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The white box pop up box on the homepage does not show up on mobile devices. Is there anyway to rectify this issue? It seems as if it is rendering but the box will not show up.

Let me clarify, it did not stop working after the code was inserted.

I see where others had problems below. I will see if I can fix based on the instructions below.

All is well. THANK YOU!!!!!

Hi, prior to buy it,

is this theme fully compatible with the latest wp version ?


Thanks for your interest! :)
Yes this theme is compatible with latest WP version as you can see on preview, it use latest WP version.


I have three doubts:

How can I change the footer to add a link?

How can I make a border in the pictures off this kind of presentation?

How can I change the form to include my email to receive the information?

How can I do a link to see the original website from smartphone in the place of mobile option?

Thank you!

Best regards,


There’s border around your images. But cannot see it because your image has white/transparent background that same like border color.

Ok, in this case How can I change de color of the border? Thank you very much!

You can insert code below in custom css field:

.single-menu .pic img {   
    background-color: #cccccc;

Change #cccccc with any hex color code

Autoscare Images. When I add image on page, it doesn’t scale to the window. How can I enable the images to scale according to window size?


Add class name “img-responsive” to your image. On WordPress editor switch to tab “Text”.

<img src="my-image.jpg" class="img-responsive" />

Then insert code below in custom css (Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS

@media only screen and (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px) {
.img-responsive{width:100%; height:auto;}

@media only screen and (max-width: 479px) {
.img-responsive{width:100%; height:auto;}



rombro Purchased

Hi, Home slider doesn’t work. I added 2 items with images in the slider. the slider images are not displayed.


Can you send your website url so i can inspect your issue.


qy-john Purchased

Hi, I’ve problem in deploying site with this lezzatos.

When we create menu category in Chinese, this theme can’t support the Chinese character shown on category page.

Please indicate how we solve this problem. Thank you.



Thanks for your purchase! Can you send your website url? It’s only menu categories which not turn to Chinese language or any else? I will research for this issue.

I’ve written to you with detailed description on May 29, and I’m still waiting for your solution these days. Thank you.


Sorry for late reply. Please check your email.


How can I put a a link to show (in a smartphone) the original version PC?

Thank you!


Sorry, currently the layout is depends on screen size. I will consider to make options to disable redponsive design on next update.


How can I change the icon of Social Media? Where are the files?

Thank you.

Files for social icons are under folder lezzatos/images/social-icons and lezzatos/images/social-icons-16px

On the page attributes I select Youtube video how do I select or paste the link?

You can paste video id on editor.

Hi there, I am experiencing a problem with the resolution of the header logo on mobile devices. It becomes blurred / pixelated for some reason… Is there a fix for this? Thanks.


Your logo is looks fine on my iPhone. Can you send your screenshot?

Sure – I will have to send it via a private message as I cannot see a way of uploading an image from this comments section. Thanks

Thanks for the reply. All fixed and looking great!

Hello. dont work pagination. When i click 2nd page – 404 error. Please Help.

Hi, seems this issue caused by your page name ‘gallery’, Try to rename your gallery page like ‘My Gallery’ or other name. Page name cannot be same with custom post name.

Hello, is it an easy way to add the WP usual search box on the header? I think the widgets are kind os disabled, and can’t see where to enable them. Thank you.

And by the way, is there a way of creating menu elements(Thumbnail view, or grid view), just for the categories i want? And the last one… because i can’t see this in the demo, but is there pagination in case my menu is too long for one page?


To make search bar on header require modify, i will consider to make it on next version.

To make specific gallery page it could be done by using ‘Gallery Categories”. You must set category name for each gallery item that you created. Then add it to menu by navigate ‘Appearance > Menu’. You will see ‘Gallery Categories’ title, click it to expand. If it’s not there you can show it by click ‘Screen Options’ on top right corner to enable it. Once you done you can mark category name that you want then click ‘Add to menu’.

Hello, my code : 1c1c6cb0-2bfe-446b-b1fc-7127e65c5026

I have some problems : - to translate the contact form in french, i don’t find the form… - slider works one time, I saw the result on screen but after I created an othe slider, that doesn’t work

thnk’s for help


Thanks for your purchase! For contact form code you can open file page_contact.php.

For your slider issue, try to make slider description clear without formatting. You can remove all blank paragraph from slider description. On WordPress editor you can edit text for slider on ‘text’ mode then remove <p> and </p> from slider description.

How do I hide an icon on the home page? I set the counter. i need home page`s id or class. – screen