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Please I just bought this theme, and downloaded it to my desktop. I then tried uploading it to my website via my word press admin area but the process couldnt complete as it shows this error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”. Please check as I have re-downloaded and confirmed that the download was complete.

Please send your request at support@webinane.com and we will check this issue urgently and solve it. Donot forget to send ftp and wp-admin information. Thanks

I have sent my details via support, got a response and replied. Please respond urgently. Am on a deadline. Thanks.

Give me your email address so that i can track your ticket. Thanks

I send you my details.. will you fix my hover effect problem

Your ticket is assigned to the expert, please be patient and they will respond you as the issue will be resolved. Thanks

having problems with activation of the visual composer

Please read the answer of the above comment. Thanks :)

i have a broblem with the updating of the front page sliders style sheets and galleries

No worries, share your problem with us at support@webinane.com and our experts will surely help you. We are here to serve you and solve any problem that you face. We will try our level best to solve your problem within 24 hours. Thanks a lot

Hello, a quick pre-sale question here. I like the theme and it looks very customizable! I specially like the Donate Button but when I clicked on it on my iPhone 4 (this page http://lifeline.webinane.com) it doesn’t open. Any idea why? Have you heard this happening to another user? I tried it on an iPhone 5 too, same “problem”.

Thank you for the wonderful work.

You are welcome :) :)

I need to have my website available and ready for Visually Impaired Users. Do you know if with this one it could be done? Have you had any experiences with this?

Thanks again!

Sorry, we don’t have any experience like this otherwise we would have guide you. Thanks for your patience.

Hello! Can I use the regular licence to have this theme on a Multisite installation?

The way I was thinking it was to have

mysite.com shop.mysite.com blog.mysite.com

I usually don’t do this using the Multisite Feature on Worpdress but I have different Directories with different WP installations.

Would that be possible?

Thank you!

Thanks for your interest, yes you can install it without any hesitation because one regular license is valid for one domain and sub-domains are part of that domain. Thanks – let me know if you need further help.


regimix Purchased

Hi. The “Donations Transactions” in the theme option is not working. Is there a way to fix that. As it is now, I have no way of knowing who donated and for what. We would like to be able to thank the people who donated. Please Let me know what the solution is. Thank you


regimix Purchased


We will provide you the download link and in case you will need some more changes we will then require you site information. We will let you know about it. Thanks


regimix Purchased

When will I get it?

Hello guys .. is it some how possible to only update the Woocommerce updated files some how , if yes would be great to know how we can to that , without updating any other section. – thanks for your feedback in advanced.

We suggest to update the whole version because it is better and recommended because we have to change many files to make the theme compatible with new WooCommerce version. Thanks – let us know if you want to know about anything else. Thanks

Hey, I cant find blog page settings in theme options. please tell me how i can change my blog page like your sample blog page? i use Lifeline theme.

your sample page example : http://themes.webinane.com/iframe/lifeline-wp.html

please reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

This is really simple, go to Settings >> Reading and assign posts to blog. This way you can create the blog page. Let us know if you need further help. Thanks


shikome Purchased

It’s my third request by mail for issues … NEVER have a reply ?!? ... Completely disappointed

Please send your email address also the time you sent the email address. Thanks

About to buy this theme…few questions please; 1) is there any possibility to use other currencies apart from the US$? 2) is it also possible to collect donation through Stripe? 3) also, is it possible to view a list of donors regardless of the payment options used?

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

Thanks again for your prompt response. I’ve just sent the details to support@webinane.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.


We solved your ticket almost 20 hours ago. Please check your website now. In case you have any problem in future, you can contact us at support@webinane.com for further help. Thanks a lot


sylmurray Purchased

Thanks so much for your superb support. Truly appreciated.


Ronovsky Purchased

Hello, I am trying to add text to the pages I have created, no text appears on the page, I tried checking with Firebug, the div is empty.

But if I login to the admin section, you can see the text I have added.

Weird bug, any idea?


We have not faced any of such issue yet, therefore we need to look into the backend option to check this problem. Please send your ftp and wp-admin information at support@webinane.com. Please don’t forget to send the description of the problem as well. Thanks


Ronovsky Purchased

ok, thank you :)


PebblesT Purchased

Hello- I purchased this theme and emailed support to find out why I can’t get the zip file to install. Still making plans for the layout as I wait and I’m wondering if there is a social media “share”/”like” button option for the blog section or gallery section? Hoping to get these issues resolved soon so we can put this theme to work! THANKS

Thanks for asking us for help. Our support team is not online at this time. They will surely respond as they start their next support session. Thanks for your patience.

How do I make the projects on the ongoing projects page clickable… exact steps please.

Ongoing projects are already clickable and a template is designed to show the details of ongoing task. If there is some problem than please tell us the name of particular shortcode and the page on which this shortcode is displayed. Thanks

http://www.alloutsports.net/?page_id=143 This is the page the projects are not clickable.

This is already clickable, when you mouse hover to the picture it leads to the detail page. I clicked on it and i was directed to http://www.alloutsports.net/?dict_project=fighting-pollution-11 page. Please recheck it or explain what you are desiring to do. Thanks again :)

Where do I input the social media links so that the header links connect?www.alloutsports,net

Sorry for a little late reply because of Saturday and Sunday, we could not reply you earlier, Go to appearance => theme options there you will find “Contact Page Options” click on this menu, Then goto “Social Media” submenu. Social Media setting will be appear on the right hand side of menu settings.Thanks :)

http://www.alloutsports.net/?dict_project=fighting-pollution-12&preview=true&preview_id=139&preview_nonce=98db81de13 How do I get pictures in the gallery? Where do I input them? I can;t find it anywhere.

Here is the method to add the gallery images, Hover over “Galleries” Menu in left hand side of Deshboard. Click on “New Galleries” Submenu. Add New Galleries Setting will appear. Add your gallery photo in Gallery Setting (Note: click on “AddMedia” button and select required images) and save your post. Thanks

is there a way to make the donation buy now and not donation at paypal?

Have you purchased the theme?

client, elance.

Please send your purchase code at support@webinane.com also ask about your question from the support staff and you will be answered properly by our experts. Thanks