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I installed the sample data and the site works great. I changed out sample data Slider (Home) images and description text for each image to mine… now only the spinning circle show up and none of my images, etc. What am i missing? http://cabin.wpengine.com/ is the site. Thanks, David


OK, figured it out… thanks!

I have purchased your template and am having some problems with the menu. Please take a look at:


I would like to have the 2 column approach as in the live preview of this template and some of the categories are not showing any content, although there are pages with that category selected. Please let me know how to fix this.


Hi, you can create menu list view just like in preview by using default template then insert your menu shortcode list on editor. Look sample below:

[menus name="menu-category-1"]
[menus name="menu-category-2"]
[menus name="menu-category-3"]

I am having an issue with the Gallery page. In the options I have it set to display 12 images at a time. I have 17 images, but only the first page of images is displayed. When I click on the pagination to go to page 2, I get a page with “Page is not found” at the top. How can I display more than one page of images?


Hi, can you send your url regarding this issue. Also this issue could be caused by your page name ‘gallery’, Try to rename your gallery page like ‘My Gallery’ or other name. I know this bit weird, i will fix it soon. For now you can try to use different name for gallery page.

The reason why some people are having with the slider on the home page is that they are entering HTML that contains double-quotes in the code. If you edit your slider post in text mode and replace all double-quotes with single-quotes, your page will display properly. I hope Designesia will make a fix for this soon.


Sorry, i will try to make slider description more flexible.

I am creating a Menu (wordpress structure) because I want to show ALL Items under certain category, for example is I have 5 items under Mozarella Cheese, I need to display that content, but is not working: www-eldeli-com-ni/menu_category/queso-mozarella/

I replace . per – in the url above


It is solved, I create a blank page and insert the Shortcode [menus name=”category_name”] and show the items, all fine, I hope this information works for another buyer

Hi pre-sale questions, just want to confirm that we can place a custom image background on all the pages? Also, is translation available for our needs in spanish and if yes, will it show the calendar for reservations in spanish? For example the months in spanish ect. On the home page can full page image effect be turned off? Thank you, very nice design! James B.


Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes you can use custom image background for all pages and post. Translation ready is for default languange (en_EN), you can do by your self for another language. I can guide your for this. For slider effect on homepage is possible to turn off.

Sorry one last question, on the full slider can a smaller image be placed as another layer on top of the main image with a url? Thank you, James B.


Sorry, slider description only support for text right now.


Last question, can the email header support the placement of images, like the restaurant’s logo?


It require changes on source code.

Hello, How do I modify the Thumbnail View page (http://lezzatos.themenesia.com/thumbnail-view/) to show only a certain category of menu items, and not all of them?

Also, when I follow your intstructions in creating a new menu item…
To create new portfolio item, navigate to: Menu > Add New.
Type page name
Select menu thumbnail view from Page Attributes

... I do not see the Page Attributes option on the Menu page editor. I only see Publish and Categories in the sidebar. Any ideas?

Thank you.



Sorry, currently thumbnail view cannot show specific category. It will show all categories. For next update i will add this feature.


Thank you. And what about the Page Attributes not showing on the Menu page, as per your instructions?


Sorry my mistake, what i mean is create new page by navigate to navigate to: Pages > Add New. Then select menu thumbnail view from Page Attributes

Hi again, The website, thanks to this theme is Awesome!, but I got a problem and hope you can helpme with this, when I see the details page (products) appear “You may also like:” and under that is the thumb + title + red box for price.

How can I hide that red box?


I found it, single-menu.php; I just delete the line 54

div class=”price”


Sorry my mistake, just let me know if you have any question.


All fine now. Thanks

I installed your theme for I have a problem with the menu-list at home page

You can see it at this url http://www.tapatin.com

As you can see, the menu list is not getting the correct css class

Thank you


Hi, just make sure you have created menu by navigate to Appearance > Menus

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Hi, great theme! I need to add the footer to the home page slide show, how can this be done? Thnx


Hi, sorry this currently not possible, i will add this feature on next update.

hello, buy the issue but not where activating the demo, you could you help me, please…


Hi, to import sample data from your WordPress admin page navigate to Tools > Import then browse to folder ‘xml sample data’ to find sample data.

This theme has been great so far. Looking forward to the next update. Is there an estimate when the next update will be released?


Update will be available around this month.

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Got the latest update and WP4.0. Why do pictures suddenly not align in posts the way I want them to? Right/left. It looks like your theme is still lacking that basic ability, so I tried with different plugins to allow this, but I still can’t align pictures. Anyone? Please don’t tell me I have to recode the css. And please do not refer me to your support page. It’s slow and often incomplete answers I get and writing back and forth for days is painful. Just give me a straight answer here, please!

Could I extend this theme to include a shopping cart without too much customization?