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No live preview man ?

I dont understand why sometimes this marketplace got problems to show the live preview …

Right.. no live preview.

@MASSIX: There’s no problem with envato. I think the author choosed to be like this.

System32 released allready a lot of themes with live preview, I cant believe he choosed to be like this :)

Btw. i saw the live preview now and have to say that its a real nice and unique template. I wish you good luck with sales.

Hi System 32, Great concept, and another great design. On my monitor it appears as if the browser’s vertical scrollbar has been disabled. Though I like your minimal scroll approach, it took me some time to figure it out—not sure most users will quickly see-through that. The elimination of the browser vert scroll intentional? FireFox, 23” screen. If so, can it be enabled without degradation to your layout/design? Would still like to keep your minimal vert scrollbar active, and have browser scrollbar work correctly if mouseclicks outside the page content area, and for wider screens. Thanks so much. I look forward to purchasing this template.


Haven’t yet worked on that as i intentionally wanted to stop default vertical scroll bar but lets see what others say and if you can drop me mail from my profile page i can guide on how to do changes to that script.

Thank you guys!, I’m glad you all like the design.

i donno bhai , it always happens with ur live previews….most of the time they dont appear…for many of your themes…please correct it :)


There was a problem with my server so i will be changing the server this month ending so then you people won’t have seeing live previews

Nice template – only on a small screen (netbook 1024×600) the template got some problems!


This template is more flexible with higher resolutions but minimum also works. BTW Drop me a email with the screenshort URL

I really like it System32. Very fresh! A huge improvement from your last theme which I thought was a little poor for your usual high standard.

Great to see you back on form.

I am viewing the theme on a large lcd and it looks great. Definate bookmark. Best of luck with Sales. :winktongue:


i have just buyed it, perhaps if you’ll have some time to help me with some settings: - i need to put some french words into “ ” and for now i can’t (i guess is something related to iso settings for french language)

- what about the blank space from within the right end of the template just after the vertical scroll? with a 24 inch monitor it looks like a really waste of useful space. there would be great even if we could add a background color or something

However, your template rocks is very well coded and looks nice comparing to the “classic” ones…

Thank you


yes i have a solution for you. you can use a background color for that rightplace and for that fine pageright and use the background color for that. This is a bit tricky if you know css then for sure you can add it. regarding the french words i will try and let you know.

there was “piece of cake” to play with de background but it still remains the french charset problem: works great in html, but when style.css applyes – “É” dissapear and the word “referencement” turns to “rfrncement”... could you be so kind to give me an advice?

thank you

Any chance putting this into a wordpress theme? = i think you got me sold, but into a wordpress theme would really solve my concerns – especially with regards tot he blogs section +i would like to continuuslly write into the blog…

Please consider


Yes will make it in wordpress once i finish updating my other wordpress themes to 3.0 compatibility as well. May be in the next 2-3 weeks i think.

so, sorry to disturb you again, but it really gets me crazy: i used utf-8 but also iso-8859-1, i used “création” but i also tryed “création” with french html formatting – that changed nothing – when i publish the site, for a couple of seconds i can see the text in the right way, by after that – i presume when css formatting applyes – everything written with french accents dissapears. can you help me? any other solution than moving from Switzerland really appreciated… thank you


The problem is with the cufon font i used, even thought it supports german language and french and other it disappears. I am looking into it. Once i get a solution i will get back to you pleople

Great work m8! I was thinking about the same design structure for my next project, but from now I don’t have to think about it anymore because I dont have to make it! :P :)

mobiphone – Use the below file and replace it with your old font file located in cufon folder in js


:) you’re the best… thanks a lot and keep on doing great themes – i’m your client from now on…

hey system32,

hope you received my two e-mails I’ve sent you regarding your theme I just purchased. Please let me know since I am having trouble with it. Thanks. Other then these two minor issues, it looks great. Keep up the good work.


I have replied to you. Check your email please

Please change your business . if you know any thing else then please go ahead. You don’t know anything about website and design.


What do you mean by “You don’t know anything about website and design” tell me?

First Purchase / Download any one website , then you see what they are offering , what is the meaning of Documentation. If you have any kind of refund policy I really like to have refund my money. Total waste of money and time.


Let me know where you or myself gone wrong. Whats missing so that i can find a solution.