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I need to have the social icons open a new window, thanks

Thanks a lot for your inquiry, please follow the given guideline to make the social media work,

1- follow this link to edit donation settings. http://prntscr.com/alf0sg 2- go to lifeline/style.css and paste this code at the end of file.
.cause-bar {
    display: none !important;
3- go to plugins tab and activate woocommerce plugin after that go to woocommerce settings and make your desire settings about cart and different products. 4- a) Cause is the custom post type about that reason for which people donate. b) Projecs is the custom post type in which you create different projects and require donation relevant that projects. c) Team is the custom post type in which you can add you staff or team member who works for your organization. 5- go to lifeline/header-social-icon.php at line number 42 and find this code
<?php if ( sh_set( $settings, 'sh_show_soical_icons' ) == 'true' ): ?>
      <div class="header-social">
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_rss' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_rss' ) . '" title=""><i class="icon-rss" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_gplus' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_gplus' ) . '" title=""><i class="icon-google-plus" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_facebook' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_facebook' ) . '" title=""><i class="icon-facebook" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_twitter' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_twitter' ) . '" title=""><i class="icon-twitter" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>

        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_linkedin' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_linkedin' ) . '" title=""><i class="icon-linkedin" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_pintrest' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_pintrest' ) . '" title=""><i class="icon-pinterest" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
     <?php endif; ?>
and replace with
<?php if ( sh_set( $settings, 'sh_show_soical_icons' ) == 'true' ): ?>
      <div class="header-social">
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_rss' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_rss' ) . '" target="_blank" title=""><i class="icon-rss" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_gplus' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_gplus' ) . '" target="_blank" title=""><i class="icon-google-plus" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_facebook' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_facebook' ) . '" target="_blank" title=""><i class="icon-facebook" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_twitter' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_twitter' ) . '" target="_blank" title=""><i class="icon-twitter" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>

        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_linkedin' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_linkedin' ) . '" target="_blank" title=""><i class="icon-linkedin" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
        <?php echo ( sh_set( $settings, 'contact_pintrest' ) ) ? '<li><a href="' . sh_set( $settings, 'contact_pintrest' ) . '" target="_blank" title=""><i class="icon-pinterest" /></a></li>' : ''; ?>
     <?php endif; ?>

Thanks a lot – let us know if you need further guideline.

Pre-sales question? Can I accept donations with Authorize.net?

Thanks for your interest, at this time it is not compatible with Authorize.net but we will make it compatible within a week of your purchase. If you will make the purchase we will give this feature free of cost. Thanks again :)

Hi! Great theme, thanks! Two questions: 1. How to get the theme full width like the demo has? Somehow it gets stuck boxed and I don’t see the option to change it. Maybe I am overlooking it?

2. I would like to use the social media buttons on top right of the menu, but we don’t use all the social media options given. Would it be possible to remove the buttons we don’t need?

Thanks for contacting us for support, these two options are given in the backend to handle Boxed and Wide layout and the Social Media icons. But just before given complete response i want to know what is your purchase code because i can’t see the purchase code in front of of your name. Thanks for your cooperation and information. :)

I will send you an e-mail with the purchase code :-)

Ok please send us at support@webinane.com Thanks a lot

Hi, I send you a ticket because I upload the last theme version and now the visual composer doesn´t work. Can you help me? Thank you

Did you updated your wordpress version to 4.5? Thanks

I am happy to see your positive ratings for us and your satisfaction matters a lot for us. My team is ready to help you anytime you need us. Thanks a lot

Hi! I updated to 4.5. Visual editor doesn’t work, meaning I cannot add content, nor edit. It seems as though it’s not activated. We don’t have the means to renew support. It’s not cool that every time there’s an update, I have to contact support to fix something. This is too much for a young non-profit like ours. Not sure what to do…

You should not be worried about it, actually the new version of Wordpress has so many changes in it. So we have given a new version, we suggest to please delete you existing version of Visual Composer and reinstall the new version. Everything will be fine afterwards, if you still face any problem, we will have to trace it then, so please contact support team after that. Thanks a lot

well, I need a license key to update visual composer, so I emailed support about it.

Have you got the latest version email of Lifeline. If yes then please install the latest version together with the latest Visual Composer. Thanks a lot for your patience.

Do you guys have a instagram social icon for the social icons?

We are sorry there is no Social Icon for Instagram but don’t worry, we will add it free of cost, please send your ftp and wp-admin information at support@webinane.com together with the requirement and we will add it free for you. Thanks a lot :)

Hi! I would like to ask for your support for the following issue :

The visual composer does not respond. It seems that it is loading but never responds, so I can not edit my content.

Thanks in advance


mamaros Purchased

Thank you for your kind support. I updated the Wordpress version, but when I tried to upload the latest version of Lifeline it couldn’t be completed because I received the following error message : ’’Destination folder already exists.’‘ How should I proceed ? My problem is that I can not still edit my pages, because of the Visual Composer that does not work.

Thanks in advance for your support.

We have received your email as well, and our expert is replying your email with the solution. You just need to change the folder name by the way and then upload it. Thanks a lot

This is because you already have the previous version installed. You need to replace the files via ftp or filemanager. You can locate theme files in wp-content/themes folder, the second method is to rename the old file and upload the theme again, you will not face any difficulty like this.

If you still face any difficulty in doing this, do send us your wp-admin & hosting cpanel details at support@webinane.com we will update the theme and plugins for you. Thanks a lot for your patience and please ignore the previous email which was send wrongly.

On the homepage of my wordpress site my recent posts are displayed. The post title on the homepage is taken from the posts title box at the top of the wordpress post editor. On the homepage the recent post area displays the before mentioned title, and an excerpt from the post. The excerpt includes the visual composer custom cod as part of the excerpt text, this is what I’d like to remove. http://spokojnaglowa.org.pl/

Some changes are needed in the code, our experts can help you sort out this issue. Please send your request at support@webinane.com and they will contact you after making the changes. Thanks a lot

Presales question My first question is how easy is it to use this theme? Why the question? I have bought some themes and had to ask for a refund because I could not use due to the way the back end was designed. Is it possible for me to see the backend? I am trying to set up a website for a charity and I want to be sure they will be able to keep the site after I have handed it over to them without any difficulty.

Does the theme has a provision to use stripe payment?

Thanks a lot for your appreciation and your purchase, we will always be available for your help, whenever you will need us. We also have the best available support staff to help you sort out your issues and build your projects. Thanks again. :) Our support email address is support@webinane.com

I sent you an email earlier. Please take a look and take action

Our support team has replied your email a little while ago. Thanks a lot

Hi Guys

Thanks for the great theme, ive installed everything correctly and demo data i imported successfully. My only challenge is the home page ive gone to the control panel and chose homepage parralax but it still goes back to default homepage even after i save. how can i make it stick? all other settings work perfectly except choosing the homepage i want.

I have not seen such issue in our Demo, therefore i suggest to please share your ftp and wp-admin information so that we can test it on your server and see where the problem lies. Thanks a lot for your cooperation. Our support email address is support@webinane.com


Sysarchy Purchased

Hello Sir, I allready purchase WP theme & Integrate at my domain http://www.beingsocialfoundation.org/. Now a days i founf a problem related LayerSlider WP…whic shows You need to authorize this site in order to get upgrades or support for this plugin. Purchase a license or enter an existing purchase code. message. Please tell me how can i run layer slide…

I have forwarded your issue to the technical team and they will respond in the next support session which will start soon. Thanks a lot

This is a premium plugin and it is licensed to the theme itself, and only we can download the updates directly. We are having extended licenses to these premium plugins and we are giving free copies to our clients. You don’t need to worry about the updates, as whenever an updates is launched, we test that update with our theme first and than release an update of the theme bundled with the latest versions of the premium plugins. Plugin activation is only required for the auto updates. Plugin works fine without activation. Thanks a lot for your patience and cooperation, let us know if you need further help. :)


Sysarchy Purchased

Thanks for reply..


Ridazh Purchased

i have an issue the display of the blog.. i check entire settings but i dont know what happend which is not adjust like your demo its your demo link http://themeforest.net/item/lifeline-ngo-charity-fund-raising-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/7044503 and its mine http://readpakistan.org.pk/category/read-pakistan-official-blog/ kindly check it and tell me how i resolve it..


Ridazh Purchased

i also drop an email on support@webinane.com

We love to help our dear clients. Please wait for some hours and our support team will respond you after reading your email. Thanks a lot

i just now purchased this theme … now when i try to add the widgets – Revolution Slider, Layer Slider and Visual Composer – they ask for a licence key…??? your product details say that these come free? how do i get the key..

We have repeated this point numerous times to our dear clients. We have purchased the extended license for our projects and we have only one purchase key which can’t be given to all the clients. So please ignore this message by clicking on (x) button on the top right of your screen. Please let me know if you have further questions. Thanks a lot for understanding our concern. :)

hello.. thank you for a quick revert.. there are a few issues for which i need help… the home page slider – revolution slider… inspite of using an image of the specified size,.. it shows a lot of space just below the slider and the next section. also some of the image sizes mentioned on your online template are wrong… e.g. the image size for our project page – the size mentioned is 1300×506 where actually a slot more much smaller image is provided… also i need to add the symbol for the Indian currency – there is no option to add same and it is not listed in your default list… appreciate if you can revert on the slider issue…. i am in the process of populating the website and will note down all issues and send you another email,,

This is good news that you have done slider and other settings, we are again available for help if you have any other query. Thanks a lot for your cooperation and purchasing our product.

sirs.. have managed to set the slider properly… just advise on the currency setup

In which currency you want the setup?

i require setup in Indian Rupees : The Indian rupee sign (sign: ?; code: INR)

I am sorry to tell you that the theme doesn’t support INR if you will select Paypal as your payment option but the good news is that we can make INR as your payment option if you will receive payments through Stripe but you will have to give access to your website and we will give you free addition of this features. Our support email address is support@webinane.com where you can send the request together with required information. Thanks a lot


komsitas Purchased

Hi there! How to completely disable/remove WooCommerce module?

I have forwarded your ticket to technical department, they will send you the complete guideline about it, but you will have to tell me which page you are using as a home page. Thanks a lot :)


komsitas Purchased

Thank you very much! I think it is not working in my case to choose a home page style :( whatever I choose, it shows “Home simple 1”

For deactivating WooCommerce, first of all deactivate WooCommerce plugin and then remove the shortcode from the page by using the Visual Composer. In Home Simple 1 no shortcode of WooCommerce is used, so just remove the plugin and you are done. Thanks a lot for your patience. :)


komsitas Purchased

One more question pls. I have created a gallery, which shows images with actual size, very huge images. In your demo version, gallery looks like a grid with light-box effect. How to create such gallery? Here is link:

There seems to be some problem in the shortcode, or you have applied wrong settings. Let us check it by checking your backend. Please send your ftp and wp-admin information at support@webinane.com and our support team will check the backend and give you the solution. Thanks


komsitas Purchased

Thank you! I already created a ticket. Waiting for reply :)

Our support team will get back to you in the next support session, we are under a tremendous support burden since last two weeks and we are hopeful that we will respond all of our dear clients from the next week. Thanks a lot for your patience.


centroot Purchased

I have installed the demo from one click demo installer. There is a drop down menu which shows you different pages/home styles to chose from. But whatever I select to install the demo for, it shows all the same. Even from theme customization or other options now other home pages/styles are shown. This topic is also not covered in help documentation. how to go about it?

Thanks for your purchase, I think you need to share your URL and give me the a little more detail of the problem because few points are not clear to be understood. We will surely help you once the problem is clearly understood, thanks for your cooperation.

hello my friend please i need your help. i am new on this wordpress issues please i purchased and install this theme on my wordpress but cant make it to work i dont know how to fix it to start working. can you help me make it working please. thanks

i have installed it but to make my site look like the one in the theme i dont know i have tried and i need someone to help me for the installation and setup. thanks

We are here to help you, don’t be worried about it, as you are new to Wordpress so we are more than happy to help you in this process. Please ask our experts to help you at support@webinane.com and they will immediately take action to install your theme without any cost. Thanks a lot :)