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hello, please could you erase my purchase code from the comments ? Thanks

I find some solution but I always have issues with : - include link to a page in the footer (legal) or a secondary menu (legal + contact) - social icon facebook doesn’t work. The adress is i tried :

but nothing works.

And I don’t undestand how to use the menu, doen’t look like the demo !!

my website is

thanks for your answer. regards idesaintleger

For Facebook social icon you need to insert your Facebook ID not full url. So you can insert brasseriehoteldevillefresnes on theme options.

Hello, it’s been several months since I’ve updated Lezzatos theme. Could you tell me where I can download the latest version?

You can login using your Envato account then go to download tab to re-download the theme. Then replace your current theme with the latest one.

Hi, I would simply like to reorder the menu-categories when they ALL are shown. How and where do i do it? I do not see an option in the menu-cateorie overview. I’m referring to this page: regards, Cecile

Hi, you can re-order menu-categories just by drag n drop use this plugin

I have a pizza restaurant client that has multiple prices per menu item. That makes for a rather tall red price box. For instance Hawaiian Pizza : personal $6.30 sm $10 med $13.80 lg $16.90

I tried widening the ”.price” div in custom css but it’s not taking: .price { width: 53px; } You can view site at


You can use code below. For menu grid view:

.menu-grid-view .price {
   width: 140px;
   font-size: 13px;    

For menu list view:

.menu-item .price {
    width: 120px;

Hi! I have problem to select position and font type on My Lezzatos Theme menu. Can you help me?


Sorry i not clear with your issue, can you explain more?

Hi! I have problem to select position and font menu. Can you help me?

Ok. Thanks! Can you help me showing what reservations files i change body of e-mails sends to person and me?

Can you help me showing what reservations files i change body of e-mails sends to person and me?

Hi, to modify reservation form you you can open file page_reservation.php.

Hi! Slider don´t working. Can you help me?

Hi, try to make slider description clear without formatting. You can remove all blank paragraph from slider description. On WordPress editor you can edit text for slider on ‘text’ mode then remove <p> and </p> from slider description.


geagame Purchased

Hi, i have purchase your template Lezzatos v1.2.4 and i have2 problems, at the moment

1 – I have change the Slide ad now home page don’t load it 2- I have load my logo and in Edge and Google Chrome it’s ok in wordpressit’s too big.

i have make an administrator acces for you

lezzatos lezzatos125

this is my license

Licensor’s Author Username: designesia Licensee: Fabio Zanoli Item Title: Lezzatos: Restaurant Responsive Wordpress Theme Item URL: Item ID: 4743687 Item Purchase Code: 009e88fe-4169-4d49-bcb4-3d1fffb07167 Purchase Date: 2015-10-27 15:03:14 UTC

TY Fabio

I Had sand an email 25 November like this comment


geagame Purchased

ok, your form don’t work – The jetpack form work … what’s the problably problem for you ?

Not sure why, other customers got it works. If you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. You can send message through my profile.


geagame Purchased

Ok, done. I had send the massage.

Hi, in few cases a menu item jump and create one blank space between itens. Like on this link. Can you help me?

Hi, this is normal. We set minimal height for each menu item. Maybe you need add picture to prevent it looks like jump. I will try to make it better on next update.

Ok. Thanks!

Hi, “copymail” don´t working. In Contact and Reservation forms. Help me please! E-mail arrive to destination but don´t send a copy mail to me.

Hi, if you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. You can send message through my profile.

Hi, i need price appear before menu descriptinon pages like this: Can you tell me what php page i move div?

Sorry for misunderstand. Please use code below (custom css):


.menu-item .price{
position: relative;
right: 0;
top: 100px;
Thanks! It work but generate two problems. See image on link. And on android mobile, price stay over text description too.


There’s another way by source code modification, you can send message through my profile.

Hi. I can’t seem to get the theme to display side bars. Even though I set up the pages to be “Page with sidebar (right)

Site is

Make sure you have selected a sidebar to display.

Hi I just figured the sidebar out, didn’t have one selected, thanks

Does this template work with WordPress 4.4.1? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your interest! Yes it works.


pcebela Purchased

How to set different slider for different language on website?


In slider title and editor field you can separate text language by insert language code. As example you want to set 2 language for text ‘Home’, you can use code below:


pcebela Purchased

I have one more question; mobile menu does not appear on mobile devices. The web site is On mobile devices is only hidden link to page that is set on slider

It seems you have not yet set primary menu for your website so menu doesn’t show on mobile. You can create “primary menu” by navigate to “Appearance > to ‘Appearance > Menu”.

HI, just bought this theme. My menue looks dameged, what is it about? I need 9 menue-items, isn’t there enough space for them?


Thanks for your purchase! Regarding your issue, make sure to created ‘primary menu’ by navigate to ‘Appearance > Menu’. It seems you have not yet set primary menu for your website

Hi, I am trying to install a child theme style sheet for the Lazzato theme. I am using the following in the child themes style.css:

/* Theme Name: Suttons Theme URI: http: // Description: Child theme for the Lazatos theme Template: Lazatos Version: 1.0 -----------—- */

@import url(”../lazzatos/style.css”);

But it tells me that the parent theme isn’t installed:

Suttons The parent theme is missing. Please install the “Lazatos” parent theme.

Also the Lazzatos theme is spelled two ways. Could that be part of the problem?

Can we please get this sidebar issue fixed? My client is getting very angry that this hasn’t been resolved.


I don’t have sidebar issue. Make sure you have select sidebar from list. See below

Thank you. I totally missed that 2nd sidebar setting. That is a brilliant system for publishing a different sidebar on different pages.

I kept getting a 404 with the error: ?/wp-content?/themes?/lezzatos?/images?/bgbtn.png that its missing. I checked my file directory and there is no file. I’ve also went back to the latest version zip file and noticed it wasn’t there either. Any chance to include that or send it over?


Can you tell me exactly where is message above show so i can check it. Because i don’t experienced issue above.

I keep getting a 404 error that that file does not exist. I checked the main installation folder and also the wordpress folder on the site and it was not there either. This file is referenced to in the file (.btn:hover{ color:#FFF; background:url(../images/bgbtn.png) top repeat-x #333; padding:5px 10px 5px 10px;display:inline-block; margin-top:10px; padding:3px 15px 3px 15px;})


If you can send url related with your issue so i can check it. For code above you can try to delete ‘url(../images/bgbtn.png) top repeat-x’.

Hello, I purchased this theme last week. The theme is perfect and I have configured my website without any problems. The only issue is on some theme detecting apps, like WP Sniffer, the name of the theme shows up as Lezzatos. Can you please let me know how to change it to my website name. My website is Thanks in advance.

Regards, Renu


Thanks for your purchase! Please send message through my profile.

Hi I sent you an email on your profile. Please let me know how to go about solving my problem. Thanks

Please check your email.

Hello, I currently have WordPress 4.5.2 and can’t seem to add images to my slider. I try to add a new image, but after clicking “insert into post,” nothing happens. I’ve seen others have similar issues but no solutions have worked for me. Any help you can give is much appreciated.

Thank you, Danny Dubin


For slider you must insert slider image in featured image field on right sidebar, not in editor.