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Hi, i use version 2 and i cant see in the modules Pav Custom Module. How can i change the social media ,the banners etc?

sorry, we don’t support it on version 2 beacasue the opencart have module HTML content same with it
you can edit change social at Custom HTML on module Newsletter,
in system page > design > banner, you can manage banners
please see our demo for settting on your website


I have a pre- purchase question.

Do I need to purchase a blog template for the theme blog platform, or how does it work?

please read our guide for install
we have support a version quick install at file


I have send you email , through support form , could you help me out with the problem , i am getting error…...

regards prakash

please check once again your VQMOD,
and contact to provider if you are using vqmod for Customer function

Hi, i have version for does this version is responsive? or do i need to changet for a newest version? Because, according to Google, my site is not responsive.

hi, i have check on your website
the responsive still work, please take some screenshot show bug, then i will give some soltuion for you

Hi, I have the following error in the page when I’m trying to add a review and the captcha is not showing.

Undefined variable: entry_captcha in C:\xampp\htdocs\new\catalog\view\theme\lexus_store\template\product\product_detail_hitech.tpl on line 318

can you help?

Thank you!

if you tried upgrate to
please wait …. this theme don’t have latest for this version at this time


afixar Purchased

To activate the Featured Products, the HTML/CSS is all bent out of shape, I’ve sent a few emails and never was answered. How do I have your attention?

can you please provide your mail address at here ?
i will feedback with our staff check and give some solution for you


h720 Purchased

When this theme is compatible with OpenCart 2.0.2 ?

we are waiting themeforest verify this theme
please send your issue via our gmail
then i will send file 2.0.2 for you

Hi My client purchased this Lexus theme. After installing it I immediately noticed how slow the store became, and sometimes going from the frontend to the admin area makes the site hang. Also in the admin area when you upload an image via the OC modal the javascript throws and infinite alert. Also some PHP errors on the pav modules

what could be causing this, do you have a latest version with bug fixes?

you should upload small size image, because your cpanel is using option for limited size when upload, or you can goto cpanel and set-up large size for upload

Hi, Checkout button not working on my ipad and iPhone. Help me pls. Thanks.

can you please send your issue and website link + FTP via our gmail
then our technical will check and give some solution for you


g30rg3 Purchased


i have a proble at newsletter template..

up to footer is the newslatter but not as in the demo style.

please help.. thanks

hi i find that you are using old version, please download package and update it at latest version 2.0.2


dunn123 Purchased

I get this error when refreshing the modifications page.

Warning: DOMDocument::loadXML(): Empty string supplied as input in /home/sites/ on line 140Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/sites/ on line 143

If I disable PavoFramework 3.0 the modifications page refreshes fine.

Any ideas?


dunn123 Purchased

Using OC


dunn123 Purchased

However, now I have re-enabled it I can’t refresh that section to start seeing the Theme mods.

please goto admin page > extension > modification > delete PAV Framework 3.0

Hi, Does this theme support Version

hi, this theme have support v2.0.3.1

Hi could you please help me to find and edit module for topbar for lexus store theme

can you please make some screenshot show me your idea ?
then i will find some solution for you

I’am not able to attach screenshot as it is not showing any option. my store is couple of errors I’am facing on this issue is.

1. I need to edit & change the topbar (which is now contains “My Account, Wish List, Shopping Cart, Checkout”) & I need to change it to (“My Account, Wish List, Register, Login”) 2. When I click on forget password after filling email id on click of continue the page is going blank. 3. When I click on contact us page the page is going blank. 4. After adding mail settings in mail still mails are not being sent also not able to receive. No order process confirmations mail, no registration confirmation mail, no, no newsletter mails. all mail options are not working

1, we have support service customize for edit change, you can follow our service at
2, about mail, the opencart default support very poor about send and receive mail
the forget password and contact … etc… don’t work if you setting wrong config in admin
i don’t see your label “purchased” on your user, we don’t have provice service if you don’t have licence

Hello , my site is showing Quick View Button even after i have disabled it from the Theme Control Panel. kindly Help is resolving the Problem

send your issue and your FTP info via our gmail

Hello how can I add for example facebook like box under categories? See screenshot please.

Thank you.

sorry, this theme don’t have option same like that your idea

hi ,

prepurchase questions:

1. is it available for ? 2. the size of the pictures can be changed to a square aspect ratio ?

(1), currently, this theme support on version 2.1
(2), sorry, it should be same like our demo

Lexus store theme is not coming in the Settings > Store I am using the opencart Please do the needful.

Please share the latest documentation also

currently, this them only support on version
we don’t have files on version please wait

Notice: Undefined variable: icon in /home/ushopus/public_html/catalog/view/theme/lexus_store/template/common/header.tpl on line 86 Notice: Undefined variable: google_analytics in /home/ushopus/public_html/catalog/view/theme/lexus_store/template/common/header.tpl on line 104

how to resolve these errors in

Please help me out

i find that you are try update on version
please send your issue via our gmail
then our technical will guide for you