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258 comments found. hi,,,hello, does this work with 100%.

i can send for you version quick install same with our demo,
if it difficult install with you


I would like to ask you how could I block google map? because when I scroll down with mouse scroller it automatically get zoom +, and page did not go to the bottom when scrolling, it stops on the map and get zoom. It is a bit frustrating.

Thank you.

you can goto file : catalog/view/theme/lexus_theme/template/information/contact.tpl
then remove code

<div id="contact-map"> </div>


itzikd1 Purchased

hello, i have a small problem, my filter box is aligen left insterad right:

possible to fix?

you should show both block modult at Left or Right columns
because on this theme we only support style for (Left column + content) or (Right Column + content)


itzikd1 Purchased

that is what i did, in english its ok, when you change language to hebrew there is a problem.

the box is in the right place

the text inside it is on the left instead right …

on your website still work fine on RTL, can you please take a screenshot explain for this issue ?

few pre sales questions. 1. can i have both left and right colon (sidebars) in category page? 2. Can i show on mobile view (option to show left sidebar) show custom module like atribute filters if it is published in category page right colon? 3. Can i show custom links in top menu? 4. does blog articles have url alias or only id?

1. we only support use left or right in category page
2. we don’t support style same with your idea
3. at top menu, we have support TYPE = URL in module megamenu for you custom
4. currently, it’s id


How could I display none to the H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6?

I enabled it but on the product page it looks not so good with 3 headers and title of the product.

please send your issue and website link via our gmail
then i will check and give some solution for you


Can not find in instruction how to build such as menu. have modified all vertical megamenu like in your admin. Can not build Books&Audio category such as on screen. A little help it would be appreciated . Thank you. ( I tried to load sample data, and no changes, Just tell how to make this menu. with widget, or html. )

if you are using version 1.5.6 you can follow our setting on pav vertical menu, it’s widget
user/pass = demo/demo

hi, please how do i change the default currency to nigerian naira?

Talk Soon Regards

hi please follow guide :

Pls, i keep getting an empty page when i installed this theme.i mean the index page is just blank.

please see image link:
it’s struct folder package download when you extract file

this is what i have after extracting it guides licencing modules themes Can u send me your mail so i can send u my account details

okay, our gmail


We have these errors, Please help to fix these: 1. Currency is not changing ( 2. Contact Us Captcha image is not displaying 3. On front page and categories page there was an option which was flipping the thumbnail image when quick view was turn off. Please let me know we can achieve that.

okay, can you please send your issue via our gmail ?
then our technical will check and give some solution for you

Is there an documentation for OC Many of the modules aint working properly and the documentation is only for 1.5.x.x versions :) Thanks

you can goto our demo set-up same our config, or contact to our technical, we will guide for you

Thanks :)

The image-display looks different depending if you use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox. I like the Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox-style better. How to make it default also for Internet Explorer-users? Thanks. Image:

Hello. Thanks you :)

sorry, i don’t sure IE support CSS3 and HTML5 on old version,

Im using Internet Explorer 11. Version 11.0.9600.17801

Is it possible to decrease the width of the search-field? :) Thanks

you can style css for edit change width search-field if you knowledge about stylesheet


wwwtech Purchased

Hello themelexus-team,

The countdown function doesn't appear on the product detail page. Is that possible to include it?
Also, Is that possible to show the user how much money he saved, how much discount, etc .. on deals' products ?

Thank you

1, we don’t support countdown function on the product details page because this function related to hack code on opencart
2, we only make style theme on template of opencart, you should goto and find some other extension same with your idea


This is my site url : How can I add/remove mega submenu. Right now I want to show brand logo in collection tab. It was working fine but after I updated the theme it stopped working.

Looking for support, Thanks

in Pav Layers Sliders I cannot change style of text layer. It shows preview but after saving the slide it restores old style.

you can send your admin page + issue via our gmail
then our techical will help you

Hi, I found responsive no show Categories after I click “Menu”. May I know how to add my product category show in responsive?

this theme only support show categories small screen


nik1207 Purchased

Hello, please tell me how to add image to categories inside Refine Search

sorry, please keep default config on opencart,
we don’t support function show image for Refined Search,
because it’s very hard to auto re-size images

Hello themelexus! Great theme. I recommend for ALL! However how to change text from “Add to cart” to “Pre-order” if stock is zero, but status is pre-order. Check image, thanks :)

you should buy other extension for your idea
because on opencart don’t support this function

Hi Lexus I am having issue that when i am adding custom Js from admin “customization” option, its not working, i tried clear cache.. but still not working can you please assist me in that.

if you want custom Js, you can goto file ; catalog/view/theme/lexus_theme/javascript/common.js