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Hello i send you an email, i can told you the contact form work like a charmed, but it seems to have an issue regarding mail chimp subscription and i’m pretty sure it just a kind of configurations because i have already set list id and api key i can watch the calls but the subscription not validate… the user not appear in my list so the calls ok but none in the list ? have you an idea ? can you help me to set this point correctly ? (it just wrote in your documentation put id and api key but it seems to be a little bit more difficult …) HELP :)

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I bought this template and I downloaded it. But what I found is that the clean version is not same as shown in the picture. In other words, it is same as static version. Is this problem from my computer? If not, what should I do?

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I am sorry. I found it. My screen is too small to use clean version. Thank you. : )

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Hello, I wanna edit on the data and info like subscribe, newsletter, team, and all of this to invisible it from template but i have crash when i was deleted the HTML code!! can u help me to delete this and edit the days at countdown? my email: mr.moh90@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance!

how do you remove the count down all together?

Hi Roman there s problem with the page NOT displaying correctly on iOS 7 ipads when used in horizontal mode! Vertical is fine. We would really appreciate support/response on this matter. I wrote you an email previously but never got a reply…. Thanks Erik

Hi Roman,

Yesterday I sent you an email, I have problems with images not to load it. Neither icons and background images.

Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/html

Please answer the email

Hello, I’m interested in this theme, but before I’ll buy it I’d like to know if I can accomplish what I need.

I just want a single image background (responsive for mobile), with a central logo and below that 5/6 social media icons centered. No scrolling down, no countdown and no email form. I want to use this template inside my website, so I ask you if its possibile to fade in/fade out the page when entering/leaving the page.

Do you think I can accomplish (without too much problems) that with your website? Thank you

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Hi There,

All installed and working fine – but this template does not work on iPad in landscape orientation – are you going to provide a fix for this issue?

Hi, I want to buy your Light – Coming Soon Page but it seems there are problems with the link of the Live Preview.

The link is broken, or maybe there is a request timed out…

What has happened?