress Plugins
  • Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi / Link
  • OptionTree by Derek Herman / Link
  • WordPress Importer by wordpressdotorg / Link
  • WordPress Widget Importer / Exporter by Steven Gliebe / Link
PHP Libraries
  • Mobile Detect / Link
  • TGM Plugin Activation / Link
JavaScript Plugins
  • Cycle2 / Link
  • FitVids / Link
  • GMAP3 Plugin / Link
  • HTML5Shiv / Link
  • Images Loaded / Link
  • Isotope: An exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts – $25 Value / Link
  • jFlickrFeed / Link
  • jQuery LazyLoad / Link
  • jQuery ScrollTo / Link
  • jQuery Waypoints / Link
  • Magnific Popup / Link
  • Respond.js / Link
  • ResponsiveNav / Link
  • Smartresize / Link
  • Select2 / Link
  • SerializeJSON / Link
  • Socialite 2 / Link
  • Tweet! / Link
  • Quovolver / Link
  • FontAwesome / Link
  • Glyphicons WebFont Icons / Link
  • Zocial Social Media Icons / Link
Photos and Images


  • Version 2.3 – 01/09/2014
    • Improvement: New mechanism for loading portfolio images
    • Improvement: New mechanism for lazy loading images
    • Improvement: On page smooth scrolling is now handled by GSAP
    • Improvement: Cycle2 plugin modified to use GSAP for animation engine
    • Update: All Youxi Plugins to their latest versions
  • Version 2.2 – 22/08/2014
    • Fixed a bug that prevents portfolio meta icon from saving
    • Fixed a bug that causes parallax background images to disappear on mobile devices
    • Fixed a bug that causes child themes to report errors
    • Fixed a bug that causes the blog sidebar option not to appear even after changing blog layout
    • Fixed a bug with resizing header
    • CSS style overrides are now added via runtime compiled LESS files
    • Youxi Plugins updated to their latest version
    • Brand new one click demo importer that imports all posts, theme options, widgets, front page settings and nav menus
  • Version 2.1 – 26/07/2014
    • All Youxi plugins updated
    • Portfolio shortcode no longer selects categories to include, but selects which categories to exclude.
    • Client logos can be plain images instead of links
    • Added a theme option to hide main menu
    • Page & Page Block vertical paddings can now be freely adjusted
    • Updated to Bootstrap 3.2
    • Replace Socialite plugin with AddThis
    • Use `wp_kses_post` instead of `wp_kses` to allow more HTML tags inside shortcodes
    • Made sure shortcodes inside portfolio audio/video media get parsed
    • Code restructure and cleanup
    • [skill] shortcode removed, use the `label` attribute on [progressbar] shortcode instead
    • Added ‘Categories to Exclude’ option on Recent Posts widget
  • Version 2.0.2 – 27/05/2014
    • Templates cleanup
    • Minor fixes and improvements
    • Fixed compatibility bug between 1.x and 2.x that causes widget area background to not show up
  • Version 2.0.1 – 26/05/2014
    • All images are now responsive
    • Rewritten all CSS using LESS
    • Fixed all (hopefully) portfolio issues
    • Slider performance issue resolved
    • Updated Portfolio grid to use isotope v2 features
    • Updated Youxi Core to v1.1.1
    • Updated to OptionTree v2.4.1
  • Version 2.0 – 20/05/2014
    • Core
      • Updated to TGM Plugin Activation 2.4
      • Updated to OptionTree 2.4.0
      • Refined ThemeOptions to use new OptionTree features
      • Changed .section-block.small to .section-block.section-block-small due to conflicts with Bootstrap
      • Fixed a bug that causes slider options not applied on the portfolio
      • Added ‘Pause Slider’ option for portfolio sliders
      • Added Show Title option on portfolio shortcode
      • Added the ability to disable AJAX loading of portfolio items
      • Fixed a bug that causes disable filter not to work on portfolio shortcode
      • Fixed a bug where AJAX loaded portfolio items does not have an overlay when show_title is true
      • IE8 support dropped completely
    • Theme Options
      • Added the ability to alter header padding sizes
      • Added the ability to open an image/video URL inside popup from the home slider
    • Plugins
      • Updated Youxi Core to v1.1
      • Updated Youxi Shortcode to v2.0
      • Updated Youxi Builder to v2.0
      • Updated Youxi Widgets to v1.0.3
      • Updated Youxi One Pager to v1.1
      • Updated Youxi Portfolio to v1.0.2
    • JS
      • Rewrite & Restructure Main JS
      • Updated to isotope v2
      • Updated to MFP 0.9.9
    • CSS
      • CSS cleanup and old code removal
      • Updated to Bootstrap 3.1.1
      • Updated section padding sizes after improving affix and scrollSpy
  • Version 1.3.2 – 13/11/2013
    • Fixes
      • Fixed a mistake that causes empty categories not displayed on the portfolio shortcode
      • Fixed a bug where no portfolio items are displayed when no categories are selected
  • Version 1.3.1 – 08/11/2013
    • Fixes
      • Fixed a bug that causes an error when displaying [portfolio] shortcode without selecting category
      • Fixed a bug that causes not selecting any category inside the [portfolio] shortcode to revert back to the default value
    • Changes
      • Portfolio popup window now only animates ‘transition’ and ‘opacity’ instead of ‘all’, ensuring proper slider image adjustment
      • Portfolio slider in popup window now has padding styles that matches the slider aspect ratio, ensuring proper display of the loader indicator
  • Version 1.3 – 06/11/2013
    • Fixes
      • Fixed portfolio items without featured image. Now it will display a box with title and categories
      • Fixed incorrectly displayed large images in the main slider
    • New Features
      • Theme option to turn on/off displaying the portfolio categories
      • [portfolio] shortcode can now display only certain categories
      • [service] shortcode has now the option to select presentation (image/icon/none)
      • Added an option to specify aspect ratio for the portfolio slider. Now the slider size in the popup and portfolio detail page can be fully controlled.
    • Changes
      • Removed the ‘Media Position’ option on portfolio items. All media will now be displayed before the description
      • Added a work around for the logo, so min-width that causes wide logos to be displayed incorrectly is no longer needed
      • Completely rewritten the portfolio filtering, masonry and popup JavaScripts
      • Removed FlexSlider. All sliders now uses jQuery Cycle2 plugin.
  • Version 1.2 – 24/10/2013
    • Fixes
      • Fixed an invalid HTML tag in header.php
      • Fixed wrong required plugins version
      • Fixed a bug in the service shortcode callback
      • Fixed a Google Web Fonts bug
    • New Features
      • Automatic theme updater. Now you can update your themes directly from the WordPress backend.
      • Added option to choose which buttons to display on each portfolio item
    • Changes
      • Removed the ‘Enable Likes’ theme option for portfolio, now you can set it on each item
      • Optimized the header styling and resizing, now it should display perfectly everywhere
      • Increased the section blocks padding on mobile and tablet devices
      • Changed form fields checking from using empty() to is_null()
      • Overall CSS optimizations
  • Version 1.1 – 22/10/2013
    • Fixes
      • Fixed ‘getimagesize’ error for lazy loaded images
      • Fixed missing icons in the service shortcode
      • Fixed an error that will happen on PHP < 5.3 on the portfolio plugin
      • Fixed a bug with the portfolio column count
      • Fixed a bug that causes an error when the social icons widget is left empty
      • Fixed a bug that causes an error when the social icons widget is left empty
      • Fixed a bug that causes WordPress autoembeds not to work on text widget shortcode
      • No empty heading tags when the title is not specified for a page block
      • Added a bottom margin for images
    • New Features
      • Theme option to set the min/max height of the logo
      • Theme option to toggle dynamic header on/off
      • Theme option to set slider height based on screen height
      • Theme option for specifying custom CSS
      • Theme option for specifying custom CSS
      • Service shortcode has now two layouts, boxed or featured
      • Added text alignment and font weight for the heading shortcode
      • Added grayscale option for the google maps shortcode
      • Added grayscale option for the google maps widget
      • Added subtitle and size option for pages
    • Changes
      • Accordion padding increased
      • Submenu padding increased
      • TGMPA does not force plugins to be active anymore
      • TGMPA does not force plugins to be active anymore
      • Updated Magnific Popup plugin to v0.9.7
  • Version 1.0.1 – 16/10/2013
    • Fixes
      • Fixed an error in the page builder minified JavaScript that causes it to stop working
    • New Features
      • Theme now fully supports multilevel menus
      • Theme option to select mobile navigation type
      • Theme option to set slider height based on screen height
  • Version 1.0 – 13/10/2013
    • Initial Release
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