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I solved the problem Catalog/view/theme/lexus_mobile/template/module/cart.tpl 3.line edit Find : <h4><?php echo $heading_title; ?></h4> Replace :<a href="index.php?route=checkout/cart"><h4><?php echo $heading_title; ?></h4></a>

nice solution !

Hey was wondering if I can get some help with this problem Im having. Only just noticed it. When my customers try to click on the ‘Quick View’ icon instead of showing the quick view for the product, it shows a compact version of my store’s home page (front end).

Also I cant seem to be able to get the quick view icon for the products on my home page. It only shows when I click on a particular cartegory

Help would be appreciated.

My Store:

can i close this issue ? because resolve your issue at gmail

yes go ahead. Thnx again


joro79 Purchased


I have the following problem, install the template and modules but not achievement that the website look like the demo template

In this link you can see how the website is currently


joro79 Purchased

Thanks, images received just that I thought that the images they provided were the same as the demo of the template are


joro79 Purchased

good day

I want to comment on the following problem I see on my website, to give clik on the photos of the products in the demo template have the lightbox effect but if you check the website could see that the photos do not show the effect lightbox

can you please check once again your website ?
i tried to go your webiste link but it still redirect to xampp

Megamenu avaliable only at Opencart 2? What about

After installing theme I see this:

about file : lexus_mobile_full\
it’s version same with our demo, please install same with file opencart base
this file don’t need copy images

But what if I need setup theme for existing store on Opencart 1.5?

hi, we have support folder theme for version 1.5 you can follow our guide for install on old theme
please backup all data + files before upload folder our theme

At Demo we can “Add to Compare” but page not have link to ”/index.php?route=product/compare” – I can only manualy go to compare page.

Why you not have link to Compare page?

can you please provide your website link at here ?
then i will check this issue for you
about link compare page, wishlist page, i don’t sure can add it at footer link
because it was born when you click button

okay, you can send your issue and FTP via our gmail
then i will check and give some solution for you

Today I received notification about new version – what the difference?

the opencart version 2.0.2 have edit change captcha by google captcha, you can show changelog at

Lexus Mobile demo 2.0.2 view send me

i don’t see label “purchased” on your user, please provide your purchase code id at our gmail, then i will send for you version 2.0.2

no no I do not want to 2.0.2 theme.I want to see demo.

Hi, I want to know how to change Refine Search catalog image size, i can’t find from admin. Now it is 280×100.jpg , example:

Thanks & Best Regards,

can you please make somne screenshot describe your idea ?
it will easy for me check and give some solution for you

please see , under Refine Search

please goto file : catalog/view/theme/lexus_mobile/template/product/category.tpl
find text
<?php if( true &&  $categories = $helper->getCategoriesById() ){   ?>
replace text
<?php if( true &&  $categories = $helper->getCategoriesById(0, 200, 200) ){   ?>
number 200 are width and height of image

Dear this theme is full or error plz reply and resolve this issue or refund the money

please goto file config.php at ROOT folder
then defined “HTTPS_CATALOG” i find that you missing it

hello friends buy this theme at your own risk. this theme having lots of error i tested on version and support team is very unprofessional after so many mails there is no reply i do not know what the hell they are doing

Team Envato plz try to contact the developer of the theme and tell them to resolve the issue or ready to refund the money

Good luck

i have send link download version at your mail
please check

hello after i update the file my website stop working plz check the issue

and i am not able to add the the order from the admin plz check the following link the error appear

Pavotheme Copyrighted ?

sorry, i don’t understand you mean
this theme is using framework of pavothemes

how to make Pav Carousel auto scroll

and i am not able to add the the order from the admin plz check the following link the error appear

After i made the change according to u this start showing error in order page also i am not able to place the order also

i find that, it’s a problem about opencart system core, curently we only develop style on template of opencart, this theme does not related to system of opencart, you can check once again about version opencart which you are using

Dear sir plz resolve the issue Latest product are not showing properly label show is the latest product and the text is not proper i want to hide that

are you mean label “sale” ?
i think you should understand wrong our feature on this theme
the label “sale” show when you have special price on product,
on this theme, we don’t support other label about “new, or latest” product


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website admin starting showing following error Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘ErrorException’ with message ‘Error: Duplicate column name ‘related_category’
Error No: 1060
ALTER TABLE `oc_product` ADD `related_category` varchar(255) NOT NULL’ in /home/eageworld/public_html/system/database/mysqli.php:41 Stack trace: #0 /home/eageworld/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_library_db.php(75): DBMySQLi->query(‘ALTER TABLE `oc…’) #1 /home/eageworld/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-admin_controller_setting_setting.php(8): DB->query(‘ALTER TABLE `oc…’) #2 [internal function]: ControllerSettingSetting->index() #3 /home/eageworld/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_front.php(42): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #4 /home/eageworld/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_front.php(29): Front->execute(Object(Action)) #5 /home/eageworld/public_html/admin/index.php(166): Front->dispatch(Object(Action), Object(Action)) #6 {main} thrown in /home/eageworld/public_html/system/database/mysqli.php on line 41

i find that you are using vqmod (other extension) on our theme
please contact to provider vqmod for resolve your problems when install it


I have a problem.

When I put “Themeforest User” he informs not match the purchase”

you can submit ticket at themeforest and ask question
at here we only service support about theme


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I really fedup with this theme this theme have lost of internal code error i install this theme on hosting service provided by GOdaddy. ever time i open the website is slow down or resource limit reached. or page not available is its . now its is show smale image on different product. we put the different image but its show the same image once we click on the product its show the right image plz help me out

can you please keep contact with me at gmail ?
it’s very difficult for me if you duplicate issue at here


tanzan17 Purchased

Plz check your email

please wait … our technical are finding solution, we will reply for you soon when this bug resolve


tanzan17 Purchased

Dear i send u the mail but you are not replying to it

are you sure ?
on our files don’t have any files related to admin page, i think you should check once again some files or extension which you are using


tanzan17 Purchased even not able to select he products

can you please disable folder vqmod ?
i’m sure it will work fine when you disable it