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Congratulations Great work , Good Luck :)

Thank you bdayh! I appreciate it :)

Awesome theme :) GLWS

Thank you!

Great theme! Awesome. GLWS :)

Thanks Vicky

Thanks metrothemes.

Thank you louiejie!

Pretty template, exactly what I needed!

Thank you Katya Design,. im glad you like it! Let me know if you need anything.

Nice work, I have a question, could add more menu ? and easy to edit on JS or CSS for added menu & content ?


Hi seueunchoi, you can add menu items easily,. its just an unordered-list element with display:table property so all list-items are the same width. Of course, it will look better if you have the same amount of options on both sides of the menu, so the logo stays centered. You can move the logo to one of the sides if you want anyways. Also, you might need to tweak the CSS a little to make font-size smaller if you have too many options.

About the javascript, there is no need to edit the javascript when adding new elements to the menu and page. The menu elements have a data-section property that lets the js know to what element to scroll to. You just need to give the related page section the same id.

It’s all in the documentation, but If you need any help im always around to help.

Best regards, AlchemyThemes

About the contact form: You have two different variables defined for subject $subject and $email_subject, so it doesn’t work. Secondly, in the email I get from the contact form, I see html tags
instead of actual line breaks. May want to fix that! Kate

Hi Kate, thanks for the report! I’ll fix ASAP and reupload.

Best regards

also, form allows sending empty message. there should be at least email field validation, otherwise there is no way to contact the person back.

Yeah, I didnt want to add any form validation because I wasnt sure who would need to validate what fields. But i suppose the e-mail should be always mandatory.

If you want me to send you a fixed version and not wait for codecanyon to accept the new item (could take more than 24 hours) send me a message via my portfolio’s contact form so i have your email address.


Thank you!

Hi, how do you config the google maps div?


Setting up Google Maps

Hi Karlgoddard,

You can edit the coordinates of the map from the js/levite.js file. There are 2 sets of coords:
  • Coordinates for the map view (line 236 of levite.js)
  • Coordinates for the marker (line 301 of levite.js)

To get the coordinates you need you can go to BING MAPS (yeah i know, the fact is that new Google Maps doesn’t let you get the coordinates needed) and search for whatever address you want, right click on that point of interest, and copy/paste the coordinates you see there.

Remember, the first set of coords is only for where you want the map centered on page load. The second set of coords is where you want the marker to be placed. The first one shouldnt be as exact as the second one. Of course, if you want the marker centered on the map, you can use the same.

Kind regards

Hello, thank you for your work.

Why your PSD is it different from the final result (no slider, the footer slightly different, no site quota, no skill bar in the team category). It is not very serious, but it’s a shame to end up with a different DSP. Although it can inspire. : p


Also, I can not place the marker (Levite) on the map. The map appears, without the marker … an idea?

Hi Lorraines,. the PSD is different because when i was designing it, I had a WP theme in mind. Since the DEMO is not the PSD, but the HTML, I don’t see why you say it isnt very serious, it’s not like im advertising one thing and selling a ‘less complete’ one.

To replace the map marker, just replace the marker file located in img/levite-mark.png. To replace the location of the marker, follow the instructions on the question previous to this one.

Thank you :)

Hi, I think this is a great theme. Is there a way for me to change the icon symbols under the Services section? Please advise. Thanks! Cecilia

Hi cecilia,

The icons are displayed using Font Awesome icon type font. This is a ‘font face’ with over 300 icons to choose from. If you check the html code of the template, you will notice that, for example, the apple icon is displayed like this:

<i class="icon-apple" />

You can replace that ‘icon-apple’ with the code for any other icon on the list : http://fontawesome.io/icons/


Oh wow! That’s pretty cool! I will check it out the website. Thanks!!!

well done, nice job;