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hello greate theme but if you support rtl in next releases i buy it can you support that it is time to support rtl and rtl languages is default of instalation of prestashop in 1.6!

it is very simple just put rtl.css in theme css dir and set classes as important tag for rtl sample:

can you support it in nexr releases?

sorry, it doesn’t included RTL

i hope you support it in next version of your theme

also update black card to default way of prestashop in v1.6

RTL lang is default of prestashop instalation in v1.6

is there any update for last prestashop version and support RTL?

Hello, I have just a little question please. I want know how to modify the default welcome message. Thanks a lot !

themes\libra_theme_name\modules\blocklanguages\blocklanguages.tpl. Find the “Default Welcome Msg!” and edit!

For problems “Price 0 in page product when have combinations”

you could fix this by changing file themes/yourthemename/product.tpl

find {$group_reduction}

and replace it by {1-$group_reduction}

Yes, Thank you very much !

I bought a template libre. I have a question. how to make a logo that was a transparent background? I want you as a logo in the demo

1. To be transparent logo image you need to upload an image file format:. Png. and set Admin> Preferences> IMAGES> Find the “Image quality”, choose “Use PNG only if the base image is in PNG format.”
2. You to: Admin> Modules> Find modules “Facebook Block “

Thanks for the reply. I have two questions. 1. Is it normal that I do not have a full translation of the store pages? My language is Polish. Now I have to explain more than 600 words. 2. Can i edit the size and position of the logo? I would like to make it bigger and shifted to the right. Please help me.

1. you can download language package this link: .
2. You can change the size and position of the logo and make it bigger and shifted to the right

Can i update my prestashop to

Have any problem with the theme?

Hi, You can update your prestashop to If you have issue you can contact us. We will help you solve it. You don’t worry

Hi, Is it possible to add the possibility of buying as a guest?

Sorry, we don’t understand. You can provide more details. We will help you.

I have a problem with the function of buying without registration. In the template Libra for prestashop does not have a built form and the basic of prestashop looks bad. Are you planning to upgrade the built-in form to match the template? For example, in Libra for Magento looks very nice. Very need this feature in the store.

Thank you ! We will think about this

Hello, I have a lot of problems with this theme (It’s not for me, but for a client) : - The product display are in one line (Picture, add to cart, description, this is really ugly). - A little number appear in home slider. - I’m french, and I want modify “Home” to “Accueil”, but it’s not possible. Help me please, I can’t continue to work in this conditions … And sorry for my bad english, i’m french ! Thank’s for all guys !

You can make a ticket . We will check and fix it for you. You don’t worry

Hi, I made ticket, I wait your solution. Thanks for all !

ok, we will check and help you

Hi Team, How can i change the default welcome message at the left side in the header ( id=”header_user_info ). Thanx for help!

I just found the answer in a previous question ;) solved!

ok, thanks !

Hello, i have downloaded and installed the theme on a clean shop. How i can insert the demo content? I have nothing and it looks terrible. I need it for work. Please help, i create a ticket on your ticket system 1 week ago. But nobody help me. I have send all access data.

If you want use your website with demo content, you need install quickstart package with sample database.

Its no quickstart package (or folder) included. Only the template data.

We have quickstart prestashop 1.5. If you want use 1.6, you can install theme


I purchased this theme, but I can’t seem to change the header menu. How can I arrange my pages in the menu?


You can see document for change the header menu. It it doensn’t work you can make a ticket . We will help you.

Hello. In the documentation i have the point to ad a tab on product detail site (PDF site 274). Here u have a module was called “Product Tabs”. I need a tab on the site, but i can find nothing in downloaded folders. Can u help me?

Where does you want add tab ?

I need a cms content on the product detail site.

It isn’t available. You need custom or find other modules for it.


Thanks for your theme… My question is… How can I change the language of the following parts?

1. Authentication page: You find in front-office translations ( search: authentication ) 2. New/Sale label: We use images. You can overwrite them follow direction: /themes/pos_libra/img New product title: You find in Installed modules translation ( Search Posnewproduct ). If you can’t see it, maybe it had lost. You can open a ticket, we’ll check it. Thank you !

Thank you… I have a new problem. How can add products or eliminate the “Lastest Products” because I can see like in your demo. Please check in the link:

If you need more help you can open a ticket

Good morning

I send a email a 8 days before and i don’t receive any answer.

i activate 2 coins but i can’t change the coins on front store page (he don’t appear), how i can add a botton or something else like the demo?

Hi, We have responded all ticket. What does your email ? We will check it again.

Hi, the email is

Please check your email account (ferreirex @gmail)


webbax Purchased


With Prestashop, if an item has variations, when zoom can view other products (with the left / right navigation) :

This problem does not occur with the default theme, can you look?

Thank you

Hi, You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will check and help you fix it.

Hello , I love your theme but some small problems . The slider on the theme “sport” is not displayed ? Can you fix this bug?

I already made a request on your ticket platform unanswered by you


Hi, You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will check and help you

Is the theme is compatible with Prestashop ? thanks

ok thanks

Hello, I’ve just send you a ticket because there is few issues with positionning …

Please, you can wait and check your email get ticket ID, follow your ticket. We will help you.


MTDECO Purchased


I have some problems with your theme. Indeed, some Certain page does not display correctly

Have you ever see this problem ?


Hi, We checked your website and see products show. You can check it again.


MTDECO Purchased


On this sreenshoot you can see my problem. The display is not normal with grid and list view.

Can you check it ?


You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will check and help you


I’m interested to buy your theme “Libra” very clean. I’m some question before: 1 – Can we insert video in the pages and in the information products page ? 2 – Can we insert the video in the slider in the background ?



1. You can insert video in the pages and in the information products page

2. It isn’t possible.

Hi, Thank you for your answers. I can perhaps add a plugin for the slider that accepts videos instead of your initial slider in home page ?


You can find a slider module that support using video. If there’s any problem, we’ll help you :)


JaviSa Purchased

As I show more than 5 categories in the menu for mobile . Now only has 5


You can open a ticket We will help you.