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There is a problem with “Enable Compress Css” in Pavo Theme Control Panel, when enabled it doesn’t compress SSL, so the site is never 100% secure.

Please advise.


Yes Sir, i reported this issue to developer checking this we will check to fix it soon. Thanks

Hi, just wondering if you guys will add Pav Deals module for this theme? It would be good to have the module included.


Hi mate, there’s another thing i would like to point out is the font on this theme can’t be BOLD. I wonder if its part of the design intention or error with the stylesheet?


Sorry, the above comment is for lexus superstore theme. I posted on the wrong place.

Hello again!

Help me, please, understand how (or where) I can translate terms that have numbered and highlighted in green in the screenshot is available at: http://metodologica.info/metodologica/traducao.png and I list below:

1) “My Menu” in the upper left corner;
2) Tag “Special” in the product showcase;
3) Tag “Most viewed” in the product showcase;
4) Seal “sale” on products with promotion;
5) Tag “Latest” in the product showcase;
6) “Your e-mail adress” field fill in the newsletter.

In more precise compliment your fantastic and very powerful theme. Congratulations!


please open file in folder: catalog/languages/english/modules

themecontrol.php, special.php, pavcarousel, pavproducttabs, pavnewsletter,.... all modules from pavothemes having prefix pav/ Thanks

Hi, how can i make Pav Layers Sliders appear in mobile devices? thanks


please open file theme/lexus_mobile/template/common/footer.tpl and find this:

pav-slideshow hidden-xs hidden-sm


pav-slideshow hidden-xs


Does theme work with multi stores? After I’ve added a store to my default corporate website, everything is ruined. Theme overwites links, menues, templates for all stores except default one. :(


Can you please send us admin, ftp account for themelexus@gmail.com we will check to find solution on yours . i will ask my staff checking it on mine Thanks


I’ve figured that out! Menu and other modules from the theme work great. The problem was with my localhost settings. Website and mulistore websites are ok on the server. Anyway, thathks for a quick reply.


Ok, Thanks for reply
Let me know if you need anything further
Kind Regards.

Hiya! Great theme! Just a quick question…

I’m using the mega menu which is great but I noticed when in the product view screens where the Menu Drop Down overlaps the products it seems that depending on where you move your mouse it triggers the jQuery events from the products underneath and makes the menu disappear which makes the menu drop down pretty much unusable and client is dis-satisfied which I can understand.

Is there a fix for this as I imagine others will be having the same problem… This was tested using the latest Firefox…

Appreciate your assistance with this! :)


please send us purchased code and your issue information for themelexus@gmail.com our staff will works with you. Thanks

Hey themelexus,

Sorry, I must have logged in using my other account so it didn’t show it was purchased! :)... If you could answer the above question would be much appreciated!



Thank for reply
You should use account (purchased). or you can send your issue and about your website Link via our gmail themelexus@gmail.com
Then our technical will give some solution for you