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hey! i want to customize my dashboard menu in lifeline theme. Can i know how can i do it? actually i want to know how to add new menu item and sub menu items to that parent menu. ex: parent menu : my pages sub menu to my pages menu : Add new , categories and etc.

Hope you will reply within few times. Thank You!

you can add/remove and customize menu from the file named (post_types.php) goto lifeline/framework/resource/post_type.php… there you will find all the created menus, change it according to your requirement. If you make any mistake please replace the old file. Thanks a lot :)

hey! Thank you for your guidance. I have successfully added new project menu to the dashboard menus. But there is no sub menu named “category”. I don’t know why this. Can i know how to add “category” sub menu to my new menu item. Hope you will reply as soon as possible.

We need your ftp and wp-admin information in order to perform this task, please provide the required information at support@webinane.com and we will perform it for you. Thanks a lot :)

how to add custom field to the dashboard? actually i want to add new text area to project=>> new project ==> new text area. Hope you will help me as soon as possible. Thank you!

Please follow the given guidelines,

lifeline->framework->resource->settings.php, there you should search (dict_project)... then add given array into ‘fields’ array. you will get custom textarea in your add new project.

(copy this array and put it into the given location).

‘my_custom_textarea’=> array( ‘type’ => ‘textarea’, //builtin fields include: ‘id’ => ‘location’, ‘title’ => __(‘Label for Custom Textarea’, SH_NAME), ‘attributes’ => array( ‘placeholder’=> __(‘Enter an description’, SH_NAME) ), ),

Thanks a lot

Hello, I have 2 questions please:

1- I tried to update the them, because it has small red tag that says “New Update” but the update does not work. 2- I am using thee Visual Composer to build the homepage, when I chose “Video Gallery” there’s a field to add the video links, I tried adding but no videos are showing maybe I’m doing it wrong.

You can check the link here: http://www.tmlebanon.com/home/

Thank you

ok, thank you.

By the way I noticed something, if you go to this link: http://www.tmlebanon.com/home/

And scroll down to the Our Videos section, you’ll notice that the shareable link from Vimeo works fine, whereas the shareable link for YouTube does not work such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoezWBPGRAc or https://youtu.be/IoezWBPGRAc or even https://www.youtube.com/embed/IoezWBPGRAc

None of these links work, does the Video Gallery only accepts Vimeo videos or is there something wrong with the links syntax?

Thank you

We are update the Youtube library in Lifeline according to the new API of Youtube, we will provide you these changes very soon. Thanks a lot :)


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From “themes.php?page=sh_theme_options” when i click on the “import Demo” nothing happen. How can i get the xml file to directly import the demo?

We are not sure for what reasons the Demo is not installing on your side. Please send your ftp and wp-admin information at support@webinane.com and we will do the rest for you. Thanks

Hi there,

I like your theme so much. I’ve got few questions before purchasing: 1) Your donate page, I don’t see an option for a having the donor put in a price of his/her “choice” or is it there but I just missed it? This one’s important to us, so I need to know. 2) How about if say, a donor gives an amount we’ve “specified” and then we send him a digital material or something once he does so, s that possible with your theme? 3) I can hide the donation bar at the top ( http://lifeline.webinane.com/new-home-3/?action=paid ) that tells people of how much had been given right? 4) The option for credit card in the theme is ready for use right? or do I need to purchase a premium plugin for that?

Thank you.

Thank You for your interest in our product. 1. Yes it could be done, if you purchase our theme, we will do this for you. 2. You can use Woocommerce plugin ( which is compatible with our theme ) for the donation purpose, in that mechanism user will purchase your digital product, and after purchase that digital product will be available to download to the user. 3. Yes you can hide the donation button in theme options. 4. No you don’t need to purchase any extra plugin for the credit card system to work.

Thanks a lot – let us know if you need further help :)

hello can i add other payment options apart from paypal and skrill…........ i am interested in purchasing the theme but before that just wanted to know about this feature…... i wanted to add other payment method to the theme thanks

or can i change the payment method via coding ??

Thanks for your interest in Lifeline, you can make the payment through Credit Card as well. Like you can use Stripe for Credit Card processing. Please ask if you want to know more. :) As far as adding other payment method is concerned, our expert can add it.

How can I create a gallery with 4 columns? I can’t find it.

Thanks a lot! How can I now change the gallery tab “all”? I want to remove it, because I created different catogries.

Thanks a lot! How can I now change the gallery tab “all”? I want to remove it, because I created different catogries.

This will be done easily by our experts, please send your ftp and wp-admin information at support@webinane.com Thanks


I just purchased this theme. I’m trying to set it up, but I can’t get the slider to be displayed as full width. Under layout settings I have ‘use boxed layout width’ set to OFF, and I’ve imported the same revolution slider used in the demo, but on my site the slider is not full width. Any help appreciated.

The steps you provided are not clear. But I have tried the following: I went to Revolution Slider ->Slider Settings and compared the settings to the demo, and they are the same.

Also is there a way of selecting what posts to display in the “Featured Posts” element?

We have answered this query in the latest comment. Thanks

The steps you provided are not clear. But I have tried the following: I went to Revolution Slider ->Slider Settings and compared the settings to the demo, and they are the same.

Also is there a way of selecting what posts to display in the “Featured Posts” element?

Please send your ftp and wp-admin information at support@webinane.com and we will solve it within an hour. We want to see the backend options and we will implement it and give you the reason where the problem was. Thanks a lot :)

Or you can follow the given steps,

click on “Revolution Slider” Menu on the left hand side in Admin Deshboard. If you have already created slider then skip step 1. Follow the following steps. 1 – Create New Slider 2 – Click on Setting button of your created slider (just right hand of slider title which you have created) 3 – Autoresponsive ON 4 – Unlimited Height OFF 5 – Forced Full Width ON 6 – Min Height 0 7 – Layers Grid Size (Grid Width = 1366, Grid Height = 600 )

In case you are not able to do it, then we will serve you. Thanks a lot

I’m sending an email now to support. Thanks

I am trying to install the default setting but it says I need to enter my purchase code in the theme options. It says my theme is active but I can not figure out where to enter this code. Thanks

I was able to enter the the purchase code. Also clicked on the option to install the default setting. Activated the plugins. However it is all text on my page. Doesn’t look anything like the theme. Complete newbie at website building which is why I purchased a template with options. I was hoping for a fast start and would modify as I played around with the theme. I tried to located your “read me” page ( as I have done with my last site) to just walk through the steps but it’s blank. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry to see you in trouble. Please contact our support staff for the help, there might be some problem with the server or the theme.lease send your ftp and wp-admin username and password at support@webinane.com and our support staff will help you install the demo. Thanks a lot, we will surely help you within a day.

Hello! I am using lifeline theme. Could you please tell me about the sizes of pictures which are recommended and looks good in the theme? I will be thankful.

All of the shortcodes automatically crop the images that you upload in the backend. We recommend to upload the images of 1024*728 size and it will fit in the design perfectly. But if you are facing problem in any shortcode, tell us about the name of that shortcode and we will track the problem. Thanks a lot

Hi, where can I find the moving parallax background for the causes caroussel in the ‚ÄěHome modern Style“ template?

Thank you! Do you use the revolution or the layerSlider?

Ok, I find the causes parallax slider, but it didn’t work with a background image. It stays white.

Can you please send your ftp and wp admin information at support@webinane.com. We will check this and if needed fix it . Thanks

Hello, we are about to purchase the theme but we have noticed few issues with it. I am referring to new-organization-homepage-2015>

1. the donation popup is not responsive and looks bad in updated theme on mobile devices. 2. there is no cart visible on all pages.

Any ideas when it will be fixed?

We will include these updates in our new version which will be launched this week. Thanks for your interest in our product and feel free to contact us again if you have any other question. Thanks :)

Hi I want to use EXCERPT FIELD on custom post types like project, cause etc. But you hide them on admin panel. How can I open it with code. I want to use them..

We have sent the solution through email. Thanks a lot :)

Hello, so for a while now, I noticed that I cannot upload images to my media library/post. It returns an error everytime I try. What may be the cause? Thanks.

We can help you solve this issue, this issue is related to Wordpress mostly but we will diagnose it and solve it if you send your ftp and wp-admin information to us. Thanks a lot :)

Thanks. But how can I send you a private message?

Please send at sugotech@gmail.com thanks a lot :)

Very fast support. I have sent the issue, they have sent the solution. Problem was solved very quick…

Thanks a lot. We will be available for your help whenever you need us. :)

Hi I tried to change the color by adding my color number to the general color scheme, but it doesn’t change. Still showing blue color. When I use the predefined color scheme and select red, it does change. What is the problem with the general color scheme?

Please send your ftp and wp-admin username and password at support@webinane.com and we will fix.this issue on your website as soon as our new support session will start. We are sorry for inconvenience. Thanks for your patience.


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I am still awaiting a response from my case …

Dear we try our best to response as soon as possible but it takes 24 hour maximum to respond a ticket. Please tell me about your email address and i will check why your ticket is delayed. Thanks


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Hi, I created several gallery categories and created few galleries, added images and associated individual galleries with categories, but no images are displaying in categories.. Please have a look at http://kompasbb.com/gallery-2-column/ Following gallery http://kompasbb.com/galleries/big-painting-2/ is assocaited with Big Paiting category. Images in galleries display correctly, but swtiching between individual categories doesn’t work, no images are displayed. What I did wrong?

Please send your ftp and wp-admin username and password at support@webinane.com and we will check the settings and diagnose what went wrong in the settings. Thanks a lot